18 years ago


What were you doing 18 years ago??  At this time 18years ago (almost 4pm) I was waiting on a pediatric cardiologist to tell me what was happening with my newborn baby.  I never knew there was such a creature as a pediatric cardiologist before that.  For you see… at 12:48 on Saturday, March 16, 1996 I had just given birth to our second daughter.  Shortly thereafter the nurses/doctor said she was having some trouble breathing and they whisked her away to the nicu.  While there she underwent some testing and we were told that the pediatric cardiologist was called in.  Funny thing about that pediatric cardiologist, she was a muslim woman attending a bar mitzvah of a friend… called to the hospital to attend the the child of a United Methodist Pastor.   🙂       The hospital determined that the hole between the atria of the heart that usually closes at birth to allow blood to properly circulate to the lungs had not done so.  (for more info:  http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/001113.htm )    She was on oxygen.  She had a chest tube put in and was being closely monitored.  In that day and age, that hospital had a decent NICU and kept most of their babies to care for there.  However, they told us that when they know they can’t care for them, they transfer them.  Our baby was one that was going to be transferred just in case… because if things went bad they wanted her at Rainbow Babies in Cleveland so they could put her on ECMO  (https://www.dellchildrens.net/services_and_programs/ecmo/what_is_ecmo/).

So travel arrangements were made for her to be life-flighted to Cleveland.  Now, some insurance companies in 1996 were limiting hospital birth stays to 24 hours, our was still at 48.  However, since our baby was not going to be at that hospital, I left in 24.

Another bit of “funny” about that weekend.  Basketball!  The town we were living in that year was in the basketball finals or sweet 16 or something… I don’t follow basketball.   We had deliberately not told anyone we were headed to the hospital because Wayne wanted to go on Sunday morning and surprise the congregation with the announcement.  BUT… once it was determined that we needed prayers for our baby, he started to call people to get the prayer chain going.  HE ONLY GOT ANSWERING MACHINES!!  It took probably 10 calls to find a live person to leave the message with.

At about 10pm, Baby Elizabeth was loaded in the helicopter for her ride to Cleveland.  At that point, we know that we had people praying all over Ohio and in multiple other states.  Our belief is that somewhere over Akron, that copter must have felt a little bump with all those prayers hitting it because by the time she got to Rainbow Babies, the hole was closed and she was no longer in peril.  She did get to stay almost a week there because she developed pneumonia due to the chest tube – which to this day has left a cute little scar on her chest.

Other memories of that week… I could go on and on about co-incidences (God-incidences) with prayer groups and snow storms and full term babies vs. preemies…

Over the years, Liz has been a joy and sometimes a trial.  Remember the summer she was 2 and tripped over grass in the back yard and broke her wrist?  Yeah… that was a fun time at the beach with her wearing a yellow rubber glove duct taped over her cast so she could play in the sand and water.

Such cute buck teeth she had.. with the gap… orthodontist took care of that and gave her a beautiful smile, but she sure was cute with those buck teeth!!

We are very proud of our Elizabeth “Liz” … as she moves on through college and into life she will do wonderful things!  AND… if all goes as she plans, I won’t have to pay for vet care in my “golden” years.   😉    ‘

Here are some photos – the “best of” Liz over the years!

babylizlizlinwoodlizidlewild3lakeElizeasterlizbeachLizleavesLizsnowLiz-EmilylizboatLizflowerspoohliz-nickliz002misc 00215344_185078048665_8184643_n           DSCF1251DSCF9954   DSCF9646121703-076-086SIMG_8681RTIMG_9917

I could scan more, but these were in my computer and if I stopped to scan some, I would get caught up in looking at the albums and never get back here.




“any light, low-cut shoe into which the foot may be easily slipped, for casual wear in the home”

I am not a fan of slippers.  I do not wear them.  Usually because my feet get to hot or because I just keep my shoes on.  I prefer barefoot, but since my ankle break, I can’t wear flat shoes and walk comfortably and most slippers are flat… so another strike against them.

HOWEVER,  my husband LOVES slippers.  He wears them constantly… probably 360 days a year… yeah, there might  be 5 days of the year he doesn’t wear them.

For Christmas he always needs a new pair.  He prefers the boot kind.  Apparently, those are no longer made for men (at a price I’m willing to pay).  He goes through a pair a year, no matter what the construction.  We’ve had the expensive leather ones, the cheapy cloth ones… we’ve had them all.

So this year, I decided to try something.  I would buy a cheap pair of slide on slippers and knit him the boot portion.  Yeah… that worked…


HOWEVER, he has quickly put holes in them and caused the knitting to come apart. Mainly because they were too floppy and there was much feet dragging.  So… I took those slippers and rescued the knitted portion and reattached them to a slipper shoe.  Now they look like this:


and I’m hopeful they will hold up a little bit longer.

I have also been making some other slippers for a friend.   Trial pair number one is this one:


I had to add some rows of stockinette stitch around the top to make it not so loose.  However, the seam is on the bottom and that didn’t appeal to the friend.  I will make the second one and gift them to someone else.

The final pair of slippers looks like this:


It is a lacy look with a fun ruffle on the top.  Seamless because it is knitted in the round.   I had to adapt 2 patterns together, but the result is nice.  There are a few “special” areas on this first slipper, but the second one will have those fixed.  Though you will hardly be able to tell the changes, unless you are  knitter and look for them.   🙂

Gotta do some scrapbooking for scouts after the slippers and then I have a sweater and an afghan next on the list.    Need to  have something to enter into the fair!   🙂