Art Hall 2017

I am a bit disappointed in the results of the Art Hall this year… but… it has been such a crazy year and while the things I made are wonderful and the people that they are gifted to will think they are definitely “best of show” …  the judges in Stark County just don’t think so this year.


I’m not sure that I will recoup my $25 entrance fee… at least not in the Art Hall… Let’s see…

1.  Any Variation of Crocheted Granny Square Afghan… I entered my First Ladies Afghan. I did include a note on it so they would know what was special about it.  Maybe that helped.

First Place = $5.50


2.  Knitted Afgan … I entered the Hue Shifts of Love Afghan.    I worked on this off and on for over 2 years because I knew the wedding wasn’t until September 2017.  Now, I can wrap it up and gift it to a lovely bride.

First Place = $5.50



3.  Rainbow or Fiesta Afghan… I entered my carousel afghan… which was supposed to look like a fair/carnival/circus carousel… guess not.  It got nothing.  😦



4.  Most Unique Use of leftover Yarn… I entered the Summer Love Afghan I whipped up a couple weeks ago… it really was from leftover yarn.  But I guess since it wasn’t granny squares in random colors that don’t really look good together it doesn’t win (see a portion of the winning one in photo beside it).  Whatever.  I think it is great and someone else will LOVE it.   😛



5.  Afghan Any Other… I entered my OSU Sweetpea afghan… I think it is great… the High School graduate I gifted it to, thinks it is great… the Stark County Fair judges don’t.  Again, WHATEVER!



6.  Crocheted Adult Wearable… I borrowed a mandala vest back from a friend… I guess it isn’t something that appeals to the judges at this fair.  Nothing.   BUT.. that friend LOVES it… that really is all that matters.



7.  Crocheted Toy… I entered one of the cupcakes of the month… the one with a sheep… thinking… maybe… that will help because after all, there are sheep at the fair.  NOPE.  I think they are cute and I’m sure that the people who get the cupcakes will think they are cute too.



8.  Crocheted work, any other… I entered the activity book I made for a cousin’s autistic son.  Finally!  They like something.  I did get first place for that.  I better have!  It is wonderful!

First Place = $3.50



9.  Knit Pillow… I borrowed it back from daughter #2’s boyfriend.   They liked it.  I was hoping they would like the National Park Emblem that I had turned into the pillow.

Second Place = $2.50



10.  Knitted Scarf… I just grabbed one out of the bin of scarves.  I could have also entered a crochet one, but I couldn’t find one.    Hey, it got 2nd place, not too bad.

Second Place = $2.50



11.  Handmade Tote Bag… now, I’m assuming they wanted fabric made ones, but I have this lovely one that I crocheted, so I entered it.  There are a bunch of notes on the back of the card that I can’t read from a distance, so I will have to tell you what they complained about later, still… it got 4th place.

Fourth Place = $1.50


So… my total for the Art Hall is:  $21.  I guess that is better than I thought.  Though usually I make a bundle in the art hall.  Maybe next year.


Esther only had one item in the art hall this year.  She didn’t enter photos like Lydia usually did.  Maybe she will next year.

She entered “Bucket of Junk”.  The kids were given a bucket of stuff… everyone had the same stuff and they were to be creative with it.  Here is her design.  She didn’t win, but she had fun Making a water park.  Too bad they have one swimmer under the edge of the pool.  Poor guy.



Esther and I also entered stuff in the antiques category for Girl Scout items.  I entered a Cookie Poster from 1978/9 or so and she entered a cookie order form from the same era.  Neither of those won.


Esther has a bunch of stuff in the grange hall.  We shall see how the baking did.



2 thoughts on “Art Hall 2017

  1. I think your items are wonderful!! Especially your use of leftover yarn. Your talent amazes me…. I am sure the receivers of the items cherish them and that really is all that matters. ❤

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