Water Bottles Runneth Over

The declutter challenge a few days ago was to declutter plastic cups and water bottles.


We have water bottles coming out the wazoo!


You get them at the fair.

You get them at the game.

You get them everywhere.

All labeled with a name.



This is the worst area for them.  They are just randomly thrown on this shelf with lightbulbs.  In fact that diaper box is full of plastic cups and sippy cups and water bottles.


They are also on another shelf with some Tupperware.


I sorted both areas and removed a large box (bigger than that diaper box) to be sold/given away.  I removed a small box (1/2 that size) of sippy cups and plastic Wanake mugs that I’ve labelled and will store in the garage for when there are small children in my house again.


I also sorted and semi-organized the lightbulbs.  Put loose ones and single packed ones in the tote and basket.


There is room on that third shelf for some other things besides the outdoor chair pads.  When I sort the trays/party cups/plates, I will probably move a box to that shelf.

All water bottles and plastic hot cups have been moved to the under-the-stairs pantry area for easy access.



I know that still seems like a lot, but we are a family of 6 and this is a 1/3 of what we did have, so that is pretty good.


Next up the calendar says Frig.  We did clean that not too long ago, but I’ll have a go again.  It also says top of the frig…. ummm… that would be Wayne’s territory.   🙂



More Decluttering

Over the weekend, I had the kids work on the pantry in the basement.

1 – because it was covered in dust since it is under the stairs and when I did the stair re-do all that dust just settled through the cracks on the cans and boxes.

2 – because they needed to do something besides sitting on their butts in front of a square/rectangular screen

3 – because I knew there was lots of expired food in there that came from back when we had to get food from the food bank

4 – because it needed done and I knew it was on the list for the Declutter 365 challenge.

Before:  stuff not all on shelves, some still in bags, all of it covered in dust and disorganized.

DSCF2637 DSCF2638 DSCF2639


Sorry some of the photos are blurry – remember, I am in need of a new camera.     🙂


We removed directly to the trash at least 6 grocery bags of expired items.  We removed one bag worth of expired soups to the “cat food” box to feed the outside cats.   There are a few expired things left but they are things that we feel don’t REALLY expire – like pasta, sweetened condensed milk, and chocolate chips.



DSCF2642  DSCF2643   DSCF2641


Now to tackle the pantry in the kitchen….I will save that for Friday when my calendar says “Declutter pantry or cupboard shelves.”

Declutter Your Home in 15 Minutes A Day

Declutter your home in 15 minutes a day… that is what the website promises.  Of course, you have to actually do the work each day.



Worth a shot, right?  Even if I don’t do it everyday and even if I don’t declutter everything (I’m pretty sure I have clutter places that they won’t cover in 365 days), every little bit will help.


Today’s challenge was:  declutter kitchen utensils and silverware drawer.


The silverware drawer wasn’t very cluttered.   We keep that organized nicely.


The kitchen utensil drawer on the otherhand:




I did remove some items that we do not use.  I will store the box in the garage for college kids to “shop” in for kitchen items.


Yes… I know that is a lot of measuring cups and spoons.


Do I really need that many, you might ask.  Probably not, but… when I do a project with the scouts that requires measuring cups, it goes much easier and quicker to have multiple sets rather than just one set.  Also, when we bake we sometimes need multiple sets so we don’t have to stop to wash in between batches.


This is progress.



The things I removed are things we do not ever use (or so very rarely that we can’t use something else).  If I discover we do really need the: 3 more rubber jar opener thingys (or suddenly can’t get anymore at the fair), 3 more bread knives, old rusty can opener, tiny holed grater (or zester?), banana slicer, potato ricer (I found that in another drawer when I moved the fondue forks back to their proper location), 2 more cake lifters from the grocery store, 2 Market Day red cake/pie cutters (they are hard plastic and actually nice, but a knife works better)… then I’ll just go retrieve them from the garage before they are “adopted” by a college kid or sold at a garage sale.