Clean Up

When last I posted, the builder had walked from my job with 77% of the money and only 50% of the job completed.  Since then, we have had heated email communication and in face communication with both the builder/framer and the contractor.  Both have now walked from the job.  We are pursuing legal action.


Since then, I have found another man to take over the project.  He cannot do all of it, but he can do most of it and it will get completed.

Since then, I have found an electrician to do the job and he will be here next week (as will the new builder).


So… new progress to start next week.

Today, I am documenting the mess and trash that will have to be cleaned up that the former builder left.   In case he thinks he is still owed money, the amount of cleanup and correcting of things will be more than than that.


This is what my driveway still looks like!



In the bathroom area.  Still have the plastic “barrier” to dispose of … and worse… the holes he made in the brick while cutting the opening for HVAC that didn’t need to be made and now I have to have someone else repair.


In the master bedroom.  Piles of trash and materials.   I understand that some trash would be left over to clean up… I’m not concerned about the dust since the project isn’t complete.  But tool parts… used face mask… old insulation?   Just more I have to clean up before someone else can work safely.


Outside, there are so many piles of trash and just trash – cups, wrappers, etc.  There are 3 unused I beams (and maybe other stuff) under the blue tarp.  I feel like they probably could have been returned before they sat out in the weather.  Or… why weren’t they used?  Maybe that is the bigger question.   The saw that he burned out cutting the bathroom flooring, is laying the pile of trash… that cannot even be considered mine, the rest of the trash might be considered mine since it is from the construction.




Inside the upstairs.  There are a few piles of trash.  There are unfinished projects galore and 1/2 done ones.  There is evidence of laziness and/or lack of knowledge of how to build.  THERE IS A CIGARETTE BUTT!!!


I have to say, I’m not sorry to have him leave.   Though, if this project had started when it was supposed to … JULY… and was finished by August/September… most of this hassle/angst would not have happened and everyone would be happy.


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