Clean Up

When last I posted, the builder had walked from my job with 77% of the money and only 50% of the job completed.  Since then, we have had heated email communication and in face communication with both the builder/framer and the contractor.  Both have now walked from the job.  We are pursuing legal action.


Since then, I have found another man to take over the project.  He cannot do all of it, but he can do most of it and it will get completed.

Since then, I have found an electrician to do the job and he will be here next week (as will the new builder).


So… new progress to start next week.

Today, I am documenting the mess and trash that will have to be cleaned up that the former builder left.   In case he thinks he is still owed money, the amount of cleanup and correcting of things will be more than than that.


This is what my driveway still looks like!



In the bathroom area.  Still have the plastic “barrier” to dispose of … and worse… the holes he made in the brick while cutting the opening for HVAC that didn’t need to be made and now I have to have someone else repair.


In the master bedroom.  Piles of trash and materials.   I understand that some trash would be left over to clean up… I’m not concerned about the dust since the project isn’t complete.  But tool parts… used face mask… old insulation?   Just more I have to clean up before someone else can work safely.


Outside, there are so many piles of trash and just trash – cups, wrappers, etc.  There are 3 unused I beams (and maybe other stuff) under the blue tarp.  I feel like they probably could have been returned before they sat out in the weather.  Or… why weren’t they used?  Maybe that is the bigger question.   The saw that he burned out cutting the bathroom flooring, is laying the pile of trash… that cannot even be considered mine, the rest of the trash might be considered mine since it is from the construction.




Inside the upstairs.  There are a few piles of trash.  There are unfinished projects galore and 1/2 done ones.  There is evidence of laziness and/or lack of knowledge of how to build.  THERE IS A CIGARETTE BUTT!!!


I have to say, I’m not sorry to have him leave.   Though, if this project had started when it was supposed to … JULY… and was finished by August/September… most of this hassle/angst would not have happened and everyone would be happy.


Still to be completed

On Monday, the builder walked off the job site.   He has about 70% of the money and has completed only about 50% of the job.  We are trying to get the contractor (you know how I feel about him) to do what we paid him for and get the work back underway.   We shall see how that all pans out.


Today’s post is to document what is done and not done to this point, from my perspective… which is the only perspective that matters since I’m the homeowner.


I will start with the bathroom.


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Still to be completed by the builder:

Plumbers drain ditch needs to be filled with cement.

The walls need to be furred out so that the shower can be attached to it.

The door needs to be removed and filled in and the new window inserted and then something done with the stone walls on that side as well so it doesn’t look stupid.  At this point, I’m OK with the stone walls if we can fill in the doorway/window and I then put the towel racks on the lower portion on a drywall wall.  The door is to be reused upstairs.

The duct work has to be framed in at the ceiling.

The pocket door needs to be inserted and drywalled.

The bricks that were drilled out for the HVAC need to be repaired, the holes filled.

A clothes chute needs to be installed.

Some other plumbing and electrical and HVAC need to be done, but that isn’t the job of the builder.


In the Master Bedroom

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The ceiling needs to be finished.  There is to be soundproofing insulation and of course, drywall… and paint!

The walls need to be finished, drywall and insulation and paint on the new portion.

The closet needs to be framed and built and drywalled.

They took the trim off of 2 of the windows and cut the drywall all the way down for some reason… that has to be repaired.

There are other holes of drywall that have to be repaired.

Then… the HVAC has to be framed in and drywalled.

Not to mention the new French Doors (which are NOT part of the original work and are also NO LONGER part of this builder’s job either).

This room is a mess.  Yes, I still have some electrical and flooring to deal with, but there is plenty for the builder to be completing.


What about upstairs?

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Both bedrooms need windows – the holes are not even cut for them.

One window is in the hall, the other hole is cut, but the window not installed.

Drywall, insulation, ceiling, insulation, etc.

The doorways between the new addition and the existing house need to be cut and doors installed.

Doors to the bedrooms installed.

The door to the outside installed.

AND all those windows and doorways finished with the trim that matches the rest of the house.

Attic flooring needs to be finished.

Attic stairs need to be installed…and for some reason, even though it was on the plans and he was told about it almost daily, he didn’t leave room in the trusses/rafters for the pull-down stairs so that will probably be a huge problem.   AND the wall cut to connect the 2 attics.

Yes, electrical still needs to be completed and a little bit of HVAC, but most of this work is the responsibility of the builder.

Flooring is my job, though baseboards are to be installed by the builder.


Shall we go outside?

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There are piles of wood.. possibly being ruined by the weather.

The soffit for the roofing is not done.

Insulation under the overhang is needed so the upstairs bedroom is not cold in that part.

Siding… siding… siding.  The siding is on site.

Again, the window and doors.

Rain gutters and down spouts.

There will be a spiral staircase for egress.  That is NO LONGER part of this builder’s responsibility.

There will be an outside light by the new door, but that would be electrical’s job.


So… as you can see… clearly,  MAYBE 50% done.  I do understand that the roof is a huge project.     I am probably forgetting something in my listing above.   As I think of it, I will come edit this post to reflect where this project stands as of today, DECEMBER 13, 2017.


It has been a week…

Sorry, it has been so long between updates but nothing much has been done and with the Thanksgiving holiday…


Today, however there is some progress to report.



the rafters are all on!

There will be an accessible attic for Christmas storage.


The roof line is blended in with the old roof.


And shingles are going on!   Again, they are being woven in with the old to blend seamlessly.


From the inside.

Siding has been ordered.  Drywall is on site.


I have ordered the windows and the spiral staircase.  I still need to order the attic ladder and the back door.

Image result for growl

I also need to investigate possibly finding an electrician that will actually do the work.  GRRRRR   I’m not gonna go there…. GRRRRRR

I was informed by the builder that after this week, it will be on hold because electric and HVAC and Plumbing have work they need to do before he can finish up.   *sigh*






hostile and aggressive.


Belligerence is mom’s new state.  The anxiety meds not only don’t help with anxiety, they now increase her belligerent attitude.   *sigh*


Case in point:
Today, after day care, we went to the fairgrounds to pick up my items.


Mom:  Which fairgrounds are we going to?
Me:  Stark county.
Mom:  Oh, I thought we were in Summit county.
Me:  No, you live in Stark County.


*Indication that she has no idea where we are… and who I am*
*Arriving at fairgrounds.*


Mom:  I didn’t know the fair closed up during the day.
Me:  It is over.
Mom:  Was it just one day?
Me:  No, you came twice.
Mom:  I need to get some money to buy food.
Me:  No.  The fair is over.  Look, there is nothing here.
Mom:  I see that.  There are no people.
Me:  Yes.  We are just picking up my items.


Me:  Why don’t you get out of the car with me while we pick up my items.
Mom:  I have items to pick up too.
Me:  No you don’t.  Not this year.
Mom:  Yes I do.
Me:  No.  Please just come stand with me in line.
Mom:  I don’t have my tickets or number.
Me:  That’s because you don’t have any items this year.
Mom:  Yes, I do.  I brought them myself.
Me:  No, you didn’t.  You don’t go anywhere by yourself, you are always with me.
Mom:  You may have been with me, but I brought them in myself.
Me:  No.  Please, just stand here with me while they find my items.
Mom:  I need to find my items.   *tries to get the attention of a worker*
Mom (to worker):  Do you have the notebook with all the names?  I don’t have my number and can’t find my items.
Me (to worker):  She has dementia, there are no items this year.
Worker tries to be nice to her but she is being adamant.
Mom:  I need to get my items.
Me:  You don’t have any.  You have dementia and your brain is confused.  You didn’t enter anything this year.
Mom:  My brain is clear today.
Me:  *sigh* and *eye roll*
Image result for eye rolling
*All my craft items are collected*


Me:  Let’s go over to the antique section to pick up the items.
Mom:  I never got my items from here.
Me:  That’s because you didn’t have any.
Mom:  You are just going to leave them?
Me:  yes.
Mom:  I have antiques too.
Me:  *ignores her*


*Lady is searching for my item.*


Mom (to worker):  I have items here too.
Me (to worker):  Not this year.  She has dementia.
Worker:  Honey, I’m sure your daughter is taking care of it.
Mom:  No, those are her items.  I need my items.


Mom:  Is that my crock?   *it was a lovely LARGE crock*
Me:  No.  You didn’t enter anything this year.
Mom:  Yes, I did, I need to find them.


* she starts to wander off through the aisles*


* I retreive her for the 2nd or 3rd time*


Workers (to me):  Bless you.


Me:  We are done here, let’s walk down to the Grange building to get Esther’s ribbons.
Mom:  I never got my items from this building.
Me:  You didn’t have any.  Turn right, we are going to the Grange building.


*takes her arm to turn her in the right direction*


Mom:  Don’t pull my arm!
Me:  I’m not pulling your arm.  We are headed down there to the Grange building.
Mom:  No, I need to get my items first.
Me:  Let’s just go get Esther’s ribbons.
Mom:  SHUT UP!!
Me:  That was inappropriate, you should not talk to me like that.


*arrive at Grange building*


*she starts to wander off down towards the flowers*


Me:  Please stay right here while we get Esther’s ribbons.  We will go down there in a minute.
Mom:  I’m just going down here for a bit.
Me:  Please stay right here with me.
*I wrap my arm around her waist and direct her back towards the baked goods counter.*
Mom:  Did you miss me?
Me:  No.  I’m with you all the time, how could I miss you?


* we get all the ribbons… and the vases*


*leaving the Grange building to go back to the car*


Mom:  Are we just going to leave my jellies and such?
Me:  Yes.
Mom:  That’s too bad.


*in the car leaving the fairgrounds*


Mom:  Are you going to pick up mom from that building.
Me:  Your mom is not here.
Mom:  You can’t leave your mom here.
Me:  You are my mom.
Mom:  No I’m not.  I would have been 7 when you were born.
Me:  Nope.  I was born in 1964 and you were born in 1942.   You are my mom.
Mom: No I’m not.
Me:  I realize you don’t know who I am and don’t recognize that I am your daughter.
Mom:  I am not your mom.
Me:  Yes you are, please be quiet, we are leaving now.
Mom:  We can’t leave mom here.
Me:  Your mom is not here.
Mom:  I just saw her, she went in that building.
Me:  Your mom is not in that building.
Mom:  Maybe she went to this building.
Me:  Your mom is not in that building.
Mom:  You can’t just leave mom here.
Me:   Your mom is not here.
Mom:  I know she is.  I talked to her before you arrived.
Me:  No, you only talked to me.
Mom:  You can’t leave mom here.
Me:  *silence*


This is not a verbatum conversation, but it is pretty close.  There was more inbetween all of that… exhausting.

Educating the Educators

Since 2002 and Preschool in Carrollton, I have been fighting for daughter #3 in school situations.

Trying to open teachers and administrators eyes to the fact that not all gifted students are loquacious. Trying to educate them about how to meet the needs of a student that might be slightly different. Pushing teachers to “do their job” and maybe work a bit harder to rethink how they teach instead of teaching every year/class the same ol’ way.


Watching her flourish under the great teachers – Kindergarten teacher in Carrollton, 3rd grade teacher at Seville, and 5th grade gifted teacher in Westfield.


We have butted heads with some teachers more than others: preschool in Carrollton, 1st grade in Lodi, and most notably 10th grade English in Perry.


I know that some of you probably think that we are “enabling” her and not allowing her to succeed or fail on her own. Some of you probably think that we should FORCE her to talk by letting her fail. Believe me, we have tried almost everything.  We tried the force… we tried bribery… we tried bargaining… we did it all.  What works is acceptance and educating the educators.


Today  again I (we) are faced with another battle.  I am so exhausted by this.   I am no longer tolerant (was I ever really?) of the educators that think they know better than the parents who have lived and worked and learned how best to encourage her to be her best.


I am thankful for an “old” friend who suddenly reappeared in my life a couple years ago (via Facebook) who is a professional who deals with this kind of thing and gave us invaluable advice and support at a time when we needed it dearly.


Did I say that I’m exhausted?  I am.  This is so draining.  This school year has been remarkably uneventful for her, but now the issue rises again in anticipation of her Senior year of High School.   I really can’t take it any more. Can’t we all just play nice, get her graduated and let her go off to college?


Adding this exhausting emotional situation to all the other crap in my life, leaves me beyond exhausted but knowing I have to continue on.  One foot in front of the other.   I need someone to take care of me,  I feel so alone almost all the time.


Thankfully, daughter #3 has always been surrounded with WONDERFUL friends who accept her and understand her and include her and work with her. We were worried when we moved away from that group of friends she had been with from Kindergarten through 5th grade. She has found an equally (or maybe even better) group of friends at our current school.  So good, in fact, that she has more of a social life than her 2 older sisters ever had in High School.    She has parties/gatherings almost every weekend with them.


I have no doubt that she will succeed in college.  Either she will find her voice (she is getting ever closer) or she will find her words to take responsibility for this disease on herself.






Late Night Phone Calls

No one likes to get a late night/early morning phone call.  Anything after 9pm and before 9am would fall in that category, IMHO.


I have gotten them… don’t like them.  They are usually some sort of crisis or bad news.


Last night I got one.  Well, OK… I should say I didn’t get it.


Apparently, my phone rang at 2:30am, but I was sleeping and didn’t hear it.  It rang again at 2:49am and I did hear it but didn’t get to it in time.  The phone said “no caller ID info.”


Now… what does your mind do?  Race… what is wrong, who is hurt?  I have a child that is out of the state on a trip…. did she get bit by a rattle snake?  fall off a cliff?  get stung by a scorpion?  Drop her phone in a volcano?


However, my brain starts to work properly and reason it out…. “no caller ID info”… OK… everyone that is on the trip with her would have caller ID on their phones, the hospital would,  so would the police… the teacher… the other students…


BUT… my brain says…. they called back … maybe I should wait 15-20 minues to see if they call again… of course, I cannot fall back to sleep until well after 3am waiting for that call.


It is really early in California/Nevada… but I kinda need that child to check in today.     🙂


I’m pretty sure she is fine.


I don’t like shopping for clothes.  I don’t like shopping for shoes.

I don’t like shopping for food.  Shopping always gives me the blues.


Sometimes you have to go shopping.  Your child might need new jeans.

You might need some new hiking boots, tennis shoes, or even green beans.


Your child will grow and need new dress pants for band.

The searching and trying on and waiting, I just cannot stand.


Take all 4 of them along and they will bicker and tease.

Someone else take them shopping, oh please, pretty please!


I love my 4 daughters, I absolutely do.

But after shopping for hours, I’d sell them to you.



I have never liked shopping.  Not even as a teenager.  I prefer to just go in, get what I need and get home.  Yesterday we had to go shopping for several things.


Daughter #1 was really just along for the ride and the free lunch.  Oh… and to maybe creep on daughter #3’s “boyfriend.”  She did end up getting 2 dresses from the resale shop and a pair of shorts for work at Kohls.  She also supplied the coupon codes for BOGO free at Cold Stone Creamery.


Daughter #2 needed jeans for her geology fieldtrip to the desert.  She got those.  And then proceeded to complain the rest of the time that she didn’t get any dresses or blah, blah, blah…. she could have looked at them too.  *sigh*  She did get some wool socks (reluctantly) for her trip as well.


Daughter #3 didn’t NEED anything.  She was along for the free lunch and promise of ice cream.  She ended up getting a couple dresses from the resale shop and a shirt off clearance at Kohls.  Of course she had to endure the teasing from her sisters on how she is the “favorite” and I always buy her anything she wants….   *eye rolling*


Daughter #4 needed brown shorts for under her costume for the choir concert and black dress pants.  She whined the whole time that she didn’t like the polo shirt we had purchased weeks ago for the choir concert.  She found the shorts and another t-shirt at the resale shop.  She found a NEW polo shirt she liked (or could tolerate) at Kohls (it is basically the same color as the other one… WHATEVER).  Dress pants…. UGH… she found some but they were $32.  I was NOT paying $32 for  a pair of black dress pants to be worn 3-4 times before they were too small.  So we did 3 more laps around Kohls and she tried on some other ones but nothing fit.  At that point she was reminded by daughter #3 that she wore her pants last time and why didn’t she do that again.  *face palm*   SERIOUSLY!!  Why did I just spend almost 2 hours in the store looking for pants when we had some at home she could wear????????


We were definitely going for ice cream after that!  I needed it.


If you think you enjoy shopping.  Please take ALL 4 of my daughters with you sometime.  You will be cured!


We did take Grandma along and usually she is able to keep everyone calmer.  However, she wasn’t feeling the best so she had stayed in the car to rest/nap.