First Aid

Busy, Busy, Busy… that is what life is like now that school is back in session and work has geared up again.  But it also means there is more of a routine and schedule and that I like.



Since I am a First Aid and CPR instructor for Red Cross (if you ever need certified give me a call) I decided that my 6th grade scouts are old enough to get their First Aid certification.  So, we started working on that this week at scouts.  They did great!  Next week we will try and finish it.  Not sure we will get it all done in one more week, but we’ll try.  The second session is the fun one where we get to bandage each other.   🙂


We also have to check our FA kits because we are going camping at the end of this month.  We are camping early and often this year.   😉    We will be working on our “Dirt and Mud” badge at this campout.  I’m sure I will have great photos to share with that one.


I told the girls that in 2 years when we have to renew our FA, I will train them in CPR then.   That should be fun!  LOL!  I just didn’t think they are quite old enough for that now.


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