May is Over!!!!



For the last 10-12 years, May has been the worst month for me to get through.  It shouldn’t be because there are great things that happen in May…

Abi’s Birthday

End of the year concerts

End of the school year banquets and recognitions

Mother’s day

Memorial Day (camping or at Linwood)

End of the scouting year awards evening



GS camping


But for some reason, May almost always whips my emotional butt.  I used to think it was the GS camping.  When I had 3 troops, I would take them camping together in the fall and/or winter.  But in May, I would take each troop separately so I could spend quality time with them alone.    I have cut back on that.  I only have 2 troops now and we went camping together AND in April….


All the end of the school year stuff, isn’t too stressful, I’m not in charge of it…


GS Awards evening… yes that adds stress…


Graduation… not a big deal and only happens to me every 3 years… the party isn’t till August…


Memorial Day events… yes, that can be stressful.  We struggled for years to blend 2 different family traditions.  One family that camped at Wanake every Memorial Day and one family that spent the weekend at Linwood.  We finally settled on alternating years.  This year we were to be at Wanake but because of Graduation (and other extenuating circumstances that I really don’t want to go into and are probably adding to the malaise this year) we didn’t go anywhere.  It isn’t overly stressful on a “normal” year to be at Wanake for Memorial Day.  It is an unprogrammed weekend and we get to REALLY camp and cook out our meals and just be.  That is nice.  When we are at Linwood, yes it is stressful.  We are in a house that is over full and the food is sometimes iffy and some of the family members …. well… we do generally have a good time though… if the weather is warm, the kids get to get in Lake Erie for the first time of the season, and walking on the beach is nice and usually there is a good sunset, and some fun games of Oh Blimey! with family.


Mother’s Day… eh… could always be better… I think that no one knows what to do or how to show love in this household…and I suppose that deficiency falls on the mom for not teaching/modeling it … so I guess that it is my fault that I feel “eh” on Mother’s day.


Anniversary… it has been 27 years… I can’t remember the last time I felt like I had a wonderful anniversary… there have been good ones but they seem few and far between.  Again, it is probably my fault because I’m not good at the demonstrative stuff and all… but I also have other theories on this that are … well… very personal… and my own demons that I am still wrestling with and probably not good fodder for a public blog.


Once again, however, I feel like May has kicked my emotional butt and I am drained because of it.  June begins tomorrow!!  Summer is here!  My list of things to accomplish this summer is huge.  Hopefully I will get most of it done for a change.  If I can kick the lethargy that May leaves me with maybe I can motivate myself to August and the grad party.


Today’s Progress

I went out this morning to partially drain the pond and refill it and this is what I found…


OOOPS!  When I adjusted the fountain last night apparently it went haywire and blew all the water out of the pond… fine… saves me a bunch of time getting it to drain, so I just pulled out several handfuls of leaves from the bottom and re-filled it.  It isn’t crystal clear but it is better.




Then I worked on weeding.  Remember those weeds you weren’t supposed to look at last week?

DSCF1748  Yes, those… well, I worked on some of that.

This afternoon, Lydia, Esther and I worked on finishing a portion up and spreading the mulch.  Look how nice it looks now.DSCF1831


We enjoyed these plants:





I’m still wondering if my brother wants some of it back for his new house.  Guess I could ask instead of just wondering.   🙂


We made great progress didn’t we.  Don’t look to the right, though.  STOP IT!  I TOLD YOU NOT TO LOOK…. but you are going to anyways…




Yep… we still have half the garden to go.   Party’s not till August… what’s my hurry?

Graduation #2

Tomorrow, our second child graduates from High School.  It seems like just yesterday she was this big:


And we were watching her whisk away from us to Rainbow Babies.


And then another blink and she was this big:


And such a joy and pleasure to be around.

Her smile can light up the room, even if her eyes crinkle shut when she smiles big.   🙂


Before we knew it she was turning into a teenager:


And spreading her wings a bit and trying out new things.  We had a few rough moments getting through high school – and with the move, and loss of job, things got a bit sticky.  But she made some great friends:


And they have all turned in to beautiful, responsible, respectful, smart, fabulous girls!!

Am I a bit melancholy as this second child graduates.  Probably a bit.  My house is getting empty.    Am I excited for her next adventure?  ABSOLUTELY!  I can’t wait to hear about her science classes and her new friends at college.   Her trip to France this summer will open her wings a bit more.  Then working at Camp Wanake – and not having to miss then end of the summer to come back for this:


Though that made us really proud too!!

She is ready to move forward.  I am excited and ready for her to move forward.  Will I miss her.  Yes.  Liz tends to keep to herself but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love knowing that she is here in her room (or on the porch roof) even if she isn’t sitting in the living room talking to me or helping me weed or any other social thing.


She has endured the transition and thrived.  Are there still things we desperately miss about being in Westfield Center and Cloverleaf schools… yes… just ask her about her opinion on Alma Maters… or band cheers/chants.  Until this year (12th grade) Liz had never spent more than 2 years in any one school building… and this year only made 3 years in one building.  We moved in between preschool years… 2 different preschools.  Then for Kindergarten she went the Baptist school.  First Grade was in an annex of the Carrollton Exempted Village Schools with Second grade in the main building… and then we moved.   Third and 4th grade were in Seville, 5th and 6th grade were in Westfield, 7th and 8th grade at the Junior High/Middle School… and then we moved.   Ninth grade was at Edison Junior High and then 10-12 at Perry High School.


Liz will do great things!  She will be a fabulous camp counselor this year at Wanake.  I know she will excel in her classes in college just like she did in High School.  Liz is smart, she makes wise decision.  I know that she will be tempted in College to make those “bad” choices, but I will trust and pray that she will continue to make the smart/right choices and one day I will be telling the world about my amazing daughter Liz who is the new vet at the Columbus Zoo taking over for Jack Hanna!!!!


Garden… 2014 edition

Time to plant the garden… every other year we planted late … like in June… and didn’t get such great crops…

We planted today!




Sunflower seeds are in the bricks by the fence again.  One tomato plant and 3 peppers.  We wasted/lost a lot of tomatoes last year so cut back this year.


We planted bush green bean seeds, bush cucumber seeds, acorn squash seeds, and snap pea seeds.  Towards the end of the planting we lost track of where things were planted so just poked holes and planted seeds randomly… and we were tired.    🙂


I still need to get the marigolds for in the rest of the bricks… they were too expensive at the nursery, I’ll get the cheapy ones at Walmart.


Here is Lydia’s view of the garden.    🙂






What can you do in under an hour?

Here is what I did this morning quickly…

This pile of weeds…


Came from around the pond!!  Yes, I know the water needs some attention… baby steps.


Which meant I uncovered this lovely plant that came from my brother.  Wonder if he wants any back for his new house?



But don’t look to the right… oh why did you??  Those weeds have some more growing to do.   😉




Here is a prime specimen of my prickly/thistle.  The extension cord is for reference – it just a regular old outdoor extension cord and the stalk of the weed is at least double in diameter.



Baby steps…. I’ll weed some more another day.  It isn’t like they are going anywhere.

And so it begins….

The season of weeds and weeding has begun… UGH!


We made great progress this afternoon in the front triangle.  I need more mulch to finish it but it is cleared of our “favorite” weed for now.  I wish I could tell you the actual name of the prickly weed that we seem to grow in abundance and wish we could sell and make millions on… but I can’t seem to find it online in my brief search this evening (maybe I’ll search more later).  It is not prickly lettuce, it is not sow thistle, or bull thistle… I’ll try to get photos so it can be compared and identified easier.  I have plenty still around.




AFTER:  the bulbs of lillies and such that we planted last year were found amongst the weeds.



Next to tackle is the flower bed around the pond… at least I think there is pond there… and then the patio/rock areas… the garden (so I can get veggies planted)… the dog run… the back patio… the play set area… the driveway…


Feel free to drop in at anytime to help with the weeding.


We can add to that the necessary work that needs done in the house this summer too.

– paint in the living room

– new flooring in the living room

– stairs painted and a runner installed

– general cleaning

-garage cleaning (really, gonna try to make a dent in it)


I have until August 9 to get the yard and living room done so it is ready for the Graduation Party.