Progress has been made in the last couple weeks.  Progress that is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel!!

First of all… the spiral stairs are functional.  Unfortunately, the installer messed up the hand rail and I am trying to figure out how to get a new one.  It comes from near Philadelphia… anyone want to pick it up for me and meet me in Pittsburgh?


The door went it.   I ended up going with Terra Cotta for the paint color.


Here you can see the major dent that the installer put in the hand rail.  DSCF7333


Then progress began again INSIDE!!

The two windows had to be removed to become doorways.   The one in the bathroom was hiding a drain vent.  WHAT?

The one in the bedroom was hiding electric.   *sigh*

Both of those issues have now been resolved.  The electric went up and over the door.  The vent was re-routed.


And now the openings look like this:


Esther even got to help with the bathroom door!!!!


Insulation went in at the end of last week.  Which means I am no longer heating the out of doors.  🙂



Then today… DRYWALL!

The hallway from the bathroom door to the back door.DSCF7406

Esther’s room


Everyone else’s room… and the cat room!DSCF7408

The hallway from the back door looking towards the bathroom.



I have a walk through video, but my free website doesn’t support videos, so I will upload it in the comments on Facebook.


More drywall and mud/plaster tomorrow.   Paint in about a week!




Once upon a time, in a land far, far, away… OK… really just 40 minutes away from where I currently live… there was a teacher that insisted that just because one daughter was gifted didn’t mean that the others were.  She was wrong.  We proved that to her.

Yes… not all children are the same.  However, all of my children (all 4 of them) are smart and gifted.


Conversation yesterday:  NOT EXACT QUOTES!

dd#2: (showing rocks from her recent college geology trip to grandma) This is quartz… and obsidian… and blah… blah… blah

*yeah, I kinda tuned out a bit too…. but I had already heard it once and rocks aren’t really my thing.*

dd#1:  (not paying attention to the rocks but more concerned about her warts she got from the dance studio)  I can tell you about the rocks too… red rock, blue rock, striped rock…


Another conversation in the car with dd#2 about dd#3’s college thoughts.

me:  She is thinking about studying Chemistry and Forensic Science.  She has had 2 full years of chemistry and likes it.

dd#2:  She could take some bio-med classes and some bio -blah, blah, blah classes (not an exact quote) that would be good.

me:  she doesn’t like biology as much as chemistry.

dd#2:  I like biology better it was easier.

me:  me too, but she likes chemistry.  I didn’t even really understand chemistry until I taught.


It is good that they are all different.  It certainly keeps me on my toes.


Would I ever have considered a degree in Theater and Dance like dd#1?  Nope.  I don’t dance.  But she does and she’s good at it and has the warts to prove it (yes, we are getting a doctor’s help for them).


Would I have considered a degree in Environmental Science like dd#2?  Maybe.  I think it would be fun to work at state and/or national parks.  I could do that.  I enjoy nature and always give the Scouts nature information on hikes we take.


Would I have considered a degree in Chemistry with a Forensic Science Minor?  Probably not.  While I did end up with a Chemistry minor, my  interests were more in the biology department.  However, I do think it is cool to do the forensic part.  I took a micro-biology class once and loved that!


Would I consider a degree to be a Social Studies Teacher?  NAH!  I’m not a huge fan of history.  I have been a teacher.  It was OK, though I wouldn’t go back to it now.  But dd#4 is leaning that way and I think she will be great at it.  Her dad likes history so she comes by that naturally.


They are all different.  That is what makes them special.  They are all smart.  They all love animals.  They all can sing lots of Broadway musical tunes.  Almost all of them would love to be a constestant on Survivor (or Amazing Race).  They all have similar skills for cooking, cleaning (or maybe not cleaning), camping, sports, household repairs, etc.


I have raised some pretty awesome daughters!


So… if I decide I ever want to dance, #1 can help me out.  #2 will go with me to explore the wilderness (the others would probaby come along too, but she would know what we are looking at), #3 will find out how we all died, and #4 will fill us in on the history of everything.    It is all good!


College Tour #12

I have just completed college tour #12….  I think it was my 12th one… if not it is pretty close to that many.


Daughter #1 toured:  Baldwin-Wallace twice, Otterbein twice (I think), Ashland, Mount Union, and Wooster.   I might be missing another one in there, it is hard to remember that far back…. 2009-2010.

Daughter #2 toured:  Otterbein twice, and Ohio Wesleyan (sort of tour)

Daughter #3 toured:  Baldwin-Wallace and Mount Union.


I might be missing a tour or 2 from daughter #1.   She was all about the college tours even though we both knew she would end up at BW.


I am the mom on the college tour that already knows the answers to my questions but asks it anyways for the benefit of the others.  I know the things to ask like:


co-ed by floor or room?

campus security?  late night escorts?

laundry free or swipe card?

money on your swipe card good only at snack bars or in the bookstore?

visitation hours in the dorms?

printing – a certain number of pages free or is there a cost?

IT department free computer help?  both PC and Apple?

meal plan options?  by the swipe or by the piece?

campus wide wifi?

Those are just some that I may or may not have asked today on our tour of Mount Union.


Our visit with the admissions person was short because:

  1.  we didn’t have any questions because I’ve done this before (and done it there) and pretty much know the routine.
  2. we already knew that MU doesn’t have the program she has decided to be interested in, but we kept the tour on the schedule anyways because, why not?


We like MU.  It is a lovely campus.   I like the self contained campus feel.   I liked it when I toured it with daughter #1.  It wasn’t the college for daughter #1 and it won’t be the college for daughter #3.  It just doesn’t have the programs they were/are interested in.  However, there is still hope for daughter #4.


We will be touring Ohio Northern in March.  I have a feeling that is where she will end up.  Mainly because of the program offerings.  Hey, at least it is a college I haven’t toured yet.  Always nice to go someplace different.  I hope they feed us, the cafeteria is always a good test of the quality of the college.     😉





What did you do today?

Did you do anything interesting today?  Did you see anything unusual?  Did you go someplace out of your comfort zone?  Or did you stick with the norm?


I did all of those things.    🙂


I took a ride to the east side of Cleveland this morning for my husband to pick up a new-to-him company car.  WHOO-HOO!  We’ve never had a company car before, this could be interesting.


I had no idea – none whatsoever – of where I was.  I just knew I was near/in Cleveland.  So, I asked my GPS (the australian guy who lives in it) to take me to my friend’s house in Berea.  He obliged.


On the way I saw:

Lake Erie!  Haven’t seen it in quite a few months.  It was not frozen, BTW.

A building with a fabulous mural of whales on it.  It really was wonderful.  I’m pretty sure we do not have whales in Lake Erie but the mural was great.   Not sure what the building is or was – maybe an old aquarium?


I did not take this picture, I “borrowed” it from the web.

Progressive Field – whoopdeedo!  But I saw it.  Drove right past it.


I had the overwhelming joy of driving in Cleveland traffic.  Fortunately, traffic was light at 11am.  I HATE driving in Cleveland traffic.   (This is the “out of my comfort zone” part of my original questions.)


I had a wonderful visit with my dear friend and we went out to lunch.  Talked and talked and renewed our spirits a bit with good fellowship.


Once I got back home it was back to the norm…. pick child #4 up from after school meeting of Model U.N…. pick child #3 up from swim practice 45 minutes later… take child #3 to swim team pasta dinner/party… come home… check email… check facebook… work on Groovyghan – mystery afghan #2 started for the year.  The first part is done.



I just LOVE Mystery Afghans – I am seriously contemplating making up one of my own to publish.  I’m thinking of a knit mandala or maybe a movie/character themed one.  Still in the thinking phase.


Now, I will go work on the Harry Potter afghan… making great progress on it.


Christmas 2K15

Christmas 2015 was one of the better ones that we, as a family, have had in recent years.  We have had some hard, sad, poor, Christmases these last 5 years.  This one was a definite improvement.

As I write this, the girls are all here!  They are playing together in the living room… OK, by “playing together” I mean Liz is playing a Wii game and the rest are watching whilst playing on their electronic devices.  However, earlier they did play a rousing game of National Park Monopoly – at least until the dog walked across the board.  LOL


I have not yet shared our Christmas letter/poem this year.  Here it is for you to enjoy.




This is going to be fun!!!

I saw a party game online the other day and decided that it was the perfect game for the Girl Scout Christmas parties.  I am always looking for something fun and silly to do with them at the party.


This year I am doing the plastic wrap ball game!


You haven’t heard of it?


You get a bunch of little toys, candy, gifts….



A box of plastic wrap and go to it.  Wrap all those things up in the plastic wrap until you have a giant ball.


First one done…



Both complete



The game is that player #1 has the ball of wrap and is wearing a pair of gloves.  They begin to unwrap it while player #2 rolls the dice (did you see the giant dice I found – look at the first photo, the cat is sniffing them) until he/she gets doubles.  When player #2 rolls doubles, they get the ball and the dice move on to person #3 and so on… around the circle.


I have 15-25 items in these balls.  Hopefully everyone will get at least one thing, there is enough for everyone to get 2, if it works out that way.


I think this will be lots of fun and the girls will get a kick out of it and the silliness of it!!!



Fair Final Update

Here are the final results of the fair….


With the $33 from the Art Hall and the $6.25 from the Grange Hall and then add another $1.75 for First Place  Marigolds over the weekend…. $41.00  Not too shabby for my $25 registration fee.

AND I got all those fancy ribbons again.     😉



With $16.50 from the Art Hall and previously reported $5.25 from the Grange… and then add the First Place  for her 1st Birthday Decorated Cake, $6.50… her total is now:  $28.75  Her entry fee was only $10.



As previously reported, she won $20 in the Art Hall and then $19.25 in the Grange Hall.  Add to that another 1st Place  for marigolds over the weekend ($1.75) and her total comes to:  $41.00


Which means since Esther’s entrance fee was only $10, she had the greatest return on her investment… and we gained the most pounds eating her baked goods!  LOL!

Another successful year for the Scott girls in the Stark County Fair.  I have to pick up the items this afternoon and then I will take a photo of all the ribbons and share those.