I have now called and talked to 4 different doctor’s offices.  I got 3 children scheduled with the new family physician – hope they are good.  They came recommended by a friend.   The 2 needing sports physicals won’t like it that the appointment is actually at 7am on a day we have a 2 hour delay start.  Sorry… that is the only time I could get you in.

Child #1 has to fast for her appointment because she is now an adult and they will do blood test.  Probably cholesterol and stuff.  After she is done at that dr. she gets the pleasure of going to the oral surgeon for a consultation to have her wisdom teeth removed.  She is so wise she doesn’t need them.   🙂

Then I had to call the neurologist (she hates the neurologist) and cancel that appointment because since she is at school the one we scheduled won’t work anyways.    We are hoping that the family dr. will help her more than the neurologists have after almost 4 years and only “treating the symptoms” and not giving us any real help in resolving her issues.

I then called the orthodontist to see if I can make the next appointment since Grandma will be doing that run this afternoon, but no.  So I’ll call them back tomorrow.

This is just a calm morning at home taking care of family business before I start out for the day with a Market Day sale, then rush home to get the samples to go to a Market Day open house.


Thank goodness for the Grandma Taxi!  She is picking up at school(children #2 and #3) and taking to the orthodontist (child #4).  Of course that is all after she does her own volunteer work this morning and then visits her older sister in the hospital at noon.

Anyone have a spare car, child #2 could have dealt with some of this herself if we had a car.   😛