NYC in a Weekend

We took a quick trip to New York and Connecticut over the weekend.  Here are the highlights.

After the 8+ hour drive and getting stuck in some fabulous traffic trying to get through NY and onto Long Island, we arrived at an old friend’s home.  By old, I mean my age, but that I hadn’t seen him since 1981!  Yes, we were just babies.  We had a wonderful time dining and visiting together that night.  On Friday we took off for NYC via the train with instructions on how and where to transfer.  We had a map of the town and map of the subway in our hands.


In NYC we opted to not pay for any of the “hop on-hop off” tours and to just walk and see what we could not really having an agenda.

So… we started out from Penn Station and headed towards Times Square.    We pass this restaurant:

fall2014 001

Which Wayne tells me is referenced in “Guys and Dolls” so I take a photo for Abi.  Of course, in double checking my sources, I find out that in G&D it was referred to as “Mindy’s” and that the original restaurant referenced is no longer there that this is actually a new one.


Moving on towards or past Time’s Square down Broadway we come across this “sweet” store.

fall2014 002

We did not go in as we didn’t really NEED any candy and it would be much cheaper just purchased at Walmart.  But, I thought the building was cool.


On Time’s square we were practically assaulted by everyone trying to convince us to get on a bus tour and then by “characters” like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Spidey and others.  They thought I wanted to get my photo with them… um… NO!  If I wanted a photo with Mickey, I’d go to Disney, thank you.

We didn’t actually go up to any of the theaters on Broadway/near broadway but we did see several marquees.  I didn’t take any photos of them.

At this point we stopped to look at the map and try to figure out where we wanted to go.  Since I sorta wanted to go to the Natural History Museum to get a photo for the kids since it was in the “Night at the Museum” movies we decided that we weren’t that far and that it would be fun to walk through Central Park.

Through Central Park we walked.  It was  a beautiful day!

fall2014 003 fall2014 004 fall2014 005 fall2014 006 fall2014 007 fall2014 008

We did pass Tavern on the Green and use their bathrooms, but didn’t get any food there.   🙂

Then we got to the Museum.

fall2014 009


We were told that it was free admission.  But it wasn’t.  Well… it was “suggested donation.”  However the line to get in at a lower price was long.  We asked a security guard if we could just go to the gift shop and she let us in to do that.  The gift shop did not have a pennant (what we were looking for) and we were on a different floor than that security guard, so we looked around a little bit.  We didn’t find Sacajawea but we did see these Dinos.


fall2014 010


After leaving there, we took the subway clear down to then end of Manhattan to Battery Park so we could get a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  We would have liked to have gone to either or both of those places, but the cost was prohibitive and we didn’t really want to take the time.

My grandfather came through Ellis Island when he was 2 or 3 years old.

fall2014 011

fall2014 012 ‘

From there we walked to Trinity Church.  Of course, Wayne had to see some churches.  This one was very cool with some really old gravestones outside.

fall2014 013 fall2014 015 fall2014 016

It also has a nice story about its part in the September 11 events and recovery.  As well as being in the “National Treasure” movie.  Wayne wanted to see the catacombs but there was not a tour.   🙂


From there it was just a short walk to the September 11 fountains and to see the new building.

fall2014 017 fall2014 018

It was crowded around the fountains.  Beautiful though.

We continued walking through this part of the city where there is LOTS of huge cranes and construction.  So many of the churches & buildings are undergoing renovations both outside and inside.  Outside, I’m assuming some of that is still removing residue from 9/11.

fall2014 019 fall2014 020

I’m not sure what the building in that second photo above will be, but it was definitely unique.  It had wings on each side.


That brought us to St. Paul’s chapel.  Again, it has great history and history related to 9/11.   You can see the spire is covered in scaffolding for the restoration.

fall2014 021

fall2014 022

This bench is from 9/11 when the rescuers slept on the pews and scratched it all up with their gear.

fall2014 023

After that, we weren’t sure where to go, so we decided to cut across to the shore and went to South Street Sea Port.

On the way is this little light house.

fall2014 024 fall2014 025


There are tall ships in the harbor there.  Very cool!

fall2014 027 fall2014 029fall2014 030

You can also see Brooklyn Bridge from there.

fall2014 028

One of the little shops there is “It’s Sugar”… again we did not go inside because we didn’t need any sugar and didn’t need to buy the kids any expensive sugar.

fall2014 031

From South Street Sea Port we had to walk a ways to find a subway station to take us back uptown.  We finally found one that took us into Grand Central Station.

fall2014 032

Our goal was to walk to the Rockefeller Center and possibly go up in it.  We got distracted (by “we” I really mean Wayne) by St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  It was undergoing renovations INSIDE.

fall2014 033

However, as Wayne made his way down the aisle to sit for a minute, the grand pipe organ started playing “Ode to Joy” and he got to be a part of the beginning of the worship service.  I went outside to sit down for a bit and enjoy the crowd… and by enjoy, I really mean to wonder at how there could be so many people in one location.

fall2014 034

We then continued on our way towards Rockefeller Center.

fall2014 036


fall2014 035

Imagine those 2 photos together.  🙂

We did not take the time to go up in it as we decided we were getting tired, having walked almost 5 miles.  So we just headed ourselves back towards Penn Station.

That took us past the library.

fall2014 038

The Empire State Building

fall2014 039


fall2014 040

And the American Girl Store.  Again… no stopping.  We have enough AG stuff to start our own store.


Back at Penn Station, we catch our train back to Long Island .


We have another lovely evening visiting with my friend and his son.

In the morning we headed out toward Connecticut to see some Wanake friends.

Gotta cross the Throgs Neck Bridge.  Which we had to research on the way in because that is just a weird name.

It is named after the Throgs Neck portion of New York which is named for John Throckmorton who settled there in 1642.  Throg is just a corruption of “Throck.”



In Connecticut we just had a relaxing, low key visit with our friends.  We did take a mini trip to the World’s Largest Dairy Store.  Very cool store with interactive stuff for the kids as you shop.

We also took a visit to a pet store for one of the kids to enjoy some doggy time.


We had a wonderful meal and more catching up and visiting.  We were only there overnight, we left the next morning.

It took us until 7:20pm to get home.  We did get to see the sun set over Akron on our way home.


It was a nice trip.  I can now say that I have been to NYC.  I don’t know that I NEED to go back.  Sure, seeing a show on Broadway would be nice, but the tickets cost so much.  I wouldn’t mind seeing those friends again… maybe in less than 10 or 33 years.



How to install laminate flooring: Part 2

Now that the campout is over (I’ll post about that later) I could work on the flooring a bit more.


1.  Remove carpet up to the tile, note that the transition piece is screwed into the cement.  Use a screwdriver and hammer to remove the “plugs” then try to release the 5 screws manually.  Use a shot of w-d40 and the power drill/screwdriver to remove 3 of them.  Carefully chip away at the wood and finally  release the transition over the remaining 2 screws and then break them off with a hammer.  Save the transition to reuse on the stairs.




2.  with transition removed, go to Lumber Liquidators and exchange the stair nose for a “T” Transition because you won’t need the stair nose and a different transition will work better here.  You need the transition in hand so you are sure you leave the right amount of space for it to fit.  The LL guy says to buy some liquid nails to secure it down to the cement.  That will need to be picked up at a later date.

3.  Begin laying the floor again.  Cut the transition and dry fit it into place.


4.  Move the piano and remove some more carpet.  Discover stains on the carpet under the piano.  Unless the piano pees those stains are not from us!!!


5.  Continue laying flooring with the help of the 12 (almost 13) year old.  Complete as far as you can before you have to move more furniture, piano, book shelves, etc.   More carpet will need removed as well.  DSCF2283


6.  cover up the blue plastic vapor barrier with your trusty tableclothes again.

You are almost 1/2 way done with the 529 square foot room!!!!!