Leaf Frame

You can use this leaf frame for any project.  I used it to eventually frame a pumpkin patch for my Nightmare Before Christmas Afghan.


Final frame is roughly 17″ x 21″ – but can stretch nicely to a bit larger.

Leaf Frame



Nightmare Before Christmas Friends

Here is the third square in my Nightmare Before Christmas Afghan.


This square is knit instead of crochet.  However, if you don’t knit.  You could follow the chart and do it in single crochet.




Here are the links to the other 2 corner-to-corner (C2C) patterns:


Jack Skellington



Enjoy!  Please share your projects so I can add photos to my Ravelry page.




Tricia’s Ball of Yarn

If you haven’t already done so… go to Facebook and like my “business” page:  Tricia’s Ball of Yarn


If you want/need a custom made… hand crafted… made in the USA… knit or crocheted item… then you need to contact me.


I will work with you to find a pattern that you are happy with and then create your one-of-a-kind item at a price we both can agree on.


Let me know what I can make for you!






Two different people have been pushing… challenging… encouraging me to think about setting up a website business for custom made yarn items.

I could do that.




Would it be worth the effort?

Will it bring me an income?

Will it take the fun and creativity out of knitting/crocheting that I love?

Will it take all my time and not leave me the time to make the things I want to make for myself and my family/friends?


All hard questions I have to wrestle with.


Let’s suppose that I decide to do it.


What do I call it??


What name do I put on my business?

It would need to be something catchy.

Something unique.

Something cute.

Something that fits me.


My goal of the business would be to create personalized, custom, unique items for individuals on a piece by piece basis.  I do NOT want to mass produce one item over and over and over and over again.  BLAH    I need to be creative.


I would like to have the ability to tell them “no” if I have to much on my plate and /or just don’t have the time to do it.

I already make things for friends and family (and Girl Scouts).  I want (need) to have the time to continue to do that.


I do know what kind of logo I would want.    I will have one of my Girl Scouts that is in the graphic design program work that on for me – I’ll barter with her.    😉

I’ll make her something wonderful if she’ll make me the graphic.  Something like this.


or this


But what do I call myself?


Tentatively I had being using


But there is nothing creative about that.


So… suggestions for business names, please.




State of the Knitting/Crocheting Address

I posted some of this info on Facebook, but thought I would expand on it here.


I completed 128 projects in 2015.



Of those projects 36 were knit (28%).  That means 92 were crochet (72%).


The majority were critters (or people) – 66 of them.  That is 52% of the things I made were stuffed critters and were given away.


Here are some other totals.


I finished 7 afghans – 2015 afghans



Mosaic Mystery – will go to the fair in 2016.  It has been stored in my stash for gifting.

Summer 2015 Mystery won a blue ribbon at the fair.  It has been stored in my stash for gifting.

Square in the Center won best of show at the fair.  This one will be a graduation gift this May.

Sophie afghan also won a ribbon at the fair.  It has been stored for gifting.

Baby Afghan went to a young deserving mother.

KAL Afghan went to my cousin since I made it with yarn she gave me.

CAL Afghan went to the fair as well.  I can’t remember how it did.  It has been stored for gifting.



I also made a bunch of hats and mittens and a scarves and a few other articles of clothing – 23 in total.


All of these were gifts or commissioned items.  The only one that is in my home that I actually can still see is the Sorting Hat.


Now about those critters.  I made sooooo many of them.  Such a great variety.  I translated patterns from Spanish and Italian and Turkish.  I created patterns when the instructions weren’t clear.  I gave all of these away!



In this batch, there were 8 of those little reindeer/rudolphs made.  Most of these were gifts for the scouts.


In this group.  I made 18 different little Girl Scouts to match each of my scouts’ hair color.    I also ended up making 3 different baby goats.  Almost all of these were gifts for my scouts.


These were all commisioned items or gifts for friends.  The bats are adorable, aren’t they?


I also made a bunch of misc. items – or as I’m calling them… household items.



I made 6 GS trefoil pot holders for my GS moms.  I made 6 different sets of chair socks.  I also made 19 apple potholders.  These were for gifts to my Market Day chairwomen and co-workers.



Do you see something that you like?  Is there some critter, hotpad, scarf, hat, or afghan that you would like?  Tell me what you want and I’ll see if we can work it out.


Elvis Pattern

I recently was asked to make an Elvis for a friend.  I did not want to pay for a pattern (I don’t pay for any pattern if I can help it).  Therefore, I created a pattern for Elvis.


Here is the PDF Version:  Elvis


Feel free to use this to bless your favorite Elvis fan.


Size G hook

White, black, fleshtone, blue & gold yarn


sc = single crochet

sl = slip stitch

dec = decrease (combine 2 stitches into one stitch)

inc = increase (make 2 stitches in one stitch)


The final Elvis is approximately 13 inches tall.


Legs (make 2)

With white yarn

1:  make a magic circle with 6 sc

2: increase in each stitch around = 12 stitches

3:  1 sc, 1 increase around = 18 stitches

4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9:  18 stitches each round

10:  1 sc, 1 decrease around = 12 stitches

11, 12:  12 sc around

13:  2 sc, 1 decrease around = 9 stitches

14, 15, 16, 17:  9 sc around

Finish off the first leg and stuff

With the second leg, do NOT finish off after round 17.  Stuff and then join the 2 legs together.

Joining the legs, with the tail/yarn from leg 1 hanging down between them.

18:  sc 4 stitches from leg 2, sc 9 stitches from leg 1, sc the remaining 5 stitches on leg 2 = 18 stitches

19,20: 18 sc

You will now begin work on the body…


21:  2 sc, 1 inc around = 24 stitches

22:  24 sc around

23, 24:  switch to gold – do not cut white yarn, you will pick it up agin for round 25 – 24 sc around

25, 26, 27:  white – 24 sc around

28:  2 sc, 1 dec around = 18 stitches

29, 30:  18 sc around

Stuff body

31:  4 sc, 1 dec = 15 stitches

32: 15 sc around

33:  3 sc, 1 dec around = 12 stitches

34:  10 sc ( or however many you need to take to get you to the center front of your body – this is based on where the gold join is on the belt so that is to the back)

35:  12 sc in front loop only, ch 1, TURN

36:  12 sc back around.  This makes the collar.  Do not join.   Finish off white.

Stuff body

Join flesh tone at side of round 34 in the back loops, behind the collar.


DSCF0124[1]35:  12 sc in back loops of round 34 (behind collar)

36:  5 dec 2 sc = 7 stitches

37: increase around = 14 stitches

38:  1 sc, 1 inc around = 21 stitches

39: 2 sc, 1 inc around = 28 stitches

40: 3 sc, 1 inc around = 35 stitches

41: 4 sc, 1 inc around = 42 stitches

42-47: 42 sc

48:  4 sc, 1 dec around = 35 stitches

49: 3 sc, 1 dec around = 28 stitches

50: 2 sc, 1 dec around = 21 stitches

51:  1 sc, 1 dec around = 14 stitches

Stuff head and body

52:  decrease around = 7 stitches

Stuff as needed.

Thread needle and pick up loop of those 7 stitches, pull closed.  Finish off.


Feet (make 2)

DSCF0127[1]With blue (for blue suede shoes) – or whatever color you want

Chain 4

1:  sc in second chain from hook, sc in next chain.  3 sc in first chain made, go around to the other side of the chain.  Sc in second chain, 2 sc in 3rd chain (the one the that you made the first sc in) = 8 stitches

Working around

2:  increase, 1 sc, increase x 3, 1 sc, inc x 2 = 14 stitches

3:  inc, 4 sc, inc x 3, 4 sc, inc x 2 = 20 stitches

4:  20 sc around

5:  6 sc, dec x 3, 5 sc, dec x 2 = 15 stitches  (yes, you will go past the first stitch)

6:  4 sc, dec x 3, 5 sc = 12 stitches

7:  4 sc, dec x 2, 4 sc = 10 stitches

8:  switch to white for socks – 2 sc, dec, 2 sc, dec, 2 sc = 8 stitches

9:  8 sc

finish off, stuff, sew to round 1 of leg/pants

Arms (make 2)

With fleshtone yarnDSCF0128[1]

1:  make a magic circle with 5 sc

2:  increase around = 10 stitches

3, 4:  10 sc

Switch to white yarn

5:  3 sc, dec x 2, 3 sc = 8 stitches

6-15:  8 sc

finish off, stuff, sew to shoulder at approximately rows 30-33


Belt Buckle

DSCF0123[1]Make a magic circle with 4 sc

In 1st stitch:  1 sc, 1 sl,  in next 3 stitches *1 sl, 1 sc, 1 sl*, slip to first sc join.

You should have a square-ish buckle.  Sew to front of belly on belt.


Black yarn

DSCF0126[1]1:  make a magic circle with 6 sc

2:  increase around = 12 stitches

3:  1 sc, 1 inc around = 18 stitches

4:  2 sc, 1 inc around = 24 stitches

5:  3 sc, 1 inc around = 30 stitches

6:  4 sc, 1 inc around = 36 stithces

7:  5 sc, 1 inc around = 42 stitches

8:  6 sc, 1 inc around = 48 stitches

9:  sideburn

DSCF0125[1]sc 6, ch1, turn

sc 3, ch1, turn

decrease, sc 1, ch1 turn

sc 2, ch1, turn

dec, ch1 turn

sc 1, ch1 , turn

Slip down the side of the sideburn back to round 8

front of hair

sc 27 (to other side), ch1, turn

sc 5, *dec, sc 2* (*5times*), 1sc, ch1 turn

sl 3, *sc 2, dec* (*3 times*), 2 sc, sl 1, turn (NO CHAIN 1)

sl 3, *2 sc, dec* (*2 times*), 1 sc, 1 sl, turn (NO CHAIN 1)

sl 2, 6 sc, sl 2

slip down the side back to round 8

second sideburn

sc 3, ch1, turn

sc 3, ch 1, turn

dec, sc1, ch1, turn

sc 2, ch1, turn

dec, ch1, turn

sc 1, ch1, turn

slip down the side of sideburn back to round 8

sc 12

Finish off, leave a long tail to sew hair to head.



Sew feet/shoes onto bottom of legs/pants

Sew arms on at shoulders

Sew belt buckle on to front of body/belt

DSCF0122[1]Sew “V” on side of leg/pant

Decorate front of shirt as desired

Sew hair on head – pulling sideburns down towards the front and adding stuffing to the top/bang portion only so it stands up

Add eyes and mouth

Use yarn between legs to close up the little gap between them.     🙂



If you want to make a guitar I used:


And just made the strap long enough to encircle his body.



UH OH… it has been a month

I was planning on being better at blogging regularly.  Not that I have a huge following but still….


I have been only marginally busy this past month, so I can’t blame that.    I have been contemplating some ideas to blog about (more along the moral compass line) but nothing I felt ready to expound on yet.


What I have mainly been doing is making critters… and hats… and mittens…




These will be gifts for my Girl Scouts for Christmas.  Now, I have to go block those girls who are on Facebook from reading this and seeing that photo….


Here is a bit of knitting wisdom from a little book I have:


“Real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love.”

“Most knitters can’t imagine anything better than spending their days curled up knitting, shopping for wool (yarn), and getting paid for it.”

I, most certainly, could subscribe to that philosophy.  I have been doing several projects that were commissioned and thus got paid for them.  I have been squirreling away that money towards an anniversary cruise for 2017.  I don’t know how much $$ I have saved up.  I am resisting the urge to count it and see where I am.  I will do that when it is time to make the reservations.  I am hopeful that I will be pleasantly surprised.


I do not mind doing commissioned projects.  The only issue is… I stop working on fun projects I want to do for my own family.  Therefore (this is a notice for everyone)… in January, I will not be doing projects for anyone but myself.  If you have asked me to make you something, I will do so, but it may not get done as quickly as you want.  Just like in “real” life, you have to take time for yourself… to rest and renew… I need to take the time to finish a project that has been on my table but on the back burner for almost a year now.