Side Garden

Now that the kittens have been moved from the side garden, I can weed it.  I would have been fine leaving it if the mama cat had left the babies there, but she didn’t.     😦





So, all the weeds are removed and the semi-tree.  I actually got out the tree saw to remove it.



So… what is growing here that is supposed to be.


This Bloodroot plant.



And this plant with a jack-in-the-pulpit like flower… not sure where it came from.  I’ll leave it.



This plant, that I’m pretty sure is actually a weed, but its flowers are so pretty.



And this plant, that I think was a Solomon’s Seal but has seen better days… and been choked out by weeds.



I should invest in some other plants for this little garden.  I’ll see what my mom has for me to transplant.


Garden … getting there

I worked in the garden a bit more today.


I still have a long way to go and, unfortunately, mulch has not magically appeared.    😦




Planted this phlox today.



Unearthed this plant… my mom knows what it is called, I can’t remember.  Maybe coral bells?



Planted this today.  It is supposed to have pink flowers later in the season.



I’m not sure where this came from.  I don’t ever remember seeing it before, but I’m sure it will be lovely.


I need someone to either confirm or deny that these are the leaves for the coneflowers.  I know I have some, but I don’t know if these should be saved or pulled.



This bush is looking nice.



These flowers are doing great.



There you have it.  Today’s garden tour.




Once upon a time, in a land far, far, away… OK… really just 40 minutes away from where I currently live… there was a teacher that insisted that just because one daughter was gifted didn’t mean that the others were.  She was wrong.  We proved that to her.

Yes… not all children are the same.  However, all of my children (all 4 of them) are smart and gifted.


Conversation yesterday:  NOT EXACT QUOTES!

dd#2: (showing rocks from her recent college geology trip to grandma) This is quartz… and obsidian… and blah… blah… blah

*yeah, I kinda tuned out a bit too…. but I had already heard it once and rocks aren’t really my thing.*

dd#1:  (not paying attention to the rocks but more concerned about her warts she got from the dance studio)  I can tell you about the rocks too… red rock, blue rock, striped rock…


Another conversation in the car with dd#2 about dd#3’s college thoughts.

me:  She is thinking about studying Chemistry and Forensic Science.  She has had 2 full years of chemistry and likes it.

dd#2:  She could take some bio-med classes and some bio -blah, blah, blah classes (not an exact quote) that would be good.

me:  she doesn’t like biology as much as chemistry.

dd#2:  I like biology better it was easier.

me:  me too, but she likes chemistry.  I didn’t even really understand chemistry until I taught.


It is good that they are all different.  It certainly keeps me on my toes.


Would I ever have considered a degree in Theater and Dance like dd#1?  Nope.  I don’t dance.  But she does and she’s good at it and has the warts to prove it (yes, we are getting a doctor’s help for them).


Would I have considered a degree in Environmental Science like dd#2?  Maybe.  I think it would be fun to work at state and/or national parks.  I could do that.  I enjoy nature and always give the Scouts nature information on hikes we take.


Would I have considered a degree in Chemistry with a Forensic Science Minor?  Probably not.  While I did end up with a Chemistry minor, my  interests were more in the biology department.  However, I do think it is cool to do the forensic part.  I took a micro-biology class once and loved that!


Would I consider a degree to be a Social Studies Teacher?  NAH!  I’m not a huge fan of history.  I have been a teacher.  It was OK, though I wouldn’t go back to it now.  But dd#4 is leaning that way and I think she will be great at it.  Her dad likes history so she comes by that naturally.


They are all different.  That is what makes them special.  They are all smart.  They all love animals.  They all can sing lots of Broadway musical tunes.  Almost all of them would love to be a constestant on Survivor (or Amazing Race).  They all have similar skills for cooking, cleaning (or maybe not cleaning), camping, sports, household repairs, etc.


I have raised some pretty awesome daughters!


So… if I decide I ever want to dance, #1 can help me out.  #2 will go with me to explore the wilderness (the others would probaby come along too, but she would know what we are looking at), #3 will find out how we all died, and #4 will fill us in on the history of everything.    It is all good!


Educating the Educators

Since 2002 and Preschool in Carrollton, I have been fighting for daughter #3 in school situations.

Trying to open teachers and administrators eyes to the fact that not all gifted students are loquacious. Trying to educate them about how to meet the needs of a student that might be slightly different. Pushing teachers to “do their job” and maybe work a bit harder to rethink how they teach instead of teaching every year/class the same ol’ way.


Watching her flourish under the great teachers – Kindergarten teacher in Carrollton, 3rd grade teacher at Seville, and 5th grade gifted teacher in Westfield.


We have butted heads with some teachers more than others: preschool in Carrollton, 1st grade in Lodi, and most notably 10th grade English in Perry.


I know that some of you probably think that we are “enabling” her and not allowing her to succeed or fail on her own. Some of you probably think that we should FORCE her to talk by letting her fail. Believe me, we have tried almost everything.  We tried the force… we tried bribery… we tried bargaining… we did it all.  What works is acceptance and educating the educators.


Today  again I (we) are faced with another battle.  I am so exhausted by this.   I am no longer tolerant (was I ever really?) of the educators that think they know better than the parents who have lived and worked and learned how best to encourage her to be her best.


I am thankful for an “old” friend who suddenly reappeared in my life a couple years ago (via Facebook) who is a professional who deals with this kind of thing and gave us invaluable advice and support at a time when we needed it dearly.


Did I say that I’m exhausted?  I am.  This is so draining.  This school year has been remarkably uneventful for her, but now the issue rises again in anticipation of her Senior year of High School.   I really can’t take it any more. Can’t we all just play nice, get her graduated and let her go off to college?


Adding this exhausting emotional situation to all the other crap in my life, leaves me beyond exhausted but knowing I have to continue on.  One foot in front of the other.   I need someone to take care of me,  I feel so alone almost all the time.


Thankfully, daughter #3 has always been surrounded with WONDERFUL friends who accept her and understand her and include her and work with her. We were worried when we moved away from that group of friends she had been with from Kindergarten through 5th grade. She has found an equally (or maybe even better) group of friends at our current school.  So good, in fact, that she has more of a social life than her 2 older sisters ever had in High School.    She has parties/gatherings almost every weekend with them.


I have no doubt that she will succeed in college.  Either she will find her voice (she is getting ever closer) or she will find her words to take responsibility for this disease on herself.






Mandala Afghan

I have recently been enjoying doing Mandala style afghans.  I did one last year in many colors:




This year I have started one in just blues and greys.  It brings to mind an Obstreperous Ocean (aka Stormy Sea).


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This one is already 48 inches in diameter and there are still 9 weeks to go.   This one will end up round (according to the creator).


I have some other Mandalas I need to work up into a wedding afghan to have on hand for nieces/nephews weddings.  I also have another mandala afghan I’d like to do… I’m thinking of taking that one to work on while on vacation next month.


This is a fun process because you are doing different stitches that work together to make something very creative and unique.


I’d love to see one done by knitting instead of just crocheting.  I’m contemplating that.   🙂




Halloween Moon

I have completed and uploaded the graph/chart for Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Moon with Jack and Sally in Silhouette.



This was done in mini (hdc) corner-to-corner (C2C) stitch with a G hook.  The finished product is approximately 36″ x 44″.  Easily large enough for a lapghan with a border attached to it.


I will be adding it to 3 other squares for a larger throw/afghan.



Garden Part 1 – 2016

The sun came out for a bit, so I did tackle some weeding and planting of the new plants I bought for myself for Mother’s day… yes… you read that right.  I bought them for myself.       😦


I can’t show you the “before” because I didn’t take a photo, but here is the pile of weeds I pulled out in just 1/2 of the first flower bed.



I conquered 1/2 of it.  I still need mulch (clearly).  I did not weed at the front around the tulips.  I want to wait till their leaves are dead so I don’t disturb the bulbs when I pull the weeds out around them.



This little plant keeps holding on.  It really shouldn’t be in a sunny garden, but it keeps coming back, not growing much, but holding its own.DSCF1381[1]


I think this is one from my mother.  It looks kind of sad.  I’m pretty sure that my mother wants to give me more of this from her garden this year.



This plant came from my brother a few years ago.  It is doing well.  It has purple flowers on it later on in summer.



I bought this one, just because it had cool purple flowers.   If you really need to know what it is I can walk back out and read the tag.



I bought this one this year.  It has cool leaves and will have pink flowers later on.  DSCF1385[1]

I bought this new this year.  I brought one with me when we moved here but it didn’t survive.  This is one of my favorite garden perenial flowers:  Bleeding Heart.



This plant came from my brother as well.  It does fabulously.  It will have purple flowers on it.  It will also provide shade to the pond.



In the part of the garden I didn’t get to… there is this little plant struggling along.DSCF1388[1]


And this bush that had pink flowers.  DSCF1389[1]


I have 3 more plants to plant in this bed and, of course, mulch.  We won’t mention the weeds and more weeds that are on the front patio area…. UGH!