Cell Phones

Can we revisit this since I am on the phone with Tracfone now. They decided to totally deactivate Lydia’s phone for no reason and now they can’t fix it. DO NOT EVER use tracfone if you can help it!!!

Tricia's Ball of Yarn & Scott Family

I spent the better part of yesterday talking to non-English speaking persons who work for Tracfone in India (or some such country) about my service.

I originally talked to a guy on Monday for an hour and he assured me he had taken care of the issue.  When I checked online yesterday it had not been taken care of.  So I called again… an hour later and repeating myself many times and loudly at that. That female assured me that the issue was taken care of.  3 minutes later I checked the website and she had signed the phone up for the WRONG  value plan, even though I had questioned her and told her multiple times.  So I immediately called back and talked to a “supervisor.”  The supervisor again (an hour later) assures me that it is taken care of.  This time when I check the website the right plan…

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Do you menu?  I don’t usually, but since I know that last year I seemed to not be able to cook many decent meals for my family because of my job and we always seemed to be scrounging, I decided to try something different.

So… I asked the kids for their 4 favorite meals and I would incorporate them in to a months worth of meals.  Some of the meals I will prepare, some (on days I’m not home early enough) others will have to prepare or finish.  September is done.  I have figured out what items I needed and went to the grocery store and got all necessary ingredients.  Only a few “fresh” items will need picked up at the beginning of some weeks to complete the meals.

There are some blank days for leftovers or for when we are at the football games/band shows.  Or maybe we’ll go out.

Best laid plans….  If September works, I’ll do it again in October.

The menu starts on September 3 after we get back from the weekend of camping at Wanake.

Sept. 3:  Parmesan chicken, mashed potatoes, corn

Sept. 4:  crockpot beef and noodles (someone else will make the noodles)

Sept. 5: pasta and meatballs (someone else will make)

Sept. 6:  football game

Sept. 7:  Italian Chicken, rice, and brocolli

Sept. 8:  blank

Sept. 9: Pancakes/Waffles and bacon (someone else will make)

Sept. 10:  Hotdog rollups & beans (someone else will make)

Sept. 11:  Crockpot

Sept. 12: Chicken Fries & Fries (someone else)

Sept. 13: football

Sept. 14: Cavalcade

It seems like a lot of “someone else will make” on there, but most of those days I’m not getting home till after 5pm.  So by telling everyone what is for supper, they can make it.  If they wait for me, it will be late and I will be crabby and tired and maybe not as likely to want to cook (oh, yeah, that is what happened most of last year).  The “someone else will make” meals are very simple and even the 11 year old could make them, so one should be able to assume that between the 17 year old, 14 year old, 11 year old, and 51 year old, “SOMEONE” will make dinner.  My money is on the 11 year old.   🙂

More Fair…

We wandered around the fair last night.  Checked out all our ribbons.

In addition to the previous listing, I got a second place for the Texas Sheet cake, bringing my total to $26.50.   Lydia got a first place for her sunflower arrangement, bringing her total to $30.50.  Esther got first for her marigold, bringing her total to $6.75.  Esther still has no bake cookies to be judged today.  Grandma got 2nd on her cinnamon rolls even after dropping the plate twice on her porch on the way there with them.  🙂

Sadly, the band show was cancelled for last night because of all the morning rain.  The afternoon was dry and the track wasn’t tooooo muddy, but I understand why they felt they had to cancel it.  The Fair’s gate fees will be hurting though.  I know lots of people who only come to the fair for the band and won’t come on another day.  It did mean, however, that there weren’t big crowds for riding the rides and walking around.

You can tell it isn’t a big election year.  Hardly any “freebies” in those buildings.  I really needed some new nail files, pens and notepads.  Very few notepads available and NO nail files.   😦

The fair screwed up and while we were told to pick up our premiums (prize money) anytime before the fair ends, they did not have it ready today and told us not till Friday.  That will be  a problem, as we are headed to Wanake for the weekend.  I know I’m not the only one that will impact.  Guess I’ll have to figure out a time to get down there since we aren’t just picking up a few dollars.


We had some of the usual fair food:  fries, lemonade (in the refillable cup that we bought 3 years ago), funnel cake and cotton candy.  Had a nice visit with the funnel cake guy.  He took over the truck when his wife died.  He is retired from being an engineer.  His wife would make more in 3.5 months of funnel cakes than he would make all year on his salary job.  Recently one of his children called to thank him and to tell him that he now appreciated all the years they had to work in the truck because he keeps hearing people complain about how much college debt they have.  The funnel cake guy’s son didn’t have any because funnel cakes paid for college.   Sweet story.  (oooohh… pun intended?)

Some of my children are headed back to the fair this evening to walk around.  Hope the weather is decent for that.

Preliminary Fair Results

I dropped my cake off at the fair this morning and cruised the other items that have already been judged to see how we did.  Not everything has been judged yet, so these results aren’t final.

Esther –  $6 entry fee

Pumpkin – 1st place (only place) –  $2.50

Marigold – not yet judged

No bake cookies – not yet judged

Duct Tape Wallet – 2nd place -$2.50

So she has almost recouped the entry fee.

Lydia – $6 entry fee

Sunflower arrangement – not yet judged


Decorated Cake – judged but no place showing on label – she was the only one in her category so I just assume 1st?  If so $6.50

Knitted scarf – 2nd place – $2.50
Creative Writing – 3rd place – $2.00

Handmade Jewelry – 2nd place – $2.50

Hand built Pottery – 1st place (though actually Liz’s GS troop made it a few years ago) – $3.50

Person Photography – 3rd place – $2.00

Animal Photography – did not place

Nature Photography – did not place

Patriotic Photography – 1st place – $3.50

Her patriotic photograph also won “Best Of Show” – which is another $5.50

So, basically, she made out!!!  $28 so far!

Tricia – entry fee $22

Yellow Pear Tomatoes – did not place

Cucumbers – 2nd place – $2.00

Sunflower – not judged but will not place, I only had one head and they wanted multiple

Small Marigold – not judged yet

Texas Sheet Cake – not yet judged

IMG_0626Knitted Afghan – 1st place – $5.50

Most Unique Use of Leftover Yarn (Ron Weasley Afghan) – 3 place – $2.50  (the old lady crochet squares won)   😦

Knitted Adult Garment (a sweater I knit in 1986 for Wayne) – 4th place – $1.50

Knitted Hat (matches that sweater) – 3rd place – $2.00

IMG_0625Counted Cross Stitch (that I did in 1991 for my mom) – 2nd place – $2.50

Christmas Stocking – 2nd place $2.50

Christmas Tree Skirt – 2nd place – $2.50

Antique Cambridge Glass – 4th place – $1.50

So, did I get all mine back?   Yep, so far at $22.50.


I don’t remember all her items, but here are some.

Cinnamon Rolls – not yet judged

She had 3 quilts.  Two got 2nd place, 1 got First place:  $5.50 + $3.50 + $3.50  AND one got “Best Use of Color and Design” – $5.50

She had an antique glass cake holder – 2nd place – $2.50

Then some crocks and other antiques, I don’t think any of those placed.  Maybe her Salt Dip did?

She might get her $22 back – she is at $19.50 so far.

Once all the flowers and produce are judged, I’ll update the final totals!  Good year at the fair!   😉

Gettin’ ready for the fair

One of the items to be entered into the fair from this household is Lydia’s cake decorating.  The theme was any holiday cake.  She chose:  Easter.

So…. here is what she is making…. in progress…

IMG_0613 The cake doesn’t have to be real, so we are using a Styrofoam form

.IMG_0614Tree stump…. check.

IMG_0615 green for the leaves/grass…. such a mess….

IMG_0616 fondant for bunny and for eggs….

IMG_0617Pumpkin hoping that she will drop something.  Messy, messy apron!

IMG_0619The plate still needs cleaned up and a few more tweeks on things but it is basically done.

IMG_0620 Hoppy Easter!!

She will be up against adults with probably more classes and skills, but this is still really good for a 14 year old.  Maybe she will make it on a cake that we can eat for Easter 2014.   🙂


I have a long list of things that need done today in preparation for the Girl Scout Picnic on Monday since tomorrow will be spent moving Abi back to college.  Slave labor was to begin at 10am.   It is now 12:45 and we are on lunch break.  Here is the list and what has been accomplished so far.

– triangle weeded

-driveway side weeded   Tricia

– small flower bed by deck weeded Tricia

-weeds pulled by stairs and cat dish Tricia

-driveway weeded

-yard mowed

-yard weed whipped (or weeded)

-sand mowed and weeded under playset

-boat cleaned and moved  Lydia

-trees/weeds removed from rocks and around bushes

-all chairs and table washed and arranged Esther

-main bathroom cleaned Esther

-all bathrooms stocked with TP and Kleenex  Esther

-outside flag changed Lydia

-pond checked, weeded, and fish fed Lydia

-lilly that didn’t grow pulled out and bagged to return to Mennards Lydia

-weeds pulled in front patio areas Liz, Tricia, Lydia – Liz did the lions share though

-castle checked for safety and clean up Esther

-toys stored or moved to proper locations Lydia & Esther

-weed around white fence where rose bush is Lydia & Esther

-fix cats and pumpkins around white fence if desired Lydia & Esther

-install Liz’s music note

-start cake decorating for the fair

IMG_0608New “friend” found while weeding the side little garden.  He/She is no longer with us.

IMG_0609 Cleaning in progress!   🙂

IMG_0610 My “Ally” rose and all the pumpkins lined up.   😉

Still some to go, but we made great progress this morning.

Happy Birthday?

Eh… maybe… sorta… kinda… always could be better…

I had to attend a business meeting from 9 – noon today, so I left home at 8am.  I was greeted by one child with a happy birthday and got a card from Wayne.   When I returned from the meeting, I was greeted by the dog.   😦    After retrieving the kids from school, I did get a birthday present from them – that they actually purchased themselves!!

IMG_0604  Whoppers I won’t have to share because none of them like them.  The sharpies I will NOT share, not even with the scouts (at least not initially) because they are cool colors.   😉

We went out to dinner as a family +1 (grandma) to Outback Steakhouse.  It is always a *joy* to go out to eat together.  Sister #1 picks on Sister #4.  Sister #4 whines.  Sister #2 pouts.  Sister #3 doesn’t like any of the food.  Grandma tells them to stop it.  Sister #1 continues to poke and/or kick Sister #4.  Sister #4 colors with Grandma and Sister #1 colors and says hers is better.  Sister #2 is still pouting and/or just tired and crabby.  Sister #3 eats her potato soup with a straw.  Grandma eats a whole loaf of bread (Outback little loaves) by herself.  Sister #1 crunches her ice.  Sister #4 won’t let the waitress fill her cup of water again.  Sister #2 starts to be more social once she gets some food in her belly.  Sister #3… well… she is what she is… lovely and quiet and different.    Always an adventure with our family.  It isn’t like they don’t KNOW how to behave in a restaurant because we have taken them to restaurants since they were babies and they have been expected to behave properly.  Now they just mis-behave because it irritates Grandma.

Of course, the required “Happy Birthday” singing and a candle in an ice cream sundae.

From there we went to Sears to take a quick look at grills since mine has not worked properly for 2 years.  Didn’t actually find anything there that I liked at a price I wanted to pay.  Bummer… I guess that means burgers and dogs on the fire for the GS picnic on Sunday.   Oh but… I almost forgot… Sister #1 said that going to Sears was not on the schedule so we only got 10 minutes to look at grills.  Sister #3 (I think) said that we could only LOOK at grills and by that she meant walk by them and look.  Sister #4 continued to pick on Sister #1.  All 4 of them came into the store and tried out all the outdoor furniture in the grill area, including laying down on them.

Back home, Sister #4 was told to read her book (she doesn’t like to read).  Sister #3 disappeared to her room, either to sleep or read.   Sister #1 played games on her ipad and watched TV with me while I finished her afghan.  Sister #2 disappeared for a while and then showed up in front of the TV.  Sisters #1 and #2 didn’t like my choice of a Hallmark movie at 8pm.  Apparently it is  “Bride Night!” on TLC.  Whatever, so I abandoned them in front of the TV to photograph the afghan and write this blog post.   🙂

IMG_0594Here is the finished afghan.

IMG_0599 Here is where I gave it to her after she said to me:  “I’m cold.  Give it to me.”  Which I translated to mean:  “Thanks mom!  It is wonderful, I love it.”  At least that is what I’m going to assume she meant because I did put 4 months of hard work into this afghan for her.  I’m going to choose to believe that instead of believing she is ungrateful….