Topless Tuesday…

Did I get your attention?

Today’s demo has produced a topless room!   😉


An open air bedroom!  A bit chilly for Ohio, weather.



Just a shell of a room.   It does make me sad that I have lost my vaulted ceilings in order to have 2 new bedrooms and a place to house my mother.  I’m sure in the long run, it will be wonderful.  Right now, however, the sky is my ceiling.  🙂



Birds eye view from the bathroom window.


At the end of the day, they tarped it because they didn’t have time to complete the next step today.  They will be working on the flooring/ceiling tomorrow.


As they pounded nails into the tarp to attach it to the house, it shook the bedroom walls and things began to fall off… I caught a jar of dead flowers, some tiaras, and a jar of jelly of Abi’s stuff.  I’m told (by her) that the jelly is from France… she went to France like 8 years ago… that ought to be really yummy jelly!


Here ya go… a blue circus tent bedroom!



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