Camping Preparations

Have you ever prepared to camping with me???  Oh my goodness!!  I had a fellow Girl Scout Leader that told me she had a dream (…”I had a dream”…??)  that she was camping with me and I wouldn’t let her pack the supplies up to go home because they had to be packed and loaded a certain way.  Well, DUH!    Learned that at my father’s knee.

So… I’m preparing to take the scouts camping this weekend and have begun the loading.  Unfortunately we are camping at the campsite that provides you with NOTHING!  So, ALL the totes have to go.  The totes full of dishes for eating, the totes full of dishes for cooking.  OH yeah… and the large pot for heating water because this campsite doesn’t provide you with hot water to wash your dishes.  BLAH!

I have the tote full of craft supplies and the toaster (no toaster at this campsite).  I have the tote full of cleaning and paper supplies (TP, paper towels, napkins, cups, etc.).  I have the box of song books… can’t go camping without your songbooks.  I am not taking the Lumme sticks this time (sorry girls).  I have the fire bucket, the water pot, and the dutch oven for cooking our lasagna for dinner.

I still need to go to the grocery store to get some of the food items (going shortly).  Then I will have a box of dry goods and tomorrow I will add 1-2 coolers of refrigerated foods.

We are planning to make jump ropes so I have all those supplies ready to load.  Since I have trouble remembering how to make them (and my mother can’t find the Boy Scout book she had the instructions in), I will be doing a trial run tonight and will photograph and blog about it so I will be able to find the instructions later and maybe someone else will be helped by them.

I will have my backpack and  my Girl Scout bag with permission slips, health forms, and badge books.   I will have 2 first aid kits as well – a hiking one and a cabin one.

I can’t forget the camera, extra batteries, phone charger and laptop (because we are doing our musician badge and we need to listen to national anthems that I have downloaded – not because we are going to surf the ‘net).

Of course, I will still have to leave room in the minivan for sleeping bags (just mine and Esther’s) and our clothing.  I will be able to carry only 2 girls with me.

It is  a big production.  I could probably eliminate some items out of some totes for this campout, but if I did that, they wouldn’t get put away right, so it is just better to take it all since the totes are packed and ready to go.

Be warned that the weather could be iffy since I will be camping – it is either a gift or a curse that I have inherited from my mother.   🙂