As I look back on 2015, I am looking back from a better place than I was a year ago… from where I was 2 months ago.


If you had asked me in July to give you a summary of 2015 it would have been a negative one because up to that point it had not been that great of a year.

Let’s put it on the scale and see which side wins.



Snow… so much snow…  (yes, some of you view this as a positive)

Frigid Temperatures outside (again, I know some of you like that. NOT ME!)

Job loss (Wayne) – which meant unemployment (which could be considered a positive and food stamps)

Job loss (Tricia)

Abi’s “soccer mom minivan” dies  (she bought a “new” car – but has loan payments – so that is a border line good/bad)

Negative self-esteem and interpersonal relationships… the usual stuff




Job change and improvement (for Tricia)

Fun and successful year with the Girl Scouts – both troops

Kittens born on our back porch

Abi graduated from Baldwin Wallace

Tricia got her Lifeguard Instructor Certification

Successful garage sale and major cleaning of garage

Lydia is awarded her Girl Scout Gold Award

Lots of ribbons won at the fair

New jobs for Wayne, Tricia, and Abi (though mine isn’t a job I’m really a fan of, so it is on the border of negative)

A successful year of school has begun

Liz is doing great at Otterbein!

Opportunity to regain some of the lifestyle that we have recently lost


On paper, it looks like a much more positive year than negative.  However, when you realize the 5 months (Wayne) and 2 months (Tricia) of being unemployed when you have a family of 6 – that tips the scale a bit more that way.    The positive things are mostly feelings and mini events.  Still, I will say that Christmas 2015 was better than any of the last 4 years.

Since the year is ending on a positive note, that definitely colors the rest of the picture more rosy.    We are hopeful that 2016 continues in this positive path and we do not have to visit that dark road again.


Christmas 2K15

Christmas 2015 was one of the better ones that we, as a family, have had in recent years.  We have had some hard, sad, poor, Christmases these last 5 years.  This one was a definite improvement.

As I write this, the girls are all here!  They are playing together in the living room… OK, by “playing together” I mean Liz is playing a Wii game and the rest are watching whilst playing on their electronic devices.  However, earlier they did play a rousing game of National Park Monopoly – at least until the dog walked across the board.  LOL


I have not yet shared our Christmas letter/poem this year.  Here it is for you to enjoy.




Christmas Spirit

Uh OH!  I feel it creeping in.  For the first time in 5 years, I might actually have a little bit of it.  I might actually WANT to have an open house.  I even toyed with getting out the churches – all 150+ of them.  (I didn’t.  We went with decorating with ALL the nativities instead… probably will be close to 10 when we have them all out.)


2001 – Carrollton

What is happening???  How can this be?  Christmas Scrooge is my usual M.O.


I am not at liberty to tell you/anyone the details because of potential repercussions but suffice it to say… a corner has been turned in the Scott household.   The world is starting to right itself.  It will never fully be upright as I knew it, but anything that is not hanging upside down holding on by my toenails on my bad ankle side is an improvement, right?


2008 – Westfield Center

Will there be mounds of presents under the tree as there used to be back in the “good old days” when the kids were little and money wasn’t as much of a concern?  No.  Will they get all those expensive gadgets they think they need?  No.  Are they beginning to understand how to shop and carefully budget for the things you want and to look for sales and to frequent Goodwill stores?  YES!   Does that make Christmas sweeter?  Maybe.

winter13-14 004

2014 – Canton


We need to generate our shopping list for the Open House.  First we need to generate the list of the food items we MUST serve.  There are some things that we always need to have on our table.

You are welcome to join us for the annual festivities.


Sunday, December 27, 2015 from 2-5pm.


The house might not be totally clean but the punch will be slushy.  The cookies will be on pretty platters.  The swiss cheese dip will be hot.  The trail bologna will be sliced.  The meatballs will be in the crockpot.  The cider will be warm and fragrant.  Our friendship will be constant and we will be, as always, glad to see you!!!


This is going to be fun!!!

I saw a party game online the other day and decided that it was the perfect game for the Girl Scout Christmas parties.  I am always looking for something fun and silly to do with them at the party.


This year I am doing the plastic wrap ball game!


You haven’t heard of it?


You get a bunch of little toys, candy, gifts….



A box of plastic wrap and go to it.  Wrap all those things up in the plastic wrap until you have a giant ball.


First one done…



Both complete



The game is that player #1 has the ball of wrap and is wearing a pair of gloves.  They begin to unwrap it while player #2 rolls the dice (did you see the giant dice I found – look at the first photo, the cat is sniffing them) until he/she gets doubles.  When player #2 rolls doubles, they get the ball and the dice move on to person #3 and so on… around the circle.


I have 15-25 items in these balls.  Hopefully everyone will get at least one thing, there is enough for everyone to get 2, if it works out that way.


I think this will be lots of fun and the girls will get a kick out of it and the silliness of it!!!