Only Happens to Me!

Remember the common courtesy rant?  Here is the rest of the story.


I called today to find out the answer to my question.

Receptionist:  I’ll connect you to….


(I hang up and call back.)

Please connect me to a real person, my question must be answered for an event happening tomorrow and I need to have an answer before 8am.

(I am connected to a real person, AMAZING!)

Will my GS archery event be cancelled if it is thunderstorming?  And who will call to tell me?  We have to leave here at 8am for the 9:30 event, they will need to decide early.

-Let me double check that.  What is your name and some of the girls names?  They don’t seem to be on the list.  Oh, I see the morning session was cancelled.

What do you mean it was cancelled?

-There was only a few girls signed up so it was cancelled and the girls moved to the afternoon session.

I signed up 15 girls, and haven’t heard anything from anyone about anything.

-What do you mean you signed up 15 girls?

In December, I signed up 15 girls for the morning session.  So why has it been cancelled?

– It has been cancelled.  There is still the afternoon session but it can’t accomodate that many more girls.  We can refund your money. Or you can reschedule.

We can’t reschedule, we had a hard enough time fitting this into our schedule. I paid with “pathway passes” (you don’t want to know that those are) and some cash.  Will the pathway passes be refunded as well?  But wait… if the afternoon session is still on.  Why can’t the person just arrive at 9am and lead the morning session for us since I am bringing enough for the session to be held.

– When it was cancelled only one trainer was needed and she is leading canoeing in the morning.

What happened to my registration then?  I got a confirmation email and everything.  Let me look for it.  (Meanwhile I am put on hold while she scrambles to find someone to figure out why my group isn’t in the system.)

I found the email and it says we are registered.

-Can you forward it to me?

Of course.  Sent.

– I don’t understand what happened.  It seems this never got entered properly into the system.  Can I put you on hold while I pull so-and-so  out of a meeting to figure this out?

(the most awful hold music AGAIN!  The cassette tape that plays “Your a Girl Scout… always a Girl Scout…”  is so warped that most of it is just crackling.)


archeryEnd Result:

They have no clue what happened.  They will accomodate us at the afternoon session and extend the session so all girls have enough time to enjoy learning archery.  I will get  a refund for the couple girls that cannot come.


If you know my track record with signing up for anything at the council level – reserving campsites to be specific – you know that my reservation being lost, bumped, double booked, or ignored is absolutely nothing new!  Apparently the person on whose voice mail I left the message on Wednesday was still trying to figure out how they were going to deal with a weather cancellation, because that was mentioned as well.  Good to know that at least they listened to it.  Too bad they didn’t call me back yesterday and this could have been dealt with then.


I did inform her, that I don’t normally do council sponsored things for this very reason.  And that if the girls hadn’t begged to learn archery thanks to Hunger Games, I wouldn’t be signed up now.  I told her not to count on ever seeing my name at another council event.


Everyone called… time changed… hopefully “Mother Nature” cooperates… and 13 girls can get their Hunger Games on!

As Esther pointed out, the silver lining is, we don’t have to get up so early tomorrow for an 8am leave time, we can sleep in since we are now leaving at 11am.


As a side note… tonight is the night I “get” to stay up till midnight to try and get a campsite for September.  Wonder if I really will this time????  Hasn’t seemed to work the last 2 times when I’ve been double booked and bumped.  There is only one building I can use because it needs to be handicapped accessible for my one girl.    If I don’t get in for September, I do have one weekend option for October but I can’t reserve that till July 1.  However, I will call ahead of time for that one and plead my handicapped case that I need to be able to reserve it early since they only have 1 building accessible out of dozens.  (That is a rant for another day!)



Where is common courtesy these days?  What happened to if you called a business, they would return your call promptly with or without an answer to your question.  They would call you back because it is the courteous thing to do.  The respectful thing to do.  Courtesy and respect are very hard to find these days.

I called a company on Wednesday morning and was given the voice mail of the person who “could” answer my question.  I left my message and said, “Please do me the favor of returning my call.”  Now, one would assume that I shouldn’t have to tell someone to please return my call.  But this company is known for its pitiful service and awful phone courtesy.  Of course, they haven’t returned my call.  Tomorrow morning, 48 hours after I first placed the call.  I’ll call again.  I’m guessing that I will again get a voice mail and AGAIN no one will return my call and the answer that I need for Saturday morning will go unanswered.   Even if the person did not know the answer to my question, she should have called me back (especially since I practically begged her to) to tell me that she didn’t know but would continue to search for an answer.    There are people in this company that I HAVE to deal with that absolutely refuse to return my calls.  I can call and leave multiple messages and they will NEVER return my call.  I could name names, but that wouldn’t be… courteous.  😉

I called this same company 2 weeks ago to report a discrepancy in an order they sent me.  Some items were back ordered and I still needed 6 but the back order sheet only said 2.  I just wanted to clarify that I was still going to get the 6 more that I paid for.  Left a message. Called a second time and left a message.  Still haven’t heard from that person.  So, who knows if I will get all 6 that I paid for or only 2 and will have to fight to get what is right.

I always try to be courteous.  I’m sure there are times that I’m not.  I hope that my children are courteous.  I know there are times they are not.  But I do know that we try very hard to always return calls and/or texts when someone contacts us.  It is just the courteous thing to do. 


Bookkkks 2

Today… what book???

Hunger Games… we’ll start there. It has gotten Sooooooooooo annoying… everyone’s Hunger games this… hunger games that!!! its annoying…. and those people who think they know everything about hunger games just by watching a movie or reading the book a couple times… FYI you wouldn’t know about the hunger games if it weren’t for someone else telling you about them. i must admit i liked them at first. but i can’t read them again like i can with other series. they just aren’t that good. and the series isn’t long enough to forget about events that happened and be able to reread the books again and remember those favorite parts that you forgot. Yeah i will watch the movies as they come out but i wont obsess over them all the time.


Unlike Harry Potter…. 🙂

Which also Hunger Games is copying by putting the last book into two movies. Its not even that long of a book!! And its a pretty boring book like she just wanted to finish the book, kill favorite characters, and then end. So really there’s no need for that. they just want to feel special like all the other big series of books, Twilight and Harry Potter. When they really aren’t and they’re just a tiny Trilogy. Harry Potter and Twilight both had big ending finale books. Twilight especially the way Stephanie wrote it made for a perfect two part movie. And Harry Potter, they were going to make the Goblet of Fire into a two part movie.  Hunger Games wasn’t even the highest grossing film in 2012 so, yeah, get over your self!!! You’re not that great. Just another series, sorry Trilogy.

Now, Divergent is a Trilogy, yeah, but it has larger books. more details and action. It is post apocalyptic and people feel they need to compare it to the Hunger Games. Take it from me…. THEY ARE NOTHING ALIKE!!!!!! People refuse to read Divergent because they think its a Hunger Games knockoff. It was released in 2011 but at that time barely anyone had read Hunger Games. Over half of the fandom now probably only read it in 2012. No offense to you people but still.

And then there are those Potterheads who think Twilight is the worst thing known to man. And they continue to spam pages that are fans of twilight. Haven’t you ever heard of if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. but these days that isn’t true anywhere. But usually you know if you hate something that dearly you tend to stay away from it. Not like the page just to spam everything, and liking and unliking does nothing.



In Twilight Emmett and Bella would make a fantastic couple… just putting it out there. But they would. I Love Edward and Bella and everything but the chemistry between Emmett and Bella as characters is phenomenal. I’ve also noticed that no one really interacts that much in that series. they all keep to themselves. they are all really old and so they have matured and know a whole lot about each other but still, even those who are married, don’t really interact. but then again the whole series is about Bella and Edward.

Let’s see…..what else is there???????????????????????????????????????????

I cannot wait for the Divergent movie. It comes out next year, and from the few pictures released it looks like it will be really good.

Percabeth never ceases to amaze me. I was rereading Mark of Athena yesterday and the Percabeth in that book is unbelievable. Rick knows how to write. He may torture everyone by leaving cliff hangers at every turn but he can write. I CANNOT wait to read House of Hades when it comes out. But the cover is released tomorrow so that’s a start. I just hope that we get to see Tartarus through Percy and Annabeth’s eyes. And I LOVED Nico’s line at the end of Mark of Athena about Percy.

“Percy is the most powerful demigod I’ve ever met. No offense to you guys, but it’s true. If anybody can survive, he will, especially if he’s got Annabeth at his side. They’re going to find a way through Tartarus.”

It’s amazing and soooooooooooo true.

Well that’s it.


Flower Gardens

Some of the members of my birth nuclear family are fabulous gardeners… they get their butts out in their gardens daily… they weed… they feed… they know the names to all the flowers… they propigate… mitigate… prune…  divide… mulch… whatever it is that you do with flower beds.   We love to visit and enjoy the gardens at Grandma Z’s and Uncle Pete’s houses.  Heck, Grandma had a huge mound of mulch in her driveway when I stopped there today.  I usually just buy it in bags.  Our gardens, on the other hand, generally look like this:DSCF1456

Now, that is not to say that we don’t try.  We do have some nice plants in there (see that purplish plant, I’m sure it is something wonderful that my brother gave me last year).  But, it just seems that we can’t keep up with the thistles and/or other prickly weed plants.   Generally we eventually get everything weeded for about 2 minutes in the summer and then we have to start all over, or just give up because we are tired of weeding.  We have tried spraying, pulling, praying, pulling, cursing… but nothing gets rid of the prickly things.

So, because of the need for “order” (hey, it’s only day 2 of summer vacation, I can still dream that there will be order this summer and not just controlled – or maybe not controlled – chaos), I’m gonna give a shot at weeding more regularly.  It is kind of cathartic to weed and see progress and feel like you actually accomplished something.  Unlike washing the dirty clothes, because you really never see progress there.

I worked today, so I really didn’t get much done around the house.  The kids were supposed to fold the laundry and put it away and they pretty much did accomplish that.  So when I got home, I changed and headed out to weed.  30 minutes… I can do that.  It wasn’t too hot in the shade.  I had the lovely sound of the fountain in the pond – we counted earlier we still think there are 10 fish.

After 30 minutes, look what I found! I really thought I had killed that hosta (YAY!  I know the name of one plant) last summer, but apparently it survived and came up again despite the covering of weeds surrounding it.


Now, if you really want to get me a plant sometime that I know the name of and LOVE but can’t seem to keep alive at this house.  Get me a Bleeding Heart!   That is one of my favorites!

Pink Bleeding heart

A First!

What has an eleven and a half year old never had?  A haircut!  Trims yes, but a full on hair cut, NO.


What did she have today?  Her first haircut!  10 inches cut off and ready to donate to Locks of Love!


No tears, not much trauma.  A little bit of nervousness.   2 pony tails in a baggie and ready to be sent off to help some other children who need a hairpiece due to cancer.  It was my second donation.  Our family total is now 5 – Abi – twice, Tricia – twice, Esther – once.


DSCF1452 DSCF1454 DSCF1455


We’ll head back and do it again in another 3-5 years.  🙂