How Many? A dozen.

As I drove home today from meeting with a PW that I have known for years but not met in person, I began contemplating how many PWs I have met.

For those of you not in the “know”….  a PW is a pastorswife.  Many, many moons ago…. like over 15… a group was formed on yahoo – one of those email discussion groups.  You remember those, right?  Well… this group was made up of women from all over the world who were married to pastors.    All denominations were welcome.  Over the years we formed bonds as we prayed together, cried together, rejoiced together and supported each other – sometimes in person, more likely just through words on a screen.  We became a sisterhood that we rejoice in and wait semi-patiently to meet each other in heaven.

Some PWs travel… when they do so they try to meet up with a PW in that area.  Then you can put a flesh and blood face to the name and email.

I have had the pleasure of meeting several PWs over the year.  It is hard to remember the exact number and names of some of them because they disappeared off the group.  However, most are still around or are on Facebook.

Yes, I’m a bit of a hoarder… I went to find the “wipey box” and the folder of PW info so I could be certain of some of the names.   (My PW sisters, understand that!)   🙂

I have had the pleasure of meeting and confirming that they are NOT ax murderers:


Linda Penewit (she was in the Dayton area)

Hope Farrell (I think – this memory is not certain – in the Pittsburg area).

Rhoda Burill and Karen Williams  (Florida/Disney area)

Maureen Townson (She met me here in Ohio on her various travels.  She is already getting the banquet table set up for us in Heaven.)

Karen Rasnake (we met locally)

Christine Bonner (we met up at the Cleveland Home and Garden Show)

Teresa Critchley (one of the PWAB- the pastorswives advisory board – we met when she lived in the Cleveland area)

Linda Sue Johnson (another PWAB – we met on her travels through Ohio and once when she was taking her daughter to the Cleveland Clinic)

Rachel Moore (we met up in Savannah, Georgia a few years ago)

Ladette Kerr (we met up with Rachel in Georgia)

Debra Bucklen (we met up today on her way through Ohio back to her home in Virginia)

I feel like I’m missing someone.    Like maybe I met someone in Indianapolis?  If I did, I’m sorry I can’t remember.   I have looked at my listings and the maps and done my best wracking my brain to remember.

There are some ladies that I would really, really, like to meet.  Hopefully someday!