Side Garden

Now that the kittens have been moved from the side garden, I can weed it.  I would have been fine leaving it if the mama cat had left the babies there, but she didn’t.     😦





So, all the weeds are removed and the semi-tree.  I actually got out the tree saw to remove it.



So… what is growing here that is supposed to be.


This Bloodroot plant.



And this plant with a jack-in-the-pulpit like flower… not sure where it came from.  I’ll leave it.



This plant, that I’m pretty sure is actually a weed, but its flowers are so pretty.



And this plant, that I think was a Solomon’s Seal but has seen better days… and been choked out by weeds.



I should invest in some other plants for this little garden.  I’ll see what my mom has for me to transplant.


Garden Part 1 – 2016

The sun came out for a bit, so I did tackle some weeding and planting of the new plants I bought for myself for Mother’s day… yes… you read that right.  I bought them for myself.       😦


I can’t show you the “before” because I didn’t take a photo, but here is the pile of weeds I pulled out in just 1/2 of the first flower bed.



I conquered 1/2 of it.  I still need mulch (clearly).  I did not weed at the front around the tulips.  I want to wait till their leaves are dead so I don’t disturb the bulbs when I pull the weeds out around them.



This little plant keeps holding on.  It really shouldn’t be in a sunny garden, but it keeps coming back, not growing much, but holding its own.DSCF1381[1]


I think this is one from my mother.  It looks kind of sad.  I’m pretty sure that my mother wants to give me more of this from her garden this year.



This plant came from my brother a few years ago.  It is doing well.  It has purple flowers on it later on in summer.



I bought this one, just because it had cool purple flowers.   If you really need to know what it is I can walk back out and read the tag.



I bought this one this year.  It has cool leaves and will have pink flowers later on.  DSCF1385[1]

I bought this new this year.  I brought one with me when we moved here but it didn’t survive.  This is one of my favorite garden perenial flowers:  Bleeding Heart.



This plant came from my brother as well.  It does fabulously.  It will have purple flowers on it.  It will also provide shade to the pond.



In the part of the garden I didn’t get to… there is this little plant struggling along.DSCF1388[1]


And this bush that had pink flowers.  DSCF1389[1]


I have 3 more plants to plant in this bed and, of course, mulch.  We won’t mention the weeds and more weeds that are on the front patio area…. UGH!

Winter Flood Recap

I have been meaning to post about the mess/flood/remodel at my mother’s but we got caught up in the death of Aunt Liz and then all the work that goes into the repairs that I just haven’t taken the time.


Let me catch you up.


Sunday, December 27… time to shower and get ready for church.. but NOOOOOOOO!  The shower is now a waterfall into the bathroom and then on into the bedroom carpet.


Since that was the day of my Open House, I did not head over there till evening.  In the meantime, my brother came and they sucked some of the water out with the shop vac.  He put a pond pump in with a long hose to send the water out the window, BUT… remember it was raining… and the rain was coming in nicely into the basement sump hole.  Which is connected to the bathroom piping/sewer because the laundry water exits that same way… so… everytime the sump pump would kick on to pump the rain water out, it would bubble up in the shower and waterfall into the room.  It turns out that there was a clog in the pipe preventing the water from getting to the curb.    (more on that later)   Since the water couldn’t exit the house the way it was supposed to, it came up through the shower drain… and then poured back through the floor to the basment and back to the sump hole where the pump tried to pump it out again… vicious cycle.


Here are some photos of the initial day/damage.


Look at that water waterfall over the sill.



pond pump attempts to keep ahead of the water


the walls are definitely wet and the wallpaper a loss


the shop vac  didn’t help much because we couldn’t lift it to pour it out the window


the water wicked its way into the bedroom


and under the metal filing cabinet


and over towards the steps


and even into the closet


this is what it was doing underneath the bedroom in the crawl space… raining!


when we removed the filing cabinet, we discovered this antique dust and…


some carpet in its original color and lots of other treasures


The clean up crew was hired and they came in and removed the carpet and wall board and tile and everything else that was wet.  We removed most of the furniture and placed it strategically throughout the house (mostly on the sun porch).    They then set up large fans and drying devices that had to run constantly for 4-5 days.



Carpet, lower portion of the wallboard, and insulation has been removed.  Drying device set up.



More wallboard removed around toward the steps


and around the closet


toilet waiting patiently in the middle of the room


even some wallboard off on the inside of the closet


bathroom has basically been gutted


there used to be a sink and linen cupboard here


UH-OH!  This explains why the water was raining into the crawl space!


They removed a huge amount of debris.

The clean up crew was very good.  They did an excellent job of the removal and preparing the room for the next step of putting it back together.


In the meantime… the sewer was found to be clogged with roots and the yard had to be dug up and new pipe/tile had to be placed so that everything works properly.    I haven’t taken a photo, but there is a “lovely” mound of dirt on the side of her house now.  I told mom to just plant flowers on it and call it a garden.   LOL!     🙂


See next post for the remodeling.


I did some re-organizing of my book shelves yesterday and discovered I had duplicates of several good books.


I started to list them on ebay

But decided that I would offer some of them you to….  I will ship them media mail.  You are welcome to pay more if you want to continue to contribute to my Alaska Cruise Fund.


Here is what I have today:

Beverly Lewis 

DSCF4483Summerhill Secrets – 2 – paperback – $3

The Covenant (Abram’s Daughters #1) – 2 copies of this one… and I kept a copy… go figure why I had 3 copies.  Must have been on clearance someplace. – $3 each

October Song – paperback. – $3

The Fiddler (Home to Hickory Hollow) – paperback – BRAND NEW! – $4

The Shunning (Heritage of Lancaster County – 1) – paperback – $2

The Parting (Courtship of Nellie Fisher – 1) – Hardback, Large Print Edition – $2

The Forbidden (Courtship of Nellie Fisher – 2) – Hardback, Large Print Edition and some of the pages are wrinkled/folded because it had fallen behind the bookcase. – $2

The River – BRAND NEW BOOK!!  Just released in 2014.  – $4


I have more by other authors that I will deal with another day.


Also… if you were interested in those old hymnals…

I will be trying to deal with that this week as well.    🙂




3+ Car Garage

If you have not been to my house you may not know this but… we have a large 3 car garage!  And by large I mean HUGE!  One of the bays was for a dump truck that the previous owner had.  One of the bays has a second level.  There is even a gas furnace in the garage.


This garage was a HUGE selling point for us because previously we had stuff stored in storage units because we did not have enough household storage.

This summer, in anticipation of the garage sale, we began cleaning and sorting.  I wish I had taken a before photo.  The best I can do is this photo of when I had the GS cookies… they were wedged into a small (maybe 6′ x 8′) space.  10428140_10152874203878666_2827169870563565417_n

I have sorted boxes of clothes (still have a TON of those to sort) and boxes of yarn (it is almost all organized and back in) and boxes of “stuff.”  By stuff I mean those boxes that got packed by just picking up whatever there was and throwing it into a box.

Yes, you read that right…. boxes that got packed… like when we moved in 2010… and actually, some boxes that were moved in 2004 were never unpacked as well… and I’d even venture to say there could be boxes that didn’t get touched in the 2000 move.

Today, I sorted some boxes that were labelled “garage”…. I found a missing pair of gloves, spray paint, power strips, camping lantern, 2 cans of WD-40, Duct Tape, paint brushes (both new and used), shoes, mess kits, and lots of things that went into the trash and a few things that went into a box for the next garage sale.    🙂

By my count looking at the recycling pile, I emptied 9 boxes today.


I have cleared a couple shelves in the garage where I can more neatly organized all GS craft supplies and camping supplies.    PROGRESS!!


DSCF4134As I noted on facebook, we have a pretty extensive hymnal collection that we are passing on to others.  If you are interested, please let me know and I will gladly send them to you – we ask that you pay the shipping.  You are welcome to make a donation to our kids college funds as well.

I am finding out that many came from the Brooklyn Missionary Church,  Cleveland, OH.

If you feel that these are actually valuable, please let me know, so I can properly sell them.  Thanks!

Many of these have notes inside, or a memorial/donation plate.  Many of them came from our former churches or churches that we have family/friends associated with.  They do have a smidgeon of sentimental value, but sometimes you just have to let go.

Here is a list of what we have in this collection, that I have found so far.

Crusader Hymns and Hymn Stores (by the Billy Graham Team) – 1966


The Hymnal (Evangelical United Brethren) – 1957  Two of these, one with the dual color cover one with plain cover.

Hymns for the Living Church – 1974

Christian Service Songs – 1939

Inter-Church Hymnal – 1941

Pilgrim Hymnal – 1935

Jehovah’s Praise – 1928

The Excelsior Hymnal – 1919

Christian Science Hymnal – 1909

American Lutheran Hymnal – 1930


The New Make Christ King – I can’t find a date in this one, but it is definitely early 1900’s.  There are advertisements at the beginning of the book.


Full Gospel Songs – again, no date that I can find.  It says it cost 40 cents, or $30 for 100!


Songs of His Fullness – this has some water damage, and no date.

Living Songs – 1941  and a 1944 version as well

Christian Hymnal – 1924

The Cokesbury Worship Hymnal – 1938 and a reprint from 1966


Edward MacHugh’s Treasure of Gospel Hymns and Poems – 1938


Homer Rodeheaver’s Gospel Songs and Poems – 1939

Old Time Revival Songs – 1950

Palms of Victory – 1946  (2 copies)

Rodeheaver’s Gospel Solos and Duets – 1925

Seth Parker’s Hymnal – MCMXXXI  (1931)     😉


New Worship and Song – no date, but it does have a section of songs suitable for boys and girls ages 9-13.

Tabernacle Hymns No. 2 – MCMXXI  (1921)

Best-Loved Hymns – 1940


Great Songs of the Gospel – no date

112 Familiar Hymns and Gospel Songs – 1945

Sunday School Hymns and Choruses No. 2 – no date, this is just a tiny book with words only, no music

There are also the following NON religious music books:

The Patron – 1926   The Official Song-Book of the Grange


Songs of Kiwanis – 1951  A good singing club is as good Kiwanis Club.

Twice 55 Plus Community Songs The New Brown Book – 1930

Fifth Year Music – 1917  This would be for teaching music in schools.

There you have it.  Don’t we have a pretty extensive and varied collection?  Now I’m going to go wash the dust off my hands.

Summer Yarn Project

This is the first summer since….. EVER… that I am not home during the week.    Which means that I am leaving teenagers home “alone” all summer. I try to leave them chores to do and expectations:  practice music, read a book, make a craft… but honestly, without regular supervision, that doesn’t get done.

Their big project for the summer is to sort and organize all the yarn.  Yep… ALL THE YARN… did I really say that??  Yes…


So here is what they started out with after we schelpped it all in from the garage:


Yeah… why not stack it on the treadmill?  That as good a place as any.

DSCF3788 DSCF3789

More yarn was found after this photo was taken, but this is the majority of it from the garage.


Then they began sorting it.  The first sort was just to roll the skeins/balls up and get them untangled.



Or to make great scarves out of the tangled mess.


Now they have sorted it by kind of yarn.

DSCF3810 DSCF3811


I’m assuming that the next step will be by color and then carefully stored in the clear totes so I can easily find the yarn I need.


Unfortunately, both of the projects I am currently working on… I don’t have the right color to finish them and I will have to go buy some more.  SERIOUSLY!  Can you believe that with all the yarn I have???