A few years ago, like when money became an issue for us (lack of), I started making afghans for high school graduation presents.  To present I’ve made… let me count…










Abi’s (though it was done late because we were in the midst of family crisis when she graduated):


Those have all been gifted already.


I have several on hand ready to gift this year or next.

Liz’s Magical Mystery Arabian Afghan: (which I think I’ve blogged about before)



The peacock afghan: (name withheld so there is an element of surprise)


The beach afghan: (name withheld again)



This cool “retro” one: (again, not sharing the name)


And the point of this blog post.  The afghan I worked on for a quick week in February after the peacock afghan.  It is really just a lap-ghan but it will work great at college regardless.   🙂

Again, no name being shared.



I enjoy making these for the kids.  It fills my time when I’m sitting in the evening in front of the TV.  It gives them something personal, made just for them, one-of-a-kind.  I know that I enjoy handmade gifts made especially for me.  I know that the afghans that have already been delivered ARE enjoyed.  I’m hopeful that the ones yet to be gifted will be  loved just as much.




Where have I been? You ask?

Where have I been for almost a month?


Here’s a clue:



ONLY 2875 boxes!


But we are now beyond that.  I only have about 20 boxes still needing to find new homes.


It was a successful season, as usual.  The troops made a decent amount of money – they could make more if the cookie didn’t crumble this way:


Cost of the cookie to the consumer:  $4.00

Money to the baker to pay for the cookies:  $0.91

Money to the troop: $0.69

That leaves: $2.40 going directly to the council for things like Administration, Membership, Product Sale Department Costs, and Volunteer Development.  A tiny portion of that ($0.42) goes to camps or programming.  I realize that in the grand scheme of things, those other things benefit the girls too, but personally, I think that  more of that money could come back directly to the girls.


However, despite the issues going on in Girl Scouting and the selling of camps (which, if you know me, I am OBVIOUSLY against), I do have to say that our current CEO has been a better choice than the previous one.  I have had direct dealings with her over troop issues and she came out on the side of the troop.  She, herself, was a girl scout and leader for her daughter’s troop.  She even attempts to attend events that she is invited to by troops.  Case in point:  I invited her to our Neighborhood Campout Dance/Campfire and she “put it on her calendar.”  Of course, something could come up, but I really think that she will be there.


I have also been busy with some special knitting and some other projects.  OH, and the cough that wouldn’t quit for 2  months.   😦


But, I’ll blog more about those another day.  Just thought it was time to check in.   🙂