What I know about Who

Here’s WHAT I know about WHO….

There are 12 of them and an additional War Doctor – WHAT?

WHERE they are is… time traveling based in the UK?

HOW is through a blue phone booth called a TARDIS.  Which I now know stands for:  Time And Relative Dimension In Space.

I also know that there are so many because it has been on TV off and on since 1963.  The different doctors and actors playing them is because the previous one is regenerated.  Probably because of some fatal accident written into the script?

I still don’t know what a War Doctor is, but I do know he is the only one with facial hair.

I do know that each Doctor has a unique look which causes them to have specific “cult” followings.

I also know that previous seasons are available on Netflix.  I know that we do not subscribe to Netflix, so we won’t be watching it.

I know there is something called a DALEK in the show.  Not sure what that is other than it looks like a machine and my 12 year knitted a washcloth with one on it for a friend for Christmas.



I know that there is all kinds of patterns and crafts and Dr. Who paraphernalia available on the internet.

I know there is something called a sonic screwdriver.  I know this because I have a Girl Scout that has one and she brought it to a campout.  It was annoying.

I know that my little dolls are adorable and I can just about crochet the body in my sleep.   🙂

I know that my dear friend in the UK is thrilled that these little guys will be climbing in a TARDIS (once I find an appropriately sized one) and making their way across the pond shortly!



I know that my favorite, based on NOTHING about the show, is probably the War Doctor (but then I’m especially fond of facial hair) or probably the guy with the long scarf because that scarf is adorable (though the pattern was significantly wrong in the length needed and I have a short version laying on my craft table because I started over with longer yarn).

I know that I don’t like making curly hair – actually all the hair was a pain but the curly was especially troublesome.  The War Dr. and #12 kind of have mohawk/messy hairdos because that is they way they looked in their photos.

I know that the hats are cute, but really seem too small for their heads – except the fez, which actually almost seems too big.

I know that I still have 400 little black beads for eyes and that they are not all the same size!

I know that about half of my Facebook friends are coveting these and would pay me to make them.  I know that I have several other projects to complete first.  I also know that I am out of the off-white yarn for the heads anyways (the last couple have a slightly different color skin).

I wonder, why there haven’t been any dark skinned Doctors?  I have plenty of brown yarn!

Or what about a woman?  NO… that would mean longer hair or fancier…


I just spent 10 minutes searching for some great Dr. Who quote to end this with and I didn’t find anything that struck me as blog ending but here are a couple.


One day, just one day, maybe, I’m going to meet somebody who gets the whole “don’t wander off” thing. – The 9th Doctor

One day, maybe, I will get to meet C.C. in person.


“This is one corner… of one country, in one continent, on one planet that’s a corner of a galaxy that’s a corner of a universe that is forever growing and shrinking and creating and destroying and never remaining the same for a single millisecond. And there is so much, so much to see.”— The Doctor, Season 7, Episode 4

That is what I will tell the little guys as I pack them up… time for them to travel to a new world and bring joy to another family.


“For some people, small beautiful events are what life is all about!” – 5th Doctor

Which is why I knit.  To bless someone with something beautiful, hand made with care and love – whether it be small (Dr. Who doll) or large (afghan).



Who is on first?  Or is Who a Doctor?  And which doctor is he?  Apparently there are 12 of them?  Does he live in Who-ville with Cindy Lou Who?  Is he a friend of the Grinch?  Or not?  Does he live on a flower that Horton carries?  Can Horton hear him??

I have not seen, nor really have any desire to watch Dr. Who.  Apparently it is a TV show from the BBC?  It has been around for a very long time?  Long enough for 12 different actors to play Dr. Who.

What does Dr. Who do?  Is he a medical doctor?  An animal Doctor?  A Dr. of theology?  I have no clue.

And he lives or works or has super powers when he goes into a blue phone booth they call a TARDIS.  I’m pretty sure TARDIS is an acronym for something, I just don’t know what.  I could google it but I don’t mind living in ignorance on this.

But… this is one of those times where even though I don’t understand nor want to understand, I know what a dear friend likes and enjoys and therefore, I am in the process of creating little dolls.  I think there is a technical name for them that isn’t “doll”…. amigurumi?  Not sure what that word means either.  I just know they are 3 inch dolls of each Doctor.

I made her one for the Christmas Gift Exchange – including the TARDIS – and now I’m finishing the set.

IMG_1289_medium2Tardis and #10

Number 1:


Number 2:


Number 3:


Number 7:


Number 8:


Number 9:


Number 11:


Only Numbers 4, 5, 6, 12 and a war doctor (what the heck is that??) to go!

They are quick and easy to do, and actually quite fun to see how much they look like the actual human character when I google him.   🙂

Knit Wit

So… the peacock afghan is done!




It didn’t take too long and turned out great considering I was adapting 2 different patterns and fitting them together.


Now I’m on to the next project.  The colors involved are scarlet (cherry red) and grey…. bet you can guess where that High School graduate is attending college.   😉


Yesterday being Valentine’s day, I have an addition to my “What is Love” post….  Love is calling your husband who is out of town for work and asking if he will pass a Joann Fabrics on his way home because you just ran out of the pistachio yarn again and need just a portion of a skein (like not even 1/10) to finish the peacock afghan AND he agrees and calls you from Joanns so you can talk him/walk him to the right shelf to get the yarn for you!  That is love!   🙂


The best reason for a knitter to marry is that you can’t teach the cat to be impressed when you finish a lace scarf (or afghan).  Even if he doesn’t know a cable from a bobble, my mate can be my biggest cheerleader.

People who knit have long been trying to convince people who don’t that they can knit and listen at the same time.  Studies have shown that people often show increased focus and even demonstrate greater recollection while knitting.  Conversely, with some people, knitting is the only thing that gets us through listening to them.

I can knit and listen, knit and read (on a kindle), knit and watch TV.  However, the border of the peacock afghan was crocheted.  I can crochet nicely but I cannot crochet and watch TV.  I can crochet and listen, but I will not be looking up, for some reason it is harder to do that.  Probably because you have to be sure you get the hook through the proper hole and do the right size stitch (singe, double, triple…).  Knitting on the other hand, as long as it is garter or stockinette stitch, there is no reason to look down much at all.  I’m glad that I have moved back to knitting for this next afghan, there is some “fancy” at the edges but the middle is all stockinette so I’ll be able to watch more of the Olympics now instead of just listening.

What is love?

If you know us personally, you know that our “usual” tends toward bickering… that however doesn’t mean we don’t love each other, just that we are terrible at communication.    Here are some of my thoughts (in no particular order) of what love means to me over the past 29 Valentine’s days.

vQxdw8WwRokb36tfyOxoZCMzo1_400 (1)Love is packing up your life and moving, even when you want to stay “one more year” because child #2 needs to go to that preschool or child #3 needs one more year with that teacher or child #1 needs one more year to graduate.  Because you agreed to go where ever he goes.

Love is the mundane life of a housewife… cooking meal after meal after meal and not getting complimented on them… because everyone needs to eat and you are the one designated as the cook.

Love is washing the dirty clothes… so many of them… and then wondering how one family could have so many dirty clothes… but thankful that everyone has decent clothes to wear.

Love is the joy of becoming pregnant after 1.5 years of “trying” and feeling that baby kick and knowing that she is a result of your love.

Love is the same joy for baby #2 but then bonding together when he is lost to miscarriage vowing that all measures would be taken to ensure the next baby would be full term.

Love is the peace and comfort of a doctor telling you that baby #3 will be fine and again, you watch your belly grow together.

Love is going out in the night on a mission to find a heath bar blizzard (or something similar) because pregnancy cravings have kicked it.

Love is agreeing that a 3rd child would be great.

Love is still loving my body after it has been stretched and cut open and padded thanks to those wonderful evidences of love we made together.

Love is coming to the conclusion that yes, a fourth child would finish our family and even going the “extra mile” to do what the book says to get a boy even though it didn’t work.

Love is shoveling the snow in a long gravel driveway.

Love is preparing plates of food and helping with the baby when a broken ankle interferes with normal life.

Love is packing all the books into boxes (AGAIN) and moving them to the garage even though it breaks your heart.

Love is doing most of the evening driving and child pick up after dark.

Love is doing the taxes in time to fill out the FAFSA for priority scholarship consideration.

Love is figuring out a way to honor both family’s traditions each year.

Love is always doing the dishes.

Love is doing the lions share of grocery shopping so there is always cereal and milk for the kids.

Love is getting dressed and standing outside in the cold at a bus stop.

Love is being willing to put up with a “too hot” shower in order to help.

Love is taking a risk in order to try to provide the best option for your family and having it blow up in your face.

Love is chocolate covered strawberries for breakfast.

Love is being man enough to let your wife own and run the power tools.     😉

Love is sitting through countless swimmeets and finally coming to realize they aren’t too bad, especially when you get to sit beside your spouse and watch your children.

Love is turning on the heated mattress pad on cold nights so your wife can slide into a warm bed.

Love is almost always having gas in the minivan.

Love is putting up with GS cookies, GS meetings, GS campouts… all for the love of 4 daughters.

Love is for better and for worse, even if it seems that we have lived more of the “for worse” than the for better.

Love is middle of the night trips to the ER for a gall bladder or a kidney cyst.

Love is endless boxes of kleenex and wipeys and always needing more toilet paper in the house.

Love is always being there even when you don’t want to and don’t “feel” the love.

Love is NOT just a feeling, love is  a decision.  Love is an action.  Love is agreeing to stick with it even when it gets tough and other people would have long since bailed.

Love is text messages and phone calls and “back in the day,” letters.

Love is all these things and more.

Love is family.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Can I blog about a blog?

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I am working on a peacock afghan for my daughter’s BFF for her high school graduation.  I got the pattern for free from a lady who crocheted it.  I wanted to knit it so adapted it and added some bling and now am adding a border.


Today, she sent me this link because she has blogged about my interpretation of her pattern!




If you want to see my afghan and all the photos so far you can go here:




You might have to join Ravelry to see it, but it is free and then you could look at all my projects in one place if you aren’t one of my “friends” on facebook.  My Ravelry name is: pazscott


I anticipate being done with this afghan in the next couple days thank to quality TV time with the Olympics.  AND barring have to run to Joann Fabrics to get more yarn (I’ve already had to do that twice).



Knit Wit

I have been working away on the peacock afghan and have the main body, the knitting portion, done.  I am now working on the crocheted border.  I have joined in with a friend and some of her friends to participate in a knitting/crocheting “competition” that takes place in conjunction with the Olympics.  I don’t know exactly what I’m doing.  But I figured that since I would be knitting/crocheting during the Olympics I might as well join in the fun and maybe win a “medal” or a prize.   🙂

Knitting has many rewards. Sometimes it is the joy of wonderous creativity, of taking yarn and needles and make a new and beautiful thing out of nothing.  Sometimes it is figuring out something tricky and clever, solving a problem with your wits and your wool.  There is even the joy of clothing your loved ones or wrapping a baby in a blanket you made yourself.  Sometimes, though, it is the pride of having slogged through 26 inches of plain boring garter stitch, row after mind-numbingly plain row, and coming out the other side with your sanity and desire to remain a knitter intact.

I have done all those kinds of knitting over the years.  Right now it is more the creative and challenging kind.  Which I truly enjoy.


Imagine this:  You are shipwrecked on an island with only the knitting that you had with you on the boat.  When you are done knitting it, and you have nothing more to knit, do you unravel the work and start again, just to have something to knit?  If so, you are a process knitter.  You knit for the pleasure of knitting.    If you imagine that, upon finishing you  put on the sweater and go look for wild grasses that you could knit into a tent or a hammock, you are a product knitter.  You knit for the pleasure of the finished item.

I imagine that I’m a product knitter.  I knit for the pleasure the item brings to others.   🙂