End of August

This is the last week of August… so much to do…iammom3

  1.  is the first full week of school… they will be exhausted by the end of the week.
  2.   this week holds the first football game and the the premiere of the 2015-2016 Marching Panthers.  And Esther as a band-aid.
  3.  this is the week before the fair, which means I must gather all of our art items to deliver to the fair on Thursday.  I also need to make a shopping list of ingredients that I will need for all the baked goods we are planning to enter that we will have to bake on Sunday/Monday.

4.   I am taking the scouts camping this weekend….  so that means lots of things.

  • I have to buy all the groceries – but first I have make the menu and shopping list.
  • I have to get all the camping gear loaded in my car – but first I have to figure out what we will need for cooking and cleaning.
  • I have to figure out which badges we are working on and be sure I have all the supplies for them.
  • I have to pack and be sure my daughters get packed and loaded.
  • I have to be sure to have all the permission slips, $$, and health forms for the girls camping.

5.  Lydia has school photos tomorrow, so I have to be sure I get that form filled out and check written.

6.  Esther has a loose wire on her braces, so I had to make an appointment for that to be repaired.

I’m sure there are things I am forgetting…. but you know… the life of a mother is never done.


May is Over!!!!



For the last 10-12 years, May has been the worst month for me to get through.  It shouldn’t be because there are great things that happen in May…

Abi’s Birthday

End of the year concerts

End of the school year banquets and recognitions

Mother’s day

Memorial Day (camping or at Linwood)

End of the scouting year awards evening



GS camping


But for some reason, May almost always whips my emotional butt.  I used to think it was the GS camping.  When I had 3 troops, I would take them camping together in the fall and/or winter.  But in May, I would take each troop separately so I could spend quality time with them alone.    I have cut back on that.  I only have 2 troops now and we went camping together AND in April….


All the end of the school year stuff, isn’t too stressful, I’m not in charge of it…


GS Awards evening… yes that adds stress…


Graduation… not a big deal and only happens to me every 3 years… the party isn’t till August…


Memorial Day events… yes, that can be stressful.  We struggled for years to blend 2 different family traditions.  One family that camped at Wanake every Memorial Day and one family that spent the weekend at Linwood.  We finally settled on alternating years.  This year we were to be at Wanake but because of Graduation (and other extenuating circumstances that I really don’t want to go into and are probably adding to the malaise this year) we didn’t go anywhere.  It isn’t overly stressful on a “normal” year to be at Wanake for Memorial Day.  It is an unprogrammed weekend and we get to REALLY camp and cook out our meals and just be.  That is nice.  When we are at Linwood, yes it is stressful.  We are in a house that is over full and the food is sometimes iffy and some of the family members …. well… we do generally have a good time though… if the weather is warm, the kids get to get in Lake Erie for the first time of the season, and walking on the beach is nice and usually there is a good sunset, and some fun games of Oh Blimey! with family.


Mother’s Day… eh… could always be better… I think that no one knows what to do or how to show love in this household…and I suppose that deficiency falls on the mom for not teaching/modeling it … so I guess that it is my fault that I feel “eh” on Mother’s day.


Anniversary… it has been 27 years… I can’t remember the last time I felt like I had a wonderful anniversary… there have been good ones but they seem few and far between.  Again, it is probably my fault because I’m not good at the demonstrative stuff and all… but I also have other theories on this that are … well… very personal… and my own demons that I am still wrestling with and probably not good fodder for a public blog.


Once again, however, I feel like May has kicked my emotional butt and I am drained because of it.  June begins tomorrow!!  Summer is here!  My list of things to accomplish this summer is huge.  Hopefully I will get most of it done for a change.  If I can kick the lethargy that May leaves me with maybe I can motivate myself to August and the grad party.

Making Memories

My Girl Scouts have been working on their Frosty Fun badge for a couple years now.  Everytime we think we are going to get to finish it there is something that goes wrong.  For example, this year I scheduled a campout in early January (this past weekend) fully expecting there to be snow so we could finish the badge… was there snow??  Of course not!  In true fashion for us when we camp, we got the opposite of what we hoped for… January thaw!  There was plenty of mud… but guess what?  We’ve already done our Dirt and Mud badge!  There was even some lovely rain.  This is about the extent of the “frosty” we found, a little bit of ice on some runoff in the woods:


HOWEVER, it doesn’t matter to us.  We have fun no matter what the weather.  Eventually we will finish that badge, or I’ll just give it to them because we have worked so hard trying to finish it.   🙂

What did we do at camp over the weekend?  The usual stuff.

We did a drawing badge – they always have fun with crafts.

We went hiking… of course our hiking didn’t go exactly as planned.  First of all, we had never hiked in that portion of the camp before so we didn’t know where we were going.  Second, we didn’t know where we were going.  Third, 2 trails we headed down ended up as dead ends.  But we did see some good scat and fun lichen on that trail.


Fourth we (I) kinda knew which direction we should be headed in to get back and it involved going up (and down) at least 3 pretty big hills.  Fifth, we had some “whiners” who didn’t like the brambles/multiflora roses that were on the paths and had to go slow and pick them off/push them out of the way instead of just barrelling through like the rest of us.   But aren’t they pretty with the water dripping off them?


Sixth, my pedometer says that we walked approximately 5 miles.   Was it fun?  Not really, but yes, in a weird sorta way.  They girls are troopers.  It is a one of those memories they will not forget.

We knew we were almost back when we reached the hill where we could pretend to be in the Sound of Music… OF COURSE they sang the songs too!


Later in the afternoon the sun came out, so we decided to hike to Pioneer Point.  We tromped through the mud and were halfway there and suddenly it started to rain again!  What the heck??  We just continued on.  Once we got there and got under the pine trees it was worth the hike.


Back in the cabin we lit a fire to dry our wet socks, pants, and hoodies.  Played a bunch of games (hide and seek, concentration, sardines), had an impromptu talent show (I’m not certain all of it was talent!), and of course, ate some more.

We always eat well at campouts.  This time we did not cook anything on a fire (which we usually do).  We just cooked everything inside.  Our menu for the weekend:

Friday night:  homemade pizza and misc. snacks we brought

Saturday breakfast:  pancakes, bacon, sausage

Saturday lunch:  toasted cheese and soup

Saturday supper:  tacos/burritos and brownies

Saturday snack: no-bake cookies – which I was informed looked a lot like scat when they were dropped on the foil to cool.  LOL!!!   😉

Sunday breakfast:  bagels, english muffins, and cereal (our usual Sunday breakfast)

We completed less badges than usual (since we couldn’t finish the Frosty Fun badge) only completing the drawing one and part of the Scribe badge.

However, MEMORIES WERE MADE!  Years from now when I ask them some of their favorite camp memories, I’m sure that one of them (or several) will recall the campout we got lost hiking for 5 miles and ended up on the Sound of Music hill.

The Hills were alive, with the sounds of Girl Scouts!!!!!