May is Over!!!!



For the last 10-12 years, May has been the worst month for me to get through.  It shouldn’t be because there are great things that happen in May…

Abi’s Birthday

End of the year concerts

End of the school year banquets and recognitions

Mother’s day

Memorial Day (camping or at Linwood)

End of the scouting year awards evening



GS camping


But for some reason, May almost always whips my emotional butt.  I used to think it was the GS camping.  When I had 3 troops, I would take them camping together in the fall and/or winter.  But in May, I would take each troop separately so I could spend quality time with them alone.    I have cut back on that.  I only have 2 troops now and we went camping together AND in April….


All the end of the school year stuff, isn’t too stressful, I’m not in charge of it…


GS Awards evening… yes that adds stress…


Graduation… not a big deal and only happens to me every 3 years… the party isn’t till August…


Memorial Day events… yes, that can be stressful.  We struggled for years to blend 2 different family traditions.  One family that camped at Wanake every Memorial Day and one family that spent the weekend at Linwood.  We finally settled on alternating years.  This year we were to be at Wanake but because of Graduation (and other extenuating circumstances that I really don’t want to go into and are probably adding to the malaise this year) we didn’t go anywhere.  It isn’t overly stressful on a “normal” year to be at Wanake for Memorial Day.  It is an unprogrammed weekend and we get to REALLY camp and cook out our meals and just be.  That is nice.  When we are at Linwood, yes it is stressful.  We are in a house that is over full and the food is sometimes iffy and some of the family members …. well… we do generally have a good time though… if the weather is warm, the kids get to get in Lake Erie for the first time of the season, and walking on the beach is nice and usually there is a good sunset, and some fun games of Oh Blimey! with family.


Mother’s Day… eh… could always be better… I think that no one knows what to do or how to show love in this household…and I suppose that deficiency falls on the mom for not teaching/modeling it … so I guess that it is my fault that I feel “eh” on Mother’s day.


Anniversary… it has been 27 years… I can’t remember the last time I felt like I had a wonderful anniversary… there have been good ones but they seem few and far between.  Again, it is probably my fault because I’m not good at the demonstrative stuff and all… but I also have other theories on this that are … well… very personal… and my own demons that I am still wrestling with and probably not good fodder for a public blog.


Once again, however, I feel like May has kicked my emotional butt and I am drained because of it.  June begins tomorrow!!  Summer is here!  My list of things to accomplish this summer is huge.  Hopefully I will get most of it done for a change.  If I can kick the lethargy that May leaves me with maybe I can motivate myself to August and the grad party.


June 22

What happened on this day in history?

June 22, 1611 – Henry Hudson & son set adrift in Hudson Bay by mutineers  (probably why the bay is named after him???)

June 22, 1633 –  “The Holy Office in Rome forces Galileo Galilei to recant his scientific view that the Sun, not the Earth, is the center of the Universe.”          Um…. Holy Office in Rome, I think you were maybe a wee bit wrong.  Maybe next time listen to smart scientists.

June 22, 1772 – Slavery outlawed in England.       Took it a few years (almost 100) to get that outlawed across the Atlantic though.  Bummer.

June 22, 1808 –  Zebulon Pike reaches his peak.   Again probably why it is called Pike’s Peak?  I’ve no desire to climb it, thanks.

June 22, 1847 – Doughnut created.     Was the creator Mr. Duncan or Mr. Krispy?

June 22, 1911 – King George V of England crowned.  My husband would know how this relates to the current queen… and I could “google” it, but it isn’t really that important to me.  I’m thinking based on the dates that it is her dad.

June 22, 1936 – Virgin Islands receives a constitution from US.    I’ve been there.  They are lovely, not so much during hurricane season, I’m sure.  It was a nice place to visit though.

June 22, 1941 – Finland invades Karelia.  I have no clue where Karelia was… nor am I googling that tonight either.

June 22, 1963-  “Giovanni Cardinal Montini elected Pope by the College of Cardinals, and takes the name Pope Paul VI.”  Really??   But that certainly didn’t over shadow this!


June 22, 1963 – Kathryn Dailey weds Paul Zagray

50 years ago today, my parents were married.  Of course, the next 50 years did not go all as dreamed for that young couple.  They had a baby the next year – not necessarily the timing they wanted but I certainly appreciate it.   😉     They had another baby in 1968 – planned but… uh-oh… another baby 15 months later – not necessarily the timing they expected.   They settled in North Canton and raised these children with love and joy.  It was a great family.  They had fun together (OK, maybe the first born didn’t have quite as much fun “together” with the later borns, but still…).

In 1982-83, the dream began to unravel.  Multiple Sclerosis entered the family.  A very unwelcome guest.  A guest that came and stayed and did its damage.  It affected everyone differently in how we dealt with it.  The dream of a 25th wedding anniversary trip to Hawaii never happened – thanks to MS.  The dream of holding grandchildren and taking them camping and boating, never happened.  The dream of seeing all of your children wed, never happened.  The dream of being together for 50 years and having a great party with all of your family and friends gathered around, never happened.

What did happen?  Well, MS took dad in 1993 just 2 months before his first grandchild was born.  Since then everyone has gotten married.  There are now 9 grandchildren.  When the whole family is together for holidays we still have a great time.  Is there a hole in our family – you bet.  Would we go back and change things if we had the power?  OF COURSE!  But… has mom/grandma done her very best to be the best grandma and grandpa the kids could ever have?  ABSOLUTELY!  Would the 2 of them have been THE MOST AWESOME grandparents ever, yes they would have.  But that is not how reality worked out.   Do we miss Dad everyday?  Some days more than others?  Who wouldn’t?

50 years later, this is now the family created by that lovely young couple:


I created a photo book for mom celebrating and chronically the last 50 years.  You can see it here:

We did celebrate.  It is still the 50th anniversary of mom’s wedding, even if she no longer has dad physically beside her.  So we had a garage sale this weekend.  OK, that isn’t really celebrating.



But 2/3 of us were there for dinner tonight and she even got a special cake.  Not as special as her wedding cake, but pretty special to her because a granddaughter made it for her.

Happy 50th Anniversary Mom!  We wish Dad were here too!  We love you!!