What did you do with your Saturday?

What did you do with your Saturday?


We made progress on some of the mess… sort of…


Actually some of this progress happened earlier in the week, but… you get the idea.


The tile got fixed around the toilet pipe.   Looks pretty good!!  🙂


And some backer is on the walls in the shower to receive the tile!DSCF7522

Remember the master before (empty of stuff)?


Now it is ready to paint most of it and think about new carpet.


Yesterday, the bedroom was a mess of stuff that had to be boxed and/or sorted.

Today, most of it has been boxed up (to be sorted later), put away, or thrown away (2 trash bags).  We also got a 4 foot section of the carpet pulled up and removed to the trash!

Unfortunately, Liz’s room took the hit… the boxes are now stacked in there to be dealt with later.

The extra wide hall (4 foot)… which was deliberate because we planned to line the hall with bookcases… now has bookcases in it!  Sadly… we have already almost filled 3 and have more books to go… We (and by “we” I mean mostly Lydia) have an obsession/fascination with Harry Potter.  Significant shelves are dedicated to that paraphernalia.  Don’t worry, we have more bookcases to go under the windows and down the rest of the hallway!

The bedroom closets have some shelving in them.  More to be added later.  Strangely, Esther has more clothes than Lydia and Liz combined (Liz’s clothes aren’t here yet, but Lydia left her part of the closet).


Goals for the remaining weekend and all next week.

  1.  Get the walls washed in Esther’s old room and painted white
  2.  Get the carpet pulled and the floor water sealed
  3.  Get my room & closet painted
  4.  Call the tile guy to fix the broken tiles in my room
  5.  Fiddle around with the 1/4 round and get it fixed to the trim in my room… I think Gorilla glue might be the answer
  6.  If time allows, paint the door/wall in the bathroom
  7.  Finish all 3 closets

Mental Load

This week, I read someone else’s blog that really struck home with me.


The main take away I have from it is:


“The mental load means always having to remember.  The mental load is almost completely borne by women. It’s permanent and exhausting work. And it’s invisible……  What our partners are really saying, when they ask us to tell them what needs to be done, is that they refuse to take on their share of the mental load.”

Image result for mental load

Here is the link to the full article.


Of course, this isn’t true in 100% of relationships/marriages.  However, I do agree that my mental load is so overwhelming that I probably can’t even remember it all to regurgitate it here, but I’ll give it a go.


(in no particular order of importance or urgency)

  • constantly thinking about and dealing with my mother’s meds & diabetes & diet
  • remembering my mother’s schedule and appointments
  • remembering my children’s schedule and appointments- all of them, even though they aren’t all living at home – mentally, I keep track of them all… for example:  Is this a late night for Abi or an early morning?  Will I have to stay late and put mom to bed?  What about the dog?, What does Liz need for her hiking trip?  I need to make the strawberry roll ups for her try. , When is Lydia going to be home?  Is she working?  Is she with friends?  What can she do to help with the addition?,  Does Esther have after school activities today?  What time do I need to pick her up?  Can she find a ride?  Why isn’t she practicing her horn?  Did she contact the French teacher about her grade?…. and on and on….
  • what food will I prepare for each meal
  • do we even have food in the house to prepare
  • what is my schedule?  who is picking up who and what time
  • what do I need to prepare for scouts next week – there is a whole lot of detail in that one:   shirts (find them), labels, bottles, games, vests, food list, final details for Savannah, who still needs to turn in a health from, who hasn’t blogged, what reservations need paid, who do I need to call and check on the reservation, is all the money deposited, I will need to contact the bank to tell them about the vacation, games for the road, supplies from here, packing …. and on and on…
  • household details like:  I really should wash the dirty clothes,  I need to paint my room, I need to wash and paint my mother’s room, mail that box that I promised a month ago, clear a path through the house….
  • which leads me to all the details of the construction:  paint – do I have enough?, what color am I doing in Liz’s old room?, we need to get the walls washed, we need to get them painted, we need to get the carpet pulled, the subfloor coated with water seal, the stairs need painted, the carpet runner put on them, the trim painted, the boxes moved, the floors mopped, the window screens replaced, the closets set up, which stone for the fireplace, … and on and on…
  • then there is the fun stuff that I have going on too… the yarn crafts:  next part of the Citrus Explosion Afghan, what am I doing for a border on the temperature afghan, I need to finish the ends on the dino afghan, who else wanted what?, who is getting which afghan?….  and more…
  • and what about the animals… is there food, does the dog need out, should I do something about Jupiter’s eye, where is Dinah, don’t forget to feed the outside cats…
  • not to mention the things I cannot find because of the construction:  where is my swimsuits, those GS t-shirts, the aloe, the labels…


There is so much more going on that I can’t even remember it all now… like writing this blog has been part of the mental load for a couple days…


A friend of mine told me a few days ago that her brain was “mush.”  I told her that brain mush was my specialty.  She told me:  “You function quite well!”   HAHAHAHAHAHA    I don’t really… or I do only because my brain, for some reason, keeps these things swirling and I am able to do them/take care of them at just the right time.    I really feel like I am not keeping on top of anything, but I guess I must be… or at least enough that everyone is still alive and fed and getting where they need to go…. however, don’t talk to me about when was the last time I washed my dirty clothes.



Room #2 in progress

Room #2 – Esther’s Room – is in progress.  Some things yet to be moved in, but you get the idea.




Unfortunately, we discovered that both screens for the windows in this room have HUGE rips/holes in them… they are BRAND NEW!  So, I guess I call on Monday to get those taken care of.


This is the room formerly known as Liz’s room… this mess all has to go somewhere… not sure where yet.



This is the room formerly known as Esther & Lydia’s room… I will spare you the smell-a-vision… *GAG*… not sure where all of that mess is going either.   DSCF7504


Now, if things could be stored in the garage… which they can’t because everything from my room has been in the garage SINCE JULY!!!!!  I suspect that some things will have been stored an entire year before they get back into the house and in a usable format.



One down…

… one room down… 4 to go.


Final Electrical inspection has been passed!!


Yep… one new room to set up tomorrow … 2 old rooms to clear, wash, paint, carpet, and prepare for my mother… and the master bedroom that still needs paint, and flooring, and lots of things, because it is the work staging area right now.

First:  This room has the trim on it now… after the flooring debacle on Wednesday, the floor is NOW done and the baseboard is on and it is ready to receive furniture.



The Liz/Lydia/Cat room now is ready for occupation.  Bunk bed is in place.  Eventually there will be a hole in the wall above that bunk that leads to the cat castle in the hallway, giving the cats a fun way to get to their favorite sleeping place, the top bunk.



The trundle bed is in place and has been given the cat nap approval by Venus.



Shortly after this photo, college dorm exploded in here and the floor and closet (that doesn’t have shelves or anything yet) is now filled with clothes and stuff from college.  Lydia also claimed 2 of the 3 dressers in this room.  🙂



Plants from 2 different college girls.   Liz will bring more later, I’m assuming.  She just sent the big ones now.  We placed them strategically so that the cats could still sit and look out the window.



If you look out the window, you can see that the soffit is not completed yet… and there are no gutters.  It will get there… don’t worry.

Getting close….

… it really is getting close… so close in fact that…


… there is a partial wall/pocket door in the bathroom now!



… there is a shower pan/base in the bathroom now!


… there is siding up the first floor of the house!



… there is an exterior light installed.  That light used to be in my mother’s living room.  It wasn’t the most logical light to be on the wall in a living room, but it served a purpose.  There was not light nor switch in that room on the far/kitchen side of the room, so if you came in after dark, you would have to turn off the light by the door and then navigate across the room in the dark.  My father installed this light as a “night light” of sorts.  It was turned on if someone was out late (on a date?).  When you came in, then you just turned it off.   It has sentimental value to me… and will make the living room at my mother’s look more “normal” as we prepare to sell it.



…WAIT WHAT?  There is siding on 3 sides of the addition now!!



…and there is a light by the upstairs door as well.  It doesn’t match the other door lights perfectly, but close enough and it was inexpensive.



… Esther’s room has all the flooring in place.DSCF7494


Tomorrow the goal is trim in the new bedrooms and get them finished.  Electric final inspection will be on Friday and then the girls MOVE IN to these bedrooms and we can start the re-do on the rooms that my mother will occupy.


See… told you we are getting close!

Would you look at that??

Looky!   Progress that is really, really visible.


  1.  the cat tree is assembled and in place.  A tunnel through the wall will be established at a later time.



2.  the Liz/Lydia/Cat room has baseboard, it has the window trim, and the door trim and a fresh rug in the middle!   (just need some paint touch ups and it will be ready for beds/dressers.)



3.  Esther’s room… the floor is almost done.  The windows and doors are trimmed.  Once I finish the floor, then the baseboards can be installed.



4.  On this beautiful 60º weather, the siding got started!!  WOO!   Oh wait… what did my builder discover?  The original builder/contractor ordered siding that is 1/2 inch narrower than the existing siding.  So… they won’t match up perfectly.. DSCF7468


… you will only see the incongruency where the old meets the new in this corner (and one on the other side).   It really won’t be that noticeable.



5.   Some of the soffit is in place on the overhand/cantilever.



I was told that the goal for tomorrow is to get the siding done to where the electrician can come install the outside lights!!   That will be awesome progress.