Weekend Problems…

Uh oh!   you know all that rain on Saturday?  Yeah… it came into the construction zone.

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Yes it was tarped… but… clearly not enough.  We have investigated with our insurance agent… we know what our deductible is so we will see how much damage needs repairing.

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem the drywall took on any water.

Sunday, this is how the situation looked:

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The water has receded.  Not everything is dry yet.  Damage assessment still to come.


Work on Wednesday

Wednesday got a fair amount accomplished at the house.

My mother, on the other hand, was in full anxiety mode after lunch and made my evening crap.

So… we’ll just focus on the house as a positive for the day.


Mid day they were putting up floor joists.  I asked about insulation/sound proofing between the floors.  It hadn’t been planned, but it will be added.  I don’t really relish hearing Esther walking back and forth from her room to the bathroom and the dog and everything else.  Esther doesn’t relish being able to hear Dad’s radio at night.  It will be worth it.

About 4pm, the rain started to come down, so they quick pulled the tarp over.  They didn’t get to finish laying the first layer of subflooring.  Hopefully, that won’t take very long tomorrow.


From the inside.  You can see the joists.  You can see how high the ceiling will be.



Kind of hard to see it all in this view, mainly because of the blue tint from the tarp.  The ceilings will still be 8.5 feet tall.  Not too bad, not my vaulted ceilings, but still a very good height for a bedroom.


From the outside, you can see that the top floor will overhang by about 3 feet.  That will be nice.


Yes, I’m investigating replacing those doors… might be at the end of the project though.

Topless Tuesday…

Did I get your attention?

Today’s demo has produced a topless room!   😉


An open air bedroom!  A bit chilly for Ohio, weather.



Just a shell of a room.   It does make me sad that I have lost my vaulted ceilings in order to have 2 new bedrooms and a place to house my mother.  I’m sure in the long run, it will be wonderful.  Right now, however, the sky is my ceiling.  🙂



Birds eye view from the bathroom window.


At the end of the day, they tarped it because they didn’t have time to complete the next step today.  They will be working on the flooring/ceiling tomorrow.


As they pounded nails into the tarp to attach it to the house, it shook the bedroom walls and things began to fall off… I caught a jar of dead flowers, some tiaras, and a jar of jelly of Abi’s stuff.  I’m told (by her) that the jelly is from France… she went to France like 8 years ago… that ought to be really yummy jelly!


Here ya go… a blue circus tent bedroom!



Demo began in earnest today.   The builder showed up nice and early before 8am to begin the big demo of the bedroom.

HVAC showed up just after 8am to install the new larger furnace and new smaller AC unit (previous one was a heat pump, so it was large).


Just to review… here is the empty room.  See previous post if you want photos of the room with stuff in it.


Midday this is what it looked like:


The problem being… the dumpster that was supposed to come “first thing in the morning” didn’t come till about 3pm.

Some of that insulation was saved and the guys used it to replace the insulation in my existing attic that was full of raccoon poop.  They did that while we waited for the dumpster.

After the dumpster got here, they were able to measure where new floor/ceiling would be and remove the drywall in preparation.  Also, took off the top of the “chimney.”  The end of the day, there is a shell of a room… sorry for the lighting… no lights in the room anymore.



On the outside, they removed some of the siding and did some calculating on where the walls will go and the new roofline.


Dumpster and wood, fill up the drive.


The goal for tomorrow, according to the builder, is to take the roof off and hopefully get some of the walls and floor framed in.


Just to review:


Midday… as the temperature in the house dropped…


By the end of the day… new furnace and new AC.  The furnace works well, the first light, of course, had to burn off the oil/dust and set off all the smoke alarms.  The AC turned on, but they said that they will come back in the spring to be sure they have the freon level correct.



The AC unit is significantly smaller.  It also, doesn’t have to be up on those legs like the heat pump had to be.


The furnace doesn’t look that  much different.  But it will heat the whole house, including the new addition.

HVAC will come back in 2 weeks to tie in the new portion.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s episode.

Demo Day 1

As predicted, this took very little time.

They left without telling me, which means, even though I had time to get to chair yoga, I didn’t go because I didn’t know if they were coming back.  The builder called and I told him that can’t happen again.  We’ll see….

Just as a reminder, here is the before:



Here is the after demo:



And since they don’t have a dumpster on site yet…




I am assured that the dumpster is coming today or tomorrow or Monday.  And that with 100% certainty they are starting the rest on Monday.


Not holding my breath yet, but I will finish emptying my bedroom.



It isn’t raining right now, so I took photos of the house for “before” photos in anticipation of the addition starting soon.

I will try to explain them as I go.  So you can start to envision it and dream with me.

Starting the tour inside


This is the back hallway near the entrance to the master bedroom.  This used to have an old secretary desk, a music cabinet, the lost sock basket, gift wrapping supplies, some musical instruments, and other crap filling it up.  There is a door to the outside there that has rarely been used.

This will become a bathroom.  The first 3 strips of blue tape are for the different depths of sink.   We are going with the middle one.  That will make it a bit tight but it will be really cool.   The 1/2 strip going perpendicular to those, is where the wall will be to enclose the toilet and shower.





There is supposed to be a pocket door.   Though the contractor/architect seem to keep forgetting to put that on the plans.  *sigh*

The entrance will be on the right, next to the brick wall.   The toilet will be first on the left and then the shower inside the blue tape squares.  The last plumber suggesting moving the sink outside the room to enable a larger shower.  Wayne said “bigger is better!”

That used to be a closet that held some misc. clothing… nothing that was ever being worn with regularity.  It will not be missed.





Currently in the master bedroom, we have vaulted ceilings.  They are great.  That is one sacrifice we are making.   By accepting a lower flat ceiling, we can blend the new roof line seamlessly with the old.    The new ceiling height will be 8.5 feet.  Still a nice high ceiling.  Along this side of the room, there will be the run for the heat ducts.   It won’t really impact much because he said that the lowest it would be is where the slant starts anyways.   Not a problem, finally this room will have heat and air.

(please ignore any mess in these photos, we are still in the process of clearing and living at the same time.)


The fireplace will be staying.  They will carefully take off the upper portion of the stones.  This is the only source of heat in the room and it has done a great job.  We will continue to use it.  It is flue-less.

That window on the far wall will be remove and a built in closet will be added there.  It will not be walk-in but it will be 11 feet long.   Therefore, this room can “officially” be called a bedroom.


Nothing is changing here, other than the level of the ceiling.


This corner will no longer have hanging clothes but will become more of an office/library space.

Let’s head upstairs.


This window in the pink bathroom will become a door so the bathroom can be accessed from both the hallway and the new addition.  It will be a “Jack and Jill” bathroom.  I will have to figure out a new place to put a towel rack.  No biggy.









This window (it is under the universe) will become the doorway into the new addition.  This room will then become a “pass through” room.  We cannot call it a bedroom anymore because of that. It will be a sitting room for mom/the kids.  It could also be a small bedroom if necessary.


What about the basement?


Behind that shelf is an access to the area where the new bathroom will be.  A clothes chute will be added.  YAY!!






This small space in the basement is just a disgusting hole.   Because the new bathroom doesn’t have enough slope to connect directly into the sewer line, a grinder crock will have to be installed in this space.  Costs more money, but I’d rather have a bathroom that works properly, than have one that backs up all the time or worse.






This is a view of the the sewer line out of the house.  Not sure if they are doing anything with that or not, but figured I better take a photo anyways.












This is the existing furnace.  It will be upgraded to a larger one that can take care of the existing house AND the addition.  That might be happening in a couple days!






Let’s go outside!!



Driveway view.  The roof comes off the master bedroom.   The 2 pane window above, is the bathroom.  It will be a doorway into a hallway.  The hallway will run the length of the driveway side of the addition.   It will have 2 windows, like below.  At the end of that hallway will be a door to the outside. Safety/fire egress.  Also… in case mom/grandma is sleeping, teens could come in that way to avoid going past/through/near her rooms.  It will have a spiral staircase.  Cool, huh?  Yeah.  A traditional wooden one would have taken up too much of the back patio and made access to it from the driveway nearly impossible.


Here is the house from the other side.  That single window above becomes the main door way into the hallway.  That hallway runs across – perpendicular and connects with the one going along the driveway side.  There will be 2 bedrooms created above.  They will have windows looking out this direction.  The end room, will also have one looking out towards the patio/playset.   The small window on this side is where that new closet is going.

The roof line is going to be the same as the existing structure.  The siding will be matched/replaced as needed.


One more thing outside:


This baby will be replaced with a more efficient and probably smaller AC unit.  Woo!



If you are up for painting, helping lay flooring, removing carpet, installing 1/4 round, moving furniture, etc.  Please let me know.  I most definitely will need the help so we can get things done quickly.   I will feed you!


hostile and aggressive.


Belligerence is mom’s new state.  The anxiety meds not only don’t help with anxiety, they now increase her belligerent attitude.   *sigh*


Case in point:
Today, after day care, we went to the fairgrounds to pick up my items.


Mom:  Which fairgrounds are we going to?
Me:  Stark county.
Mom:  Oh, I thought we were in Summit county.
Me:  No, you live in Stark County.


*Indication that she has no idea where we are… and who I am*
*Arriving at fairgrounds.*


Mom:  I didn’t know the fair closed up during the day.
Me:  It is over.
Mom:  Was it just one day?
Me:  No, you came twice.
Mom:  I need to get some money to buy food.
Me:  No.  The fair is over.  Look, there is nothing here.
Mom:  I see that.  There are no people.
Me:  Yes.  We are just picking up my items.


Me:  Why don’t you get out of the car with me while we pick up my items.
Mom:  I have items to pick up too.
Me:  No you don’t.  Not this year.
Mom:  Yes I do.
Me:  No.  Please just come stand with me in line.
Mom:  I don’t have my tickets or number.
Me:  That’s because you don’t have any items this year.
Mom:  Yes, I do.  I brought them myself.
Me:  No, you didn’t.  You don’t go anywhere by yourself, you are always with me.
Mom:  You may have been with me, but I brought them in myself.
Me:  No.  Please, just stand here with me while they find my items.
Mom:  I need to find my items.   *tries to get the attention of a worker*
Mom (to worker):  Do you have the notebook with all the names?  I don’t have my number and can’t find my items.
Me (to worker):  She has dementia, there are no items this year.
Worker tries to be nice to her but she is being adamant.
Mom:  I need to get my items.
Me:  You don’t have any.  You have dementia and your brain is confused.  You didn’t enter anything this year.
Mom:  My brain is clear today.
Me:  *sigh* and *eye roll*
Image result for eye rolling
*All my craft items are collected*


Me:  Let’s go over to the antique section to pick up the items.
Mom:  I never got my items from here.
Me:  That’s because you didn’t have any.
Mom:  You are just going to leave them?
Me:  yes.
Mom:  I have antiques too.
Me:  *ignores her*


*Lady is searching for my item.*


Mom (to worker):  I have items here too.
Me (to worker):  Not this year.  She has dementia.
Worker:  Honey, I’m sure your daughter is taking care of it.
Mom:  No, those are her items.  I need my items.


Mom:  Is that my crock?   *it was a lovely LARGE crock*
Me:  No.  You didn’t enter anything this year.
Mom:  Yes, I did, I need to find them.


* she starts to wander off through the aisles*


* I retreive her for the 2nd or 3rd time*


Workers (to me):  Bless you.


Me:  We are done here, let’s walk down to the Grange building to get Esther’s ribbons.
Mom:  I never got my items from this building.
Me:  You didn’t have any.  Turn right, we are going to the Grange building.


*takes her arm to turn her in the right direction*


Mom:  Don’t pull my arm!
Me:  I’m not pulling your arm.  We are headed down there to the Grange building.
Mom:  No, I need to get my items first.
Me:  Let’s just go get Esther’s ribbons.
Mom:  SHUT UP!!
Me:  That was inappropriate, you should not talk to me like that.


*arrive at Grange building*


*she starts to wander off down towards the flowers*


Me:  Please stay right here while we get Esther’s ribbons.  We will go down there in a minute.
Mom:  I’m just going down here for a bit.
Me:  Please stay right here with me.
*I wrap my arm around her waist and direct her back towards the baked goods counter.*
Mom:  Did you miss me?
Me:  No.  I’m with you all the time, how could I miss you?


* we get all the ribbons… and the vases*


*leaving the Grange building to go back to the car*


Mom:  Are we just going to leave my jellies and such?
Me:  Yes.
Mom:  That’s too bad.


*in the car leaving the fairgrounds*


Mom:  Are you going to pick up mom from that building.
Me:  Your mom is not here.
Mom:  You can’t leave your mom here.
Me:  You are my mom.
Mom:  No I’m not.  I would have been 7 when you were born.
Me:  Nope.  I was born in 1964 and you were born in 1942.   You are my mom.
Mom: No I’m not.
Me:  I realize you don’t know who I am and don’t recognize that I am your daughter.
Mom:  I am not your mom.
Me:  Yes you are, please be quiet, we are leaving now.
Mom:  We can’t leave mom here.
Me:  Your mom is not here.
Mom:  I just saw her, she went in that building.
Me:  Your mom is not in that building.
Mom:  Maybe she went to this building.
Me:  Your mom is not in that building.
Mom:  You can’t just leave mom here.
Me:   Your mom is not here.
Mom:  I know she is.  I talked to her before you arrived.
Me:  No, you only talked to me.
Mom:  You can’t leave mom here.
Me:  *silence*


This is not a verbatum conversation, but it is pretty close.  There was more inbetween all of that… exhausting.