Art Delivered to the Fair

I delivered all of our art to the fair today….


Lydia entered 10 photos she took.  I don’t know how many other entries there are because the fair workers did it differently this year and I couldn’t watch them check it off in the book.  I do know that for some reason the fair computer system LOST Lydia’s entry.  I had printed the receipt and took it with me.  That saved me.  They were able to enter all of her things and then manually write them into the book.  Well, I forgot to tell the book checker person that they had to manually enter them and they got confused, but once I explained it, they were all good.

Esther entered a bunch of stuff…. 4 drawings of various things.  A knitted hat.  Her Jacob’s Ladder from the GS woodworking badge.  A pillow she made for Wayne for Christmas.

I entered 4 afghans, a hat, 2 stuffed animals, some antique postcards, and an antique rocking horse.  Thanks to dear friend Jill for helping me mount the postcards yesterday.  Nice to have creative friends.

We have lots of things to bake and prepare for the Grange Exhibits as well.  Those things aren’t due till next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.    We will bake on Sunday and Monday.

I will, of course, keep you apprised of our ribbon and premium totals as they come in.


End of August

This is the last week of August… so much to do…iammom3

  1.  is the first full week of school… they will be exhausted by the end of the week.
  2.   this week holds the first football game and the the premiere of the 2015-2016 Marching Panthers.  And Esther as a band-aid.
  3.  this is the week before the fair, which means I must gather all of our art items to deliver to the fair on Thursday.  I also need to make a shopping list of ingredients that I will need for all the baked goods we are planning to enter that we will have to bake on Sunday/Monday.

4.   I am taking the scouts camping this weekend….  so that means lots of things.

  • I have to buy all the groceries – but first I have make the menu and shopping list.
  • I have to get all the camping gear loaded in my car – but first I have to figure out what we will need for cooking and cleaning.
  • I have to figure out which badges we are working on and be sure I have all the supplies for them.
  • I have to pack and be sure my daughters get packed and loaded.
  • I have to be sure to have all the permission slips, $$, and health forms for the girls camping.

5.  Lydia has school photos tomorrow, so I have to be sure I get that form filled out and check written.

6.  Esther has a loose wire on her braces, so I had to make an appointment for that to be repaired.

I’m sure there are things I am forgetting…. but you know… the life of a mother is never done.

3+ Car Garage

If you have not been to my house you may not know this but… we have a large 3 car garage!  And by large I mean HUGE!  One of the bays was for a dump truck that the previous owner had.  One of the bays has a second level.  There is even a gas furnace in the garage.


This garage was a HUGE selling point for us because previously we had stuff stored in storage units because we did not have enough household storage.

This summer, in anticipation of the garage sale, we began cleaning and sorting.  I wish I had taken a before photo.  The best I can do is this photo of when I had the GS cookies… they were wedged into a small (maybe 6′ x 8′) space.  10428140_10152874203878666_2827169870563565417_n

I have sorted boxes of clothes (still have a TON of those to sort) and boxes of yarn (it is almost all organized and back in) and boxes of “stuff.”  By stuff I mean those boxes that got packed by just picking up whatever there was and throwing it into a box.

Yes, you read that right…. boxes that got packed… like when we moved in 2010… and actually, some boxes that were moved in 2004 were never unpacked as well… and I’d even venture to say there could be boxes that didn’t get touched in the 2000 move.

Today, I sorted some boxes that were labelled “garage”…. I found a missing pair of gloves, spray paint, power strips, camping lantern, 2 cans of WD-40, Duct Tape, paint brushes (both new and used), shoes, mess kits, and lots of things that went into the trash and a few things that went into a box for the next garage sale.    🙂

By my count looking at the recycling pile, I emptied 9 boxes today.


I have cleared a couple shelves in the garage where I can more neatly organized all GS craft supplies and camping supplies.    PROGRESS!!

The Night Before…

School year #20 starts for the Scott family with a 6am wake up call in the morning.

For 20 years I have prepared a child to head out for a day or partial day.  Sometimes helping them get dressed.  Sometimes making them a lunch (not very often).  Almost always watching them leave and wishing them a good day.


Abi – first day of Preschool

From the day Abi started off to Preschool at Ninth Street United Methodist Church in Cambridge…. to tomorrow when  Lydia and Esther will head off to 11th grade and 8th grade in Perry Local Schools… and then on Monday Liz will start her Sophomore year at Otterbein University.

Over the years, I have been mostly a stay-at-home mom.  I have enjoyed that, most of the time.

I read Facebook posts and blogs of some of the “girls” that we have had the pleasure of watching grow up that were members of our churches over the years and they are now mothers…. they are fabulous mothers!  I think to myself, I wish I had been that good of a mother.

At times I have felt like I was a good mother… maybe even a great mother… but lately… I’m not so sure I was as good/great as I would have liked to be.  I guess I did the best I could.

My girls are well rounded and fairly well adjusted teens/adults now.  They have, for the most part, made wise decisions and are responsible human beings.

I know that I will be able to get one decent photo of the first day of school tomorrow… the other child will hide her head and try to duck me.  Such is the life with teenagers.   Another year of schooling will begin.  I can only hope that we face less road blocks and hassles this year than we did last year.

Here’s to a good year #20 of school for the Scott offspring!

Beginning of the School Year

Another school year is about to begin….

This will be the first time in 10 years that I do not have 4 kids in school!  WOW!  Only 3 will be in school this year and 1 will be attempting to enter the work force.   🙂

As I sit at my computer and ponder what I will do this fall, I wonder if there is something that I could blog about regularly that would be of interest to people.  I can’t really think of anything that I’m an expert at that isn’t already covered on other blogs…. I’d like to try though.  If you can think of something that you think I have “wisdom” about that I could talk about, let me know.

funny_quotes3I am also pondering why it is that you sometimes miss things that you weren’t particularly fond of in the first place, but once you can no longer do them (through no fault of your own) you suddenly have an unusual fondness for them.  LOL!   That is some of what I’m feeling this August.  In my former job I had a busy August full of baking cookies and attending Open Houses for various schools.  That was often a hassle to work around my own children’s schedules and open houses, let alone baking all those cookies.  Now I sit here thinking how much I would love to be attending an Open House and passing out samples.  Mostly it is because the loss of the job (because the company closed) was disappointing.  Also because I actually enjoyed my job (even the minor irritation of those open houses).    Makes one a bit melancholy.



I haven’t found a new job yet.  I have applied a few places but nothing has come of that.  I have orders for several hand made items that I need to  create that will bring in some money.  I even have some of my original patterns that I need to finish the written instructions for and attempt to sell.  Honestly, if I thought I could make $100-$200 per week just doing things working from home, I would be a happy camper.  NO, I do not want to sell Tupperware, make up, nail products, food products, baskets, or vitamins.  I would however be happy to make you things, or sell things on ebay/craigslist.




DSCF4134As I noted on facebook, we have a pretty extensive hymnal collection that we are passing on to others.  If you are interested, please let me know and I will gladly send them to you – we ask that you pay the shipping.  You are welcome to make a donation to our kids college funds as well.

I am finding out that many came from the Brooklyn Missionary Church,  Cleveland, OH.

If you feel that these are actually valuable, please let me know, so I can properly sell them.  Thanks!

Many of these have notes inside, or a memorial/donation plate.  Many of them came from our former churches or churches that we have family/friends associated with.  They do have a smidgeon of sentimental value, but sometimes you just have to let go.

Here is a list of what we have in this collection, that I have found so far.

Crusader Hymns and Hymn Stores (by the Billy Graham Team) – 1966


The Hymnal (Evangelical United Brethren) – 1957  Two of these, one with the dual color cover one with plain cover.

Hymns for the Living Church – 1974

Christian Service Songs – 1939

Inter-Church Hymnal – 1941

Pilgrim Hymnal – 1935

Jehovah’s Praise – 1928

The Excelsior Hymnal – 1919

Christian Science Hymnal – 1909

American Lutheran Hymnal – 1930


The New Make Christ King – I can’t find a date in this one, but it is definitely early 1900’s.  There are advertisements at the beginning of the book.


Full Gospel Songs – again, no date that I can find.  It says it cost 40 cents, or $30 for 100!


Songs of His Fullness – this has some water damage, and no date.

Living Songs – 1941  and a 1944 version as well

Christian Hymnal – 1924

The Cokesbury Worship Hymnal – 1938 and a reprint from 1966


Edward MacHugh’s Treasure of Gospel Hymns and Poems – 1938


Homer Rodeheaver’s Gospel Songs and Poems – 1939

Old Time Revival Songs – 1950

Palms of Victory – 1946  (2 copies)

Rodeheaver’s Gospel Solos and Duets – 1925

Seth Parker’s Hymnal – MCMXXXI  (1931)     😉


New Worship and Song – no date, but it does have a section of songs suitable for boys and girls ages 9-13.

Tabernacle Hymns No. 2 – MCMXXI  (1921)

Best-Loved Hymns – 1940


Great Songs of the Gospel – no date

112 Familiar Hymns and Gospel Songs – 1945

Sunday School Hymns and Choruses No. 2 – no date, this is just a tiny book with words only, no music

There are also the following NON religious music books:

The Patron – 1926   The Official Song-Book of the Grange


Songs of Kiwanis – 1951  A good singing club is as good Kiwanis Club.

Twice 55 Plus Community Songs The New Brown Book – 1930

Fifth Year Music – 1917  This would be for teaching music in schools.

There you have it.  Don’t we have a pretty extensive and varied collection?  Now I’m going to go wash the dust off my hands.