State of the Knitting/Crocheting Address

I posted some of this info on Facebook, but thought I would expand on it here.


I completed 128 projects in 2015.



Of those projects 36 were knit (28%).  That means 92 were crochet (72%).


The majority were critters (or people) – 66 of them.  That is 52% of the things I made were stuffed critters and were given away.


Here are some other totals.


I finished 7 afghans – 2015 afghans



Mosaic Mystery – will go to the fair in 2016.  It has been stored in my stash for gifting.

Summer 2015 Mystery won a blue ribbon at the fair.  It has been stored in my stash for gifting.

Square in the Center won best of show at the fair.  This one will be a graduation gift this May.

Sophie afghan also won a ribbon at the fair.  It has been stored for gifting.

Baby Afghan went to a young deserving mother.

KAL Afghan went to my cousin since I made it with yarn she gave me.

CAL Afghan went to the fair as well.  I can’t remember how it did.  It has been stored for gifting.



I also made a bunch of hats and mittens and a scarves and a few other articles of clothing – 23 in total.


All of these were gifts or commissioned items.  The only one that is in my home that I actually can still see is the Sorting Hat.


Now about those critters.  I made sooooo many of them.  Such a great variety.  I translated patterns from Spanish and Italian and Turkish.  I created patterns when the instructions weren’t clear.  I gave all of these away!



In this batch, there were 8 of those little reindeer/rudolphs made.  Most of these were gifts for the scouts.


In this group.  I made 18 different little Girl Scouts to match each of my scouts’ hair color.    I also ended up making 3 different baby goats.  Almost all of these were gifts for my scouts.


These were all commisioned items or gifts for friends.  The bats are adorable, aren’t they?


I also made a bunch of misc. items – or as I’m calling them… household items.



I made 6 GS trefoil pot holders for my GS moms.  I made 6 different sets of chair socks.  I also made 19 apple potholders.  These were for gifts to my Market Day chairwomen and co-workers.



Do you see something that you like?  Is there some critter, hotpad, scarf, hat, or afghan that you would like?  Tell me what you want and I’ll see if we can work it out.



Camping Preparations

Have you ever prepared to camping with me???  Oh my goodness!!  I had a fellow Girl Scout Leader that told me she had a dream (…”I had a dream”…??)  that she was camping with me and I wouldn’t let her pack the supplies up to go home because they had to be packed and loaded a certain way.  Well, DUH!    Learned that at my father’s knee.

So… I’m preparing to take the scouts camping this weekend and have begun the loading.  Unfortunately we are camping at the campsite that provides you with NOTHING!  So, ALL the totes have to go.  The totes full of dishes for eating, the totes full of dishes for cooking.  OH yeah… and the large pot for heating water because this campsite doesn’t provide you with hot water to wash your dishes.  BLAH!

I have the tote full of craft supplies and the toaster (no toaster at this campsite).  I have the tote full of cleaning and paper supplies (TP, paper towels, napkins, cups, etc.).  I have the box of song books… can’t go camping without your songbooks.  I am not taking the Lumme sticks this time (sorry girls).  I have the fire bucket, the water pot, and the dutch oven for cooking our lasagna for dinner.

I still need to go to the grocery store to get some of the food items (going shortly).  Then I will have a box of dry goods and tomorrow I will add 1-2 coolers of refrigerated foods.

We are planning to make jump ropes so I have all those supplies ready to load.  Since I have trouble remembering how to make them (and my mother can’t find the Boy Scout book she had the instructions in), I will be doing a trial run tonight and will photograph and blog about it so I will be able to find the instructions later and maybe someone else will be helped by them.

I will have my backpack and  my Girl Scout bag with permission slips, health forms, and badge books.   I will have 2 first aid kits as well – a hiking one and a cabin one.

I can’t forget the camera, extra batteries, phone charger and laptop (because we are doing our musician badge and we need to listen to national anthems that I have downloaded – not because we are going to surf the ‘net).

Of course, I will still have to leave room in the minivan for sleeping bags (just mine and Esther’s) and our clothing.  I will be able to carry only 2 girls with me.

It is  a big production.  I could probably eliminate some items out of some totes for this campout, but if I did that, they wouldn’t get put away right, so it is just better to take it all since the totes are packed and ready to go.

Be warned that the weather could be iffy since I will be camping – it is either a gift or a curse that I have inherited from my mother.   🙂


Getting to know me

I had a brief conversation with a friend – a mom of one of my daughter’s friends – today.  She told me she enjoys reading my blog.  LOL!  Thank you!  I still find it humorous that I actually write something that people might enjoy reading.  I know that I am not the one in this family that is good with words.  But maybe that is more the spoken word?  It is fun to try and think of things to write about.  Most of what I do on a daily basis seems mundane to me, but maybe it is fun for others to see that they are “normal”  and leading a normal, boring, average, busy, crazy life is OK.  I hope someone thinks that!

Now I’ll tell you what the quilt squares mean or at least what I think they mean to me, they may have meant something else to my mom when she picked out the fabric.  Again… remember if you want a homemade quilt go to:

IMG_0552 1.  purple lilacs…. my favorite color is purple.  I enjoy nature and being outside.  Honestly, I’m guessing this was probably just a filler fabric she picked to  put in.  But I like it.   🙂

IMG_05532.  Church… if you don’t know, I am a PW (Pastor’s wife)… well… not right at the moment… but I should be…. long story…

IMG_05543.  Music… music is very important to me and my family.  Everyone plays instruments, is in band/was in band/will be in band…  I play piano and flute.

IMG_05554. TP’s or tents… I think it is because I like to tent camp.  I have my family’s OLD canvas cabin tent and enjoy when I get the chance to camp in it.  I wish we did more of that.

IMG_05565. stained glass crosses… again it has to do with being Christian and spending the best part of my adult life working and living for churches.

IMG_05576. beach umbrellas… I am a trained lifeguard and have been for a very long time.  I enjoy the water and the beach and the sun.

IMG_05587.  Brownie Try-its… because I’m a Girl Scout, of course!  Too bad they changed the curriculum.  The try-its were some of the best curriculum they had, not a fan of the new stuff.

IMG_05598. sailboats… when I was growing up, Dad and I would go sailing (OK, we took the rest of the family too).  I did a science fair project on sailing.  Somewhere we still have my wooden model boat that I made with Dad.  The sailboat is still parked behind my Mom’s garage.  Someday I will get the lines changed and take her out again.

IMG_05609.  girls… because I have 4 daughters!   🙂

IMG_056110.  Junior Badges… that Girl Scout thing again!  Did you know that I am a lifetime member?

IMG_056211. Thread… I’m guessing this is a filler fabric again… while I can sew, it isn’t my favorite thing… it is more my mom’s thing.  But maybe it is for crafting?

IMG_056312.  Knitting ewes… because it is cute and I knit!  If you haven’t seen some of the knitting projects, then look at my photos on facebook or come to the Stark County fair and look at my afghans!

IMG_0564 13.   Girl Scouts mottos, themes, symbols… not only am I a lifetime member but my mother is and so is my #1 daughter.

IMG_056514.  swimsuits on a clothesline… because I am a lifeguard… because I have been a swim instructor… because my girls are all great swimmers…

IMG_056615. cardinals… I enjoy identifying birds and watching them.  Sadly, there are too many cats around my house so I don’t get much variety, but I did take an Ornithology class in college.  Probably my favorite class ever… though the dissecting the cat anatomy class is pretty high up there.

IMG_056716.  Vegetables… I think it is supposed to coordinate with my current job working for Market Day… but really it is probably because I’m not a huge fan of eating some vegetable… most of them in that fabric… carrots are my least favorite of all!

IMG_056817.  cats… because I like cats… we have 3 indoor ones and just  a small herd of 6-8 feral ones that roam outside.

So… how many did you get right??

Missed a few days

sadfaceSorry I’ve missed a few days of blogging about nothing much… we have had a lot of personal family issues to deal with… not pretty… not fun… not happy… somewhat resolved though.

The garden is doing quite well and I anticipate getting some photos of that up here over the weekend.

We are coming up to the fair soon and I will have to tell you all about our entries and whether we win ribbons or not.  I’m going for a repeat of best of show with an afghan!   😉

The weeding is coming along… I know you’ve been wondering….  still have lots to do but it is getting there.  Girl Scout picnic in a couple weeks, we’ll have most of it done by then.

Spaghetti for spaghetti salad is boiling over… better go check it and then cut the fresh cucumbers and tomatoes to put in it .  Yum!

Busy Weekend

What a busy weekend!  This week doesn’t look to slow down much yet either.

1.  Archery

The Archery event went well.  It would have been better with more targets (only 4) and a second instructor so there was less “down” time between turns.  Each girl got instruction time and then 3 chances at shooting.  They enjoyed it and it did turn out to be a decent day.  It was a bit windy but that didn’t impact much.  I’m not certain the hour and a half drive was worth it for the time they got to shoot, but…  if there is a chance to do the second level of archery at a closer location, I would consider it.    The girls had fun, though.  They always do when they are together.  Lots of giggling, playing, cheering for each other and just great comradery.

On a side note – I did over hear that another troop showed up for the morning session of archery.  Apparently I’m not the only one whose registration got lost and they didn’t contact.  I don’t know what happened with that troop, but I sure would be raising a ruckus about that if it were me.  (Oh, yeah, I did!)   😉


Sunday afternoon I got the pleasure of teaching CPR to the staff at Camp Wanake.  That is always fun and I am so glad that I am able to help out like that.  A couple years ago the Girl Scouts were looking for people to be trained to be trainers.  I signed up.  Girl Scouts only requirement is that you help train at least 2 times during the year at one of their events.   They paid for everything.  I knew when I agreed to help the GS, that I really wanted it in order to help out Camp.  This is the 3rd year I have been able to teach them and certify them.  This year, I had some returning staff that took the class the first time I offered it for them.  (Certification is only good for 2 years.)  It is great fun to meet the staff that my oldest 2 daughters are working with and who will be counselors of my younger 2.  There are some great kids (yes, I realize they are technically adults) working at Camp again this year.  We got through all the CPR stuff on time and everyone did quite well with it.

The American Red Cross is no longer loaning out mannequins for CPR training.  So, when I called to get some, I was told that everyone is now expected to buy their own.  I gave them the sob story about this being a church camp and they don’t have the money for that and how I am disappointed in the ARC because now I can’t provide training for the staff so that the parents can be assured that their children are being well taken care of when they send them to camp….    Well, suddenly they have some they can donate.   🙂   They donated 15 adult mannequins and 11 baby ones to East Ohio Camps.  So if you or anyone you know ever needs to get CPR trained, let me know, I have access to them and can train you.  It isn’t free to get your cards, but my time would be free.

Next Sunday I get to go back and teach the First Aid portion.  That is always lots of fun with bandages and splints and slings.  LOL!!

3.  Palate Expander

Today was palate expander day for Esther.  So far so good.  The cement tastes worse than the expander hurts.  We did shop for some “soft” food for a couple days.  They tell us she will have the expander for 6-8 months and then get the braces.  Her palate is quite a bit smaller than it is supposed to be.  I believe they said that the front her mouth should be 28 mm across and it is 20 and the back is equally as narrow.  I have to expand it every other day by turning a gear on the appliance on the top of her mouth.   Fun, Fun, Fun!  She does have a bit of a lisp now until she learns how to talk and eat around the expander.   🙂

Only Happens to Me!

Remember the common courtesy rant?  Here is the rest of the story.


I called today to find out the answer to my question.

Receptionist:  I’ll connect you to….


(I hang up and call back.)

Please connect me to a real person, my question must be answered for an event happening tomorrow and I need to have an answer before 8am.

(I am connected to a real person, AMAZING!)

Will my GS archery event be cancelled if it is thunderstorming?  And who will call to tell me?  We have to leave here at 8am for the 9:30 event, they will need to decide early.

-Let me double check that.  What is your name and some of the girls names?  They don’t seem to be on the list.  Oh, I see the morning session was cancelled.

What do you mean it was cancelled?

-There was only a few girls signed up so it was cancelled and the girls moved to the afternoon session.

I signed up 15 girls, and haven’t heard anything from anyone about anything.

-What do you mean you signed up 15 girls?

In December, I signed up 15 girls for the morning session.  So why has it been cancelled?

– It has been cancelled.  There is still the afternoon session but it can’t accomodate that many more girls.  We can refund your money. Or you can reschedule.

We can’t reschedule, we had a hard enough time fitting this into our schedule. I paid with “pathway passes” (you don’t want to know that those are) and some cash.  Will the pathway passes be refunded as well?  But wait… if the afternoon session is still on.  Why can’t the person just arrive at 9am and lead the morning session for us since I am bringing enough for the session to be held.

– When it was cancelled only one trainer was needed and she is leading canoeing in the morning.

What happened to my registration then?  I got a confirmation email and everything.  Let me look for it.  (Meanwhile I am put on hold while she scrambles to find someone to figure out why my group isn’t in the system.)

I found the email and it says we are registered.

-Can you forward it to me?

Of course.  Sent.

– I don’t understand what happened.  It seems this never got entered properly into the system.  Can I put you on hold while I pull so-and-so  out of a meeting to figure this out?

(the most awful hold music AGAIN!  The cassette tape that plays “Your a Girl Scout… always a Girl Scout…”  is so warped that most of it is just crackling.)


archeryEnd Result:

They have no clue what happened.  They will accomodate us at the afternoon session and extend the session so all girls have enough time to enjoy learning archery.  I will get  a refund for the couple girls that cannot come.


If you know my track record with signing up for anything at the council level – reserving campsites to be specific – you know that my reservation being lost, bumped, double booked, or ignored is absolutely nothing new!  Apparently the person on whose voice mail I left the message on Wednesday was still trying to figure out how they were going to deal with a weather cancellation, because that was mentioned as well.  Good to know that at least they listened to it.  Too bad they didn’t call me back yesterday and this could have been dealt with then.


I did inform her, that I don’t normally do council sponsored things for this very reason.  And that if the girls hadn’t begged to learn archery thanks to Hunger Games, I wouldn’t be signed up now.  I told her not to count on ever seeing my name at another council event.


Everyone called… time changed… hopefully “Mother Nature” cooperates… and 13 girls can get their Hunger Games on!

As Esther pointed out, the silver lining is, we don’t have to get up so early tomorrow for an 8am leave time, we can sleep in since we are now leaving at 11am.


As a side note… tonight is the night I “get” to stay up till midnight to try and get a campsite for September.  Wonder if I really will this time????  Hasn’t seemed to work the last 2 times when I’ve been double booked and bumped.  There is only one building I can use because it needs to be handicapped accessible for my one girl.    If I don’t get in for September, I do have one weekend option for October but I can’t reserve that till July 1.  However, I will call ahead of time for that one and plead my handicapped case that I need to be able to reserve it early since they only have 1 building accessible out of dozens.  (That is a rant for another day!)