Fair Baked Goods Results

If you have never been to a party or open house we hold, then you have missed out because you would know that we know how to bake/cook.   This Christmas, plan to attend our open house and partake of some yummy treats like these:

10639547_10152462028983666_6040733899474115901_nEsther’s Baked Goods Results:

Cherry Pie- 2nd place = $3.75  She was behind one of her best friends who also won best of show for her cherry pie.  Our first attempt EVER at a cherry pie from scratch ended up being a bit runny, but how would we know that until it was cut into?


10574463_10152462028573666_5860999387379774894_nMonster Cookies – 2nd place = $2.50  They ended up flat because I wasn’t paying attention and she made them will butter instead of margarine.  They taste great but just went flat on her.


10614399_10152462028153666_8093423583887062146_nBuckeyes – one of our staples at open houses – 1st place = $2.50


995063_10152462027793666_2249763216588309710_nBanana Cake – 1st place = $4.25  This banana cake has been entered into the fair multiple times.  Once by Grandma Z.  and it didn’t win.  Once by me (mom) and I got 2nd place and now Esther wins FIRST.  The little stinker!  What is even funnier is that both Grandma and I took the time to make the fancy labor intensive frosting (Hope Church Frosting) that we “traditionally” use on this cake but Esther didn’t really have the time so we just made a quickie butter cream and it wins!  Go figure.


Esther still has one more thing to enter and be judged on before I will total her winnings.  She has to take some more marigolds to the fair on Friday for the second judging over the weekend.


Tricia’s Final Results

10171097_10152462027438666_7973068785832620412_nMy last item to be judged was my Sugarfree Apple Pie.  I don’t care for 2 crust pies but this one calls for it.  I prefer an apple pie with a crumble topping.   🙂

Sugarfree Apple Pie – 3rd place = $3.00


Oh yeah, my Banana Bread did not place.


So that brings my totals to:

One – 3rd place

Three – 2nd place

Four – 1st place



With total premiums = $29.50 unless I get another $5.50 for first place also for the Best of Show Afghan, then it would be $35.

Remember my entrance fee was $22.  So I barely covered it.


I thought we had to leave our baked goods there for duration of the fair, which is why they ask us if we want to auction them off.  BUT… I was wrong.  We are allowed to pick them up that same evening after judging.  Which I did, and now I have 2 pies and a cake (all with a piece or 2 out of them) to take to the Lake this weekend.    🙂










Grange Hall First Round Results

Not only are we crafty, but we can bake!


Not everything has been judged in the Grange Hall yet, but here are the first batch of results for that:


Lydia’s Results

Decorated Cake, Baby Shower – 1st place – of course there was only 1 entry. = $6.50

Chocolate Brownies – 1st place – which based on our own home taste test, they should have beaten mine.  Hers are SIGNIFICANTLY better (sorry, Lois & Julie). = $2.25DSCF2031


Yes, I will share her recipe later.   😉



That is everything Lydia entered.  Her final results:

Four – 2nd place

Three – 1st place

Total premiums:  $22.25 (remember the entry fee was only $6)

That is down a bit from her total last year. But still a pretty good deal for a 15 year old.   🙂



Tricia’s Results

DSCF2032Green beans – did not place (my garden was pitiful this year)

Cucumbers – they were funky, short and squatty and fat – did not place

Tallest Sunflower – missed by probably 7 feet   😦

Marigolds – did not place

Brownies – 2nd place behind Lydia!  We weren’t the only entries either!  There were about 8 entries.  = $2.00


I am still waiting on results for my Banana Bread and Sugarfree Apple Pie.
Here is a photo of what I did with those antique knitting needles that won first place:



Esther’s ResultsDSCF2029

Marigolds – 1st place (she will also take some on Friday for the 2nd showing over the weekend) = $1.75


I just delivered her baked goods:

Banana cake, Buckeyes, Monster Cookies, and Cherry Pie.  The grange people were impressed with her lattice work on the pie!











I can pick up the pies and banana cake this evening and will take them along to family gatherings this holiday weekend!  Whoo-hoo!  I don’t have to bake extra things now!  Just make some chex mix and finish dipping the buckeyes and I’ll be good to go.


Art Hall Fair Results

As many of you know, we have entered art items and baked goods and flowers and vegetables into this year’s Stark County Fair.  I now have the results for our items in the Art Hall.  I don’t have photos of everything, forgot to photograph a couple of them.  But you will get the main idea.   🙂




Entry Fee: $6

Any knitted item by a child 17 and under – it was a doll hat she made on the knitting loom (I did not photograph this because it was in a glass case and those were hard to photograph.)   – 1st place  = $3.50

Duct Tape Purse – this was in the adult category.  She did not place.

Duct tape Wallet made by child 17 & under.  3rd place  = $2.00

Picture of home or family for grades 5 & 6.  She did not place.

Picture about animal for grades 5 & 6.  3rd place = $2.00DSCF2019

Papier-mache or like process for 5 & 6 grades.  3rd place  = $2.00

3-Dimensional (she entered her papier mache fish) for 5 & 6 grades.    BEST OF SHOW!!!! = $5.50  (I’m unclear if she also gets the first place premium as well.  If so add another $3.50)


Esther has some flowers and baked goods that will be judged in the next couple days.



Entry Fee: $6

She only entered photos in the art hall this year.

DSCF2022Person/People (a cute photo of her cousin Jayce).  Did not place.

Animal/Animals (a cute photo of her cat Genevieve). Did not place.

Nature (a dead sunflower in the sunset).  2nd place = $2.50

Action (a picture of Esther running).  2nd place = $2.50

DSCF2021Humorous (a picture of Jayce buried in the sand). 2nd place  = $2.50

Special Effects (a picture of Auntie Lois with a sparkler). 2nd place  = $2.50

Patriotic (a picture of the WWII Monument in DC). 1st place  = $3.50

DSCF2020She still has her decorated cake and brownies to be judged.  (Just FYI, her brownies were WAY better than mine, in my own taste test.)



Entry Fee:  $22 (why???  just because I’m over 18??)DSCF2025

DSCF2024Antiques – collections, Old Knitting Needles (6 pair mounted).  I took the time to figure out a way to mount them and knit on all 6 pairs with the same red yarn.   1st place  = $3.50  (I’ll photograph this later.)

Christmas Stocking.  Last year I took Liz’s, this year I took Abi’s.  1st place  = $3.50

Christmas Door Hanging.  I took the Cross Stitch Joy that I have had hanging on my foyer closet door for years.  1st place  = $3.50

DSCF2027Cross Stitch.  I took something I made a long time ago.  It didn’t place – probably because it had a date on the back and everything is “supposed” to be new since last year.

Any other knitted item.  I took the pink slippers. 2nd place  = $2.50

Knitted Garment – Adult.  The infamous green sweater made of baby alpaca yarn.   (Mike Miles)  It was the only entry into this category this year.  1st place  = $3.50  (I couldn’t take a photo because it was behind glass and the dark color of it just made it a blob of black/green.)

DSCF2026Crocheted baby set.  I took the cowboy hat and boot(ies).  2nd place = $2.50.  The winner was some really fine crochet work in light baby yarn.  Probably done by some “little old lady.”  It was lovely.

Afghan, any other.  I took the OSU afghan.  It did not place.  Too bad.   😦

DSCF2018Afghan, Knitted Afghan.   I took the Beach Memories Afghan.  (Tori Wilfred).   And YES!!!!!  BEST OF SHOW!!!  = $5.50 and possibly the first place premium too, which is another $5.50.    🙂


I have some vegetables and flowers, which probably won’t win a thing and some baked goods that might, to report on later in the week.


So far, a pretty successful fair.   I might have to raise my prices for custom knitting work.   😉
























Almost Ready!

So …. for the last week or so, we have been busy cleaning and weeding (at least until attacked by the biting ants) to get the house and yard ready for a graduation party.


It is hard to believe that our second daughter is ready to go away to college.  I mean really!  When did she get that old?  Come on… I haven’t aged why did she??



The weeds are coming close to a manageable level.  This afternoon is devoted to more weeding… I’m hoping the ants cooperate.


The house is close… I’m sorry to report to any of you that will be coming to the open house that:

1.  The living room carpet didn’t get changed to laminate yet.  The laminate/wood flooring is in the garage.  Feel free to schedule a time to come back and help me lay it.  I have once again tried to clean the carpet of its pet stains.  They did not disappear.  Please overlook them, again.

2.  The living room walls did not get painted.  I have the bucket of paint under the desk in the foyer.  Thank you for your help in deciding on a color.  That will get done when the floors do.

If you really, really want to see the whole living room transformation, I would suggest planning to come to our Christmas party/open house.


The stairs do have the new runner and the walls have a fresh coat of paint in that area.


The dog run is free of weeds – if you feel a need to visit that with Pumpkin.   🙂


Another thing, visitors, you will have to endure.  We have a sunflower plant growing in the middle of the back patio in a crack by the table.  Of course, we could have pulled it earlier this summer, but we are hoping it will be tall enough to enter into the fair.  So, please just eat around it and be careful.  Thanks!


Our menu is just about set.  I haven’t shopped for the groceries yet, but I know what we will be serving.   I won’t tell you all of it but know that it will mostly be finger foods and lots of healthy fruits and veggies.


Since you know we try to be “green” where we can, we will, as usual, be using our glass party plates.  Don’t worry if you drop one and it breaks, we have more… many more… in fact we just got another dozen this summer at a garage sale.   We will NOT be using the party punch cups this time, because they really don’t hold much and are only good for punch/wassail at Christmas.  We will have the required Red Solo Cups (or maybe blue).    We will also be using paper napkins, since the cloth party ones are Christmas decorated.  I do have lots of cloth napkins I could put out, but I will save you that.  I have noticed over the years that some people (many people?) don’t take a napkin when I only offer cloth ones.  I don’t know if they think that it is too much bother or what?  It really isn’t any bother to me at all.  I just throw them in the washer/dryer and then they are ready for next year.   HINT:   at Christmas, just take one, don’t feel awkward that they aren’t paper, I usually provide a basket on the counter for them to be collected in so you don’t throw them away.


I have a good portion of the scrapbook done.  I failed to order a bunch of photos earlier in the summer and they just arrived.  So, I have most of Senior Year to finish, but I will do that while watching TV over the next several nights.  It is all good.


Please plan to attend Liz’s Graduation Party on August 9 from 4 pm until people leave.  I’m anticipating her “peeps” staying into the night.  I have firewood and s’mores at the ready.   🙂