Frequency of Fun?

It is pretty clear that if something isn’t fun, you try not to do it very often.  You only do it if you HAVE to… dentist:  every 6 months, Gynecologist:  once a year, Mammogram:  once a year, taxes:  once a year….


But what about if something is fun?  How often should you engage in that activity?

Once a quarter?fun

Once a month?

Once a week?

Twice a week?

Once a day?


It depends, doesn’t it.

Once a Quarter – this would probably be those things that cost a bit of money or extra time to do.  Like taking the Girl Scouts camping.  There is the cost of the campsite and then all the preparations and food.  Once a quarter is more than most troops do, but something I really like to do with my scouts.  We might not be able to this year due to their High School Schedules.


Once a Month– would this include things like movie night?  Dinners out?  Cards with friends?   Things that might require some money, but not a lot of planning time.  I can’t think of anything specific that we do once a month.


Once a Week – what would you do once a week if you could?  This could also be a meal out.  When we lived in Cambridge, we ate out every Saturday night at Brightons.  What good memories we have of that time.  That was the first restaurant for at least 2 of our babies.  What else might be once a week?   Maybe a hike or bike?  Maybe a visit to Grandma?  Writing on your blog?  What about a backyard campfire and quiet night under the stars?   These things probably cost very little, if anything, but are nice little respites during the week.


Twice a Week – what is so fun that you might want to up the frequency a bit?  What would you up the frequency of to do at least twice a week?  If you could, would you eat out twice a week?  Would you take the time to exercise – hike or bike – twice a week?  Would you call someone on the phone more regularly and visit with them?  Would you sit and read a book more frequently?   Twice a week isn’t much, but for some things, it would certainly be nice and would probably improve your overall wellbeing especially if it involved exercise or human interaction.


Once a Day – WOW!  Is there anything that you would love to do once a day??   Is there anything that you should do once a day?  Maybe those hikes?  Or reading?  Or visits?  Maybe a shower?


Is there something that you would like to do more frequently than you currently do?


If money is an obstacle… then you might just have to be happy with once a month or quarter.


What if it was entirely free?  What if it included human interaction?  What if it would make you feel good?  What if it would help your health?


What would you have to give up to increase the frequency?  Probably some of your own selfishness, is my guess.  If it involves others, you will have to think of them and work it out so you can connect with them at the appropriate times.  Won’t it be worth it??  Fun is good!  Free Fun is even better!  Free fun with someone you love and who loves you and it might improve your health is the best!!


What kinds of things do you do with regularity?

What kind of things would you like to increase in regularity?


Nightmare Before Christmas Friends

Here is the third square in my Nightmare Before Christmas Afghan.


This square is knit instead of crochet.  However, if you don’t knit.  You could follow the chart and do it in single crochet.




Here are the links to the other 2 corner-to-corner (C2C) patterns:


Jack Skellington



Enjoy!  Please share your projects so I can add photos to my Ravelry page.




Side Garden

Now that the kittens have been moved from the side garden, I can weed it.  I would have been fine leaving it if the mama cat had left the babies there, but she didn’t.     😦





So, all the weeds are removed and the semi-tree.  I actually got out the tree saw to remove it.



So… what is growing here that is supposed to be.


This Bloodroot plant.



And this plant with a jack-in-the-pulpit like flower… not sure where it came from.  I’ll leave it.



This plant, that I’m pretty sure is actually a weed, but its flowers are so pretty.



And this plant, that I think was a Solomon’s Seal but has seen better days… and been choked out by weeds.



I should invest in some other plants for this little garden.  I’ll see what my mom has for me to transplant.

Garden … getting there

I worked in the garden a bit more today.


I still have a long way to go and, unfortunately, mulch has not magically appeared.    😦




Planted this phlox today.



Unearthed this plant… my mom knows what it is called, I can’t remember.  Maybe coral bells?



Planted this today.  It is supposed to have pink flowers later in the season.



I’m not sure where this came from.  I don’t ever remember seeing it before, but I’m sure it will be lovely.


I need someone to either confirm or deny that these are the leaves for the coneflowers.  I know I have some, but I don’t know if these should be saved or pulled.



This bush is looking nice.



These flowers are doing great.



There you have it.  Today’s garden tour.




Once upon a time, in a land far, far, away… OK… really just 40 minutes away from where I currently live… there was a teacher that insisted that just because one daughter was gifted didn’t mean that the others were.  She was wrong.  We proved that to her.

Yes… not all children are the same.  However, all of my children (all 4 of them) are smart and gifted.


Conversation yesterday:  NOT EXACT QUOTES!

dd#2: (showing rocks from her recent college geology trip to grandma) This is quartz… and obsidian… and blah… blah… blah

*yeah, I kinda tuned out a bit too…. but I had already heard it once and rocks aren’t really my thing.*

dd#1:  (not paying attention to the rocks but more concerned about her warts she got from the dance studio)  I can tell you about the rocks too… red rock, blue rock, striped rock…


Another conversation in the car with dd#2 about dd#3’s college thoughts.

me:  She is thinking about studying Chemistry and Forensic Science.  She has had 2 full years of chemistry and likes it.

dd#2:  She could take some bio-med classes and some bio -blah, blah, blah classes (not an exact quote) that would be good.

me:  she doesn’t like biology as much as chemistry.

dd#2:  I like biology better it was easier.

me:  me too, but she likes chemistry.  I didn’t even really understand chemistry until I taught.


It is good that they are all different.  It certainly keeps me on my toes.


Would I ever have considered a degree in Theater and Dance like dd#1?  Nope.  I don’t dance.  But she does and she’s good at it and has the warts to prove it (yes, we are getting a doctor’s help for them).


Would I have considered a degree in Environmental Science like dd#2?  Maybe.  I think it would be fun to work at state and/or national parks.  I could do that.  I enjoy nature and always give the Scouts nature information on hikes we take.


Would I have considered a degree in Chemistry with a Forensic Science Minor?  Probably not.  While I did end up with a Chemistry minor, my  interests were more in the biology department.  However, I do think it is cool to do the forensic part.  I took a micro-biology class once and loved that!


Would I consider a degree to be a Social Studies Teacher?  NAH!  I’m not a huge fan of history.  I have been a teacher.  It was OK, though I wouldn’t go back to it now.  But dd#4 is leaning that way and I think she will be great at it.  Her dad likes history so she comes by that naturally.


They are all different.  That is what makes them special.  They are all smart.  They all love animals.  They all can sing lots of Broadway musical tunes.  Almost all of them would love to be a constestant on Survivor (or Amazing Race).  They all have similar skills for cooking, cleaning (or maybe not cleaning), camping, sports, household repairs, etc.


I have raised some pretty awesome daughters!


So… if I decide I ever want to dance, #1 can help me out.  #2 will go with me to explore the wilderness (the others would probaby come along too, but she would know what we are looking at), #3 will find out how we all died, and #4 will fill us in on the history of everything.    It is all good!