Unlimited Funds

Sitting here thinking… just thinking… it is H-hour at the house right now… which means, my mother is in her room taking a nap (hopefully).  Daughters #3 and #4 are working at camp… #1 is working… #2 is enjoying a summer exploring the Appalachian Trail.


What would you do if you had unlimited funds?

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Beyond the expected:  pay bills, pay off houses…


Would you travel?

I might… though probably not a ton.  I am a homebody and a penny pincher, so even with unlimited funds, I would most likely still prefer to stay home and be economical.


Would you donate to charities?

I supposed I should say yes to that.  However, I don’t really have any charities that mean a lot to me, so I can’t definitively say that I would donate to a charity.  We would certainly continue to support our church.


Would you take care of family?

Of course.  I am doing that now, on limited funds.  However, that doesn’t mean I would do everything and pay for everything for my kids.  They need to learn how to get along in this world and be productive members of society.


One thing that I think I would do is “pay it forward.”  So often I see someone or some situation that needs help and I think:  “I wish I could help them out.”  For example, yesterday at Walmart, the person in front of me did not have enough cash, and the ATM wasn’t working.  He was buying cat food and cat liter and some other stuff (I couldn’t see all if it).  His total was over $40… so while I did contemplate blessing him and paying for him, I thought that was a little too much.  I might have paid for just the cat supplies if that was his total bill.  He ended up leaving and, I assume, going home to figure out how to get money.


Another thing I would do is bless my friends.  I try to do that now, but with unlimited funds, I would be able to bless more of them… not huge gifts, but  little things that might  make them smile.


What are the chances I will ever have unlimited funds… ZERO!   But I do have a great imagination… and wonderful yarn skills.  🙂


Is there something different you would do with unlimited funds?