Winding up week 4…

As we wind up week 4 of the build, I have to say that I am very disappointed this week.   The beginning of the week, I was feeling good about my builder.  He did good saving my flooring tile in the new bathroom when he was jackhammering… and then… he disappeared for 3 days.   He was here for a very little time on Tuesday (I never saw him), he was not here at all on Wednesday (car trouble) and I only saw him for about an hour today.   Yes, there was 1 or 2 guys he sent here to work, but that doesn’t move things along very quickly.   😦


Here is where we stand on the project today.


Plumbing is roughed in and awaiting inspection on Tuesday.  At that point it will have to have the vent put through the roof.  After inspection, the ditch can be filled in with cement.


One window is installed (the one being moved from the first floor) and the other hole is cut.


Here are the windows from the inside.

Today, they did get walls framed up.   The bedrooms aren’t super huge, but there will be 2 of them.


The hallways will be 4 foot wide.

In other news:


This arrived yesterday… attic ladder… ordered it from Amazon.  They got it here quicker than I could get it from Lowes or Home Depot.



This arrived today.  Should be fun to put together!


My stress level over this project is pretty much off the charts!!   It was supposed to be done and everyone moved before I went on the band trip to Disney.  Now the girls not only have to watch Grandma, they also have to oversee the builder.   I am very anxious and fearful.   I want to enjoy Disney but…   it better be super magical there!!


Monday Mess!

Monday brought with it a whole lot of dust and mess and PROGRESS!

The window has been removed (to be re-used upstairs) so that a large closet can be installed in this room.


The hole for the duct work has been completed and duct work has started being hung.



Yes, all the duct work will be enclosed in a soffit.   It extends around more than 1/2 of the room.   We (yeah… the royal “we”) are going to continue the soffit around the 3rd side up to the closet so it doesn’t look dumb just stopping part way around.  That will give the room a more finished look and the illusion of a tray ceiling… that is what I’m telling myself.  🙂


And then they started digging the trench for the bathroom plumbing…

The builder burned out the motor on his cement saw.  He went to a local hardware store and rented one…. it was electric and couldn’t quite do the deed.  So… he took it back and rented a gas one… he called it a “big boy saw!”   After they cut through the cement with that baby at 6-7 inches deep, the floor still wouldn’t budge, so he rented a jackhammer!!


It turns out the cement floor that is under the entirety of that level of the house (living room included) is 6 inches thick!


What the heck?!   Was the man who built the house planning on driving semi-trucks through the living room or something?  That is the thickness of roads!


After I got home this morning, they have the trench completed.  Plumber comes later today.


What a job!   But, hey, they did great saving my tile flooring!!!!!

End of Week 3

Three weeks have now passed and this is where we stand.


Electrician – only met him once, not a huge fan of him… he hasn’t been back since and I have no idea when he will be here to do any work.

Plumber– new plumber came today and moved the pipes so that HVAC can run the trunk line through to the new addition.   They will be back in earnest on Tuesday.  They were moved over one stud space.


HVAC –   They will be here on Monday to work on the trunk line and everything else.  They needed a hole cut through the stone/brick wall to run duct work through.   My house is built like a fortress.  Seriously… hurricane and bomb proof!

The builder closed off the area he was going to be drilling the bricks out from.


There was still a fine mist of dust flying about the house.

He was only able to get 1/2 of it out today.  That took him several hours.  Not only does he have to get through the cement bricks but… the person who built the house filled each brick with super strong cement… filled them… no air pockets nothing.  And he mumbled something about a steel beam as well.  I am definitely providing the builder with a new challenge.  🙂


Builder –  The builder and his crew have also finished the shingles.


UH OH!!!!  That window opening is supposed to be in line with the one below!  The crew member told me that he measured the distance from the corner in the lower room.  Then measured the distance from the corner in the upper room and marked it.  He said he was very careful to measure properly… but he is off by about 3 feet…. can you see why??  He failed to take into account the overhang/cantilever!

He fixed it.


They also got the gable end finished as well.


Siding doesn’t arrive till the 15th.   Windows come on the 12th.   Staircase comes mid week next week.

Yes, it is moving along.  Still should have been done on the original time frame of July/August… I won’t be in by Christmas.   *sigh*


It has been a week…

Sorry, it has been so long between updates but nothing much has been done and with the Thanksgiving holiday…


Today, however there is some progress to report.



the rafters are all on!

There will be an accessible attic for Christmas storage.


The roof line is blended in with the old roof.


And shingles are going on!   Again, they are being woven in with the old to blend seamlessly.


From the inside.

Siding has been ordered.  Drywall is on site.


I have ordered the windows and the spiral staircase.  I still need to order the attic ladder and the back door.

Image result for growl

I also need to investigate possibly finding an electrician that will actually do the work.  GRRRRR   I’m not gonna go there…. GRRRRRR

I was informed by the builder that after this week, it will be on hold because electric and HVAC and Plumbing have work they need to do before he can finish up.   *sigh*





Tuesday Progress

Today’s progress includes:


a doorway!!  It was either cut a doorway or the builders had to keep going up and over….  There is to be a doorway there anyways.


Also… things are going up:


Rafters and starting to be placed.  They got a few more in place after this, but it got too dark to photograph… and I had to go to the band concert.


The builder tells me they hope to put the boards on the roof tomorrow.  🙂



No more Rainy days…just Monday…

Monday brought sunshine and progress on the house.

As Esther noted, it will take some getting used to the new profile of the back of the house.


Mid day there are some walls going up!




By the end of the day, there are all the walls… no doors or windows… but it is moving along.



Eventually, there will be 2 identical windows in the second story.


From the rear… windows and door yet to be cut in.


From the bathroom window… that will eventually be a door!


The builder says he should have it under roof by the end of the week.


Weekend Problems…

Uh oh!   you know all that rain on Saturday?  Yeah… it came into the construction zone.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yes it was tarped… but… clearly not enough.  We have investigated with our insurance agent… we know what our deductible is so we will see how much damage needs repairing.

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem the drywall took on any water.

Sunday, this is how the situation looked:

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The water has receded.  Not everything is dry yet.  Damage assessment still to come.